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  1. Never leased, dealer says it saves me $'s unless I opt to buy at 3yrs, and that adds $6K more to purchase. Mileage no problem, down payment 1/10 less, monthly lease payments almost the same as purchase, a bit less, comp & liability ins is the same as purchase. If I can make it three more years or not doesn't matter, the dealer will send a tow truck to the farm to load it up, no charge. Want to add a bed top and front hitch receiver, guess those have to come off when the lease runs out? Making the lease payment or buy payment, no problem from SS$. So what are the good and bad of leases vs out-right purchase of a Toyota truck?
  2. I attempt to be civil, however Minivin5 is now blocked from any reply on my screen. He spells badly. Check his profile, he has wasted 20+ pages of insipid responses to the topic "Hockey." So how he wandered into this conversation is only a guess, perhaps he went to sleep at the key board and his forehead butt dialed this topic?
  3. A quaint equivocation
  4. http://www.wsge.org/programming/wsge-live-streaming/ WSGE, Gastonia NC : Saturday Night R&B House Party with Tyrone Jefferson and singer wife Toni. And stay tuned for later tonight soul on top! No stodgy fm celebrities. Talk'n down home, 91.7. As "local" as it gets. Tyrone was James Brown's band director...bad to the bone! With one of my fave alto players and arrangers (big band) Oliver Nelson.
  5. I have a f250 farm truck to tow, a **** box corolla for town duty and run around, so mileage won't be a problem, only drive about 9K a year anyway. $13,500 for 3 years lease is a savings of $210/month. I'm still confused as to how they plan to depreciate the "residual" for a buy out. Will have to read the contract a few times. 2-3 yr old trucks are holding value+ in the upper range, I don't understand why/how. To buy a used truck, best deal is only $10K less with 40K miles, and the financing is 4% at the bank vs Toyota's great rates. Like I said, it's a cash flow decision, and at my age/condition, it may be wise to lease.
  6. The salesman and the GM gave me different #'s, today the GM is working on both a straight sale and lease on the Tocoma 4door. I'll probably lease at $379/month and decide on a buy back at end. 1st month payment and tax is accounted for by $1000 down. I can't find any downside to the lease, but will read carefully. The number that "floats" is what they are calling "purchase option fee residual." And it is not determined until the 36th month according to their best guess of depreciation of 20%. This is a grey area. I like the idea of a new truck every 3 years and a lower cash flow for the period. Today, the GM knocked off $1,000 from the list price either way, lease or purchase.
  7. Yeah, went to the Mgr today. Forget the big down payment I mentioned, that was confusing #'s because I planned to put down $10,000 for purchase which would change the payment. The Mgr explained for $1000 down lease, it will pay 1st payment and tax/tag/origination fee. Lease is absolutely less out of pocket for 3 yrs. The numbers are right, maybe explained it wrong but at $1000 down for either, it is a wash both ways. One caveat is to switch from the lease to buy out at 36 months, the charge is somewhere between 300 and 1000 bucks. Had one dealer quote me $1000 today and the dealer of choice $300. I did as you suggested and went to 3 dealers and got the best price from the 4th. And the Mgr today made me a great offer. It is cheaper to lease only if the truck is turned back in on time. Ins is the same for either.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't clear on what the GM offered. These #'s are based on the same total purchase or lease price with $1,000 down on either. The $10,000 I referred to was what I offered to get the loan amount down which indeed doesn't work out at all. He pitched me, less money up front across 36 months. $1000 down, lease 3yrs $375/month vs $5000 down $530/month 3yrs is $5600 difference. They want between $6000-6700 buy back. So they wind up with $1000 to their good if I buy out the lease. The purchase price of the truck doesn't change by contract. Lease is less cash outlay for 36 months only. The change in payments would happen if the lease was purchased after the 36 month term. Talked to the lease mgr and it's about what to expect. The extra charge is a shop service fee ($200) plus title transfer/state tax/tag transfer. About $1,000 total. Payments revert to $530/month for the remainder term plus the $5600 differed added back. The dealer makes a bit, the finance company makes a bit.
