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  1. The 701L I use for jigging fluke and tog. Great rod for it. I also have a Mudhole blank I built for fluking which I love. Well, it's the first rod I ever built so I guess there is sentimental value to it. If Im deep water fluking or dragging bait, I like to use my G Loomis Pro Blue or Lami Tri-Flex. I probably have over 150 rods in my basement, some which I have never even used lol. Like I said, I am a tackle whore.
  2. I have been using the 731M conv spiral wrapped rod since Kil first introduced it. To this day its one of my favorite factory rods, and yes, I still do use it. I also own the 701L spinning, CC Slow pitch rod conv, and a custom wrapped 801M by Paul@JPR. Back to the 731M. Not one of my go to rods for fluking but I have used it for jigging and dragging bait. I have jigged up to 6oz jigs with it and still had decent action. I mainly use this rod for stripe bass & bottom fishing. I have used it for tog and sea bass up to 10oz with no issues and is one of my go to bottom fishing rods. As for striper fishing, I have chunked up to 8oz + bait. Anything above that weight range, I use a heavier rod. What I do love it for is early in the season clamming and live lining bunker. I have caught my personal best with this rod live lining. It's actually the fish in my avatar. When bottom fishing I usually pair it up with my Trini 10a or Saltiga 15. When I strip bass fish its my Accurate BV300. This rod with the Accurate is stupid light which I love as well. It's a good jack of all trades rod but I am a tackle whore so I have rods for everything type of fishing. Also doesn't help that I have started to build my own rods so I am constantly using new rods.
  3. Columbia sells rain pants if that's what you need. I picked one up awhile ago from a main/large retailer. Was around $50/60. But be warned, they have no pockets.
  4. Congrats on the first wrapped rod. You will never look at store bought rods the same way again.
  5. YMMV

    Blackhole 701L

    Go directly to the horses mouth, Msg KilSong.
  6. All depends on preference. I know quite a few ppl that use Kil's Cape Cod slow pitch rods for live lining bunker and jigging for fluke (including myself). They are versatile rods. The 54# in my avatar was landed on a factory BH 731M. Toall - looks like you had an awesome trip! Can't catch fish hiding behind a keyboard!
  7. Remember, you need to spend $150 for the discount (and min $100 for free shipping). Their prices are similar to the other sites. And Frazerp is right, their shipping is slow af unless you pay for add shipping charges.
  8. This thread made me warm & fuzzy after I ordered about $600 in supplies lol.1 is out for delivery (Fed Ex), 1 is still in transit (Fed Ex), another just has a shipping label ready (UPS). The 2 Fed Ex packages are from the same order. The UPS package was ordered 1 day later after I realized I forgot some items (like a dumbarse)... Hopefully nothing is dmg and it's all there.
  9. I use both. No issues with either product. The 54# in my avatar was caught on Triplefish 25# flouro.
  10. I own both the original gray Lexa 300 (6.3:1) with a JW power handle and the Tranx 300 (5.8:1) with the factory power handle ( comes with the higher gear ratio Tranx). Both have served me well for everything inshore (both have landed bass over 40lbs with no issues). I honestly feel both are a bit over kill for fluke bucktailing. I prefer to use a smaller baitcaster, Shimano Curado 200PG.
  11. I just replaced my Daiwa BG 3000 with a Ballistic LT4000 for the upcoming year. Daiwa BG is a great reel, cheap, and effective reel for tog jigging. Funny thing is, I am a huge Shimano guy. Stradics are great and you can't go wrong with them either. I have a few older Stradics I rig up for friends when they are out on my boat.
  12. 150yrds is more than enough braid for what you are doing.
  13. Diawa Ballistic LT4000, BH 801M rod wrapped by Paul@JPR, Factory BH 701L.
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