  9. I agree with comments about a good dealership and have run the numbers again. The difference in a 60 month payment and a discount lease fee is almost exactly what the buy out equals. Purchase: $5k down, 60 months/$530 vs Lease: $1k down, 36 months $375. Buy out $6,700 end of term. This boils down to a cash flow decision.
  10. What's the decal I see up here in the mountains "Salt Life" mean? Been fishing NC coast for 40+ years, never needed a decal until the beach closures, thanks NPS. Next thing will be dream catchers back in style.
  11. Is this a four door or an access cab? I'm shopping this month.
  12. I'm a certified appraiser, so the finance/lease numbers were run on my hp-12 sitting in the dealership. They are somewhat the same. The unknown is how would the truck be valued in 3 yrs by the dealer and if I chose to buy the lease, how would the buy out be structured. If I understood the dealer, the truck (up to 36k miles) can be turned in anytime in a 3 year term lease.The lease can be purchased but at an additional cost to me, and they will not nail down that buy-out number but they hinted over $6,000. So, I presume the dealer inspects the truck and then the negotiation begins anew, or lease another. Second glitch is I would like to put a good bed top on, and it's a bet that the size/style will change in 3 years and the topper be worthless for a new vehicle. I'm working with a neighbor that deals in used trucks, late models. He says he can find one like I want with 40-50K miles for $15K less than new, but Toyota interest rates are less than 2%, best bank financing I can find is 5%+. Insurance is a wash with either lease/purchase.
  13. I have used a Stowaway for years at NC coast and around the farm. Don't let the 250lb "limit" scare you off. That rating is mild and meant for when the rack is swung away from the latch...extended meaning swung away outside of the receiver. and to the left of the rear bumper and gate. No unloading to use the open the gate. Imo, there isn't any rack made stronger, the latch has two fail safes, the basket is very heavily built and thickly powder coated. One can get a ticket in NC by failing to install a license plate in clear view, my rack has a 3/8 aluminum plate fixed to the back of the rack basket for the truck tag to be visible. These things are NOT light weight and can be a four-handed job to slide into the receiver. I use 124qt cooler full and pack gear boxes or smaller coolers directly to the tube frame "cradle" instead of the big plastic tool box offered. I am considering one of these for my front or rear hitch receivers, guess the receiver mount could be modified to be on the side of the cart, top quality product , they will build what you want special but you will pay for a quality product: https://www.alumacart.net/
  14. Can't smoke just one, two apiece at least. A rock band goes on an international tour, Zappa with Flow & Eddie of the Turtles as lead singers. Ansley Dunbar of the Who, Theodore Bikiel (the 5 octave folk singer that watched as Bob Dylan shocked the Newport Folk Festival crowd with his brand new electric guitar set), the London Philharmonic Orch. as back up. Oh yeah, the animated sequences with a midget devil, and Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada and so on and so on. Numerous groupies from years of touring and on and on. Not to forget Ringo Starr dressed as Zappa's alter ego. And the animated electric "interference" buzzing off Flow and Eddie are quite visually satisfying! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/200_Motels
  15. I see 10 or 12 on these lists that I AGREE with! I don't get enhanced except for good drink, haven't in many+++ years. But, if you want to bust a gut or spray beer outcha nose, Repo Man, 200 Motels, fit the op question. PeeWee's Big Vacation and he's in some of the Cheech/Chong flicks too. (I love the chicken walker). It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and most any of Mel Brooks, and The Clerk's series, American Splendor (Harvey Pekar story, he roasts Letterman in live on-air show)! Woody Allen, Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (with Burt Reynolds) and Bananas. King of Comedy, (Jerry Lewis and Robert De Niro in a first comedy attempt) Haven't had tv since 1974, no cable, no dsl, barely an internet connection, and cell phone don't work in this hollar either. I use the public library in town to check out anything this side of the state available. The library clerk widow ladies are really helpful. . Time for a drink.
  16. That's kind of like the "new hippies" around here. I think it was Abbie Hoffman's joke that went: "I wanted to be a hippie, but they wouldn't let me in."
  17. Good info for equipment transfer. I do something similar using the pvc tubes. However, I ship mine USPS (not the other two) to a shipping store in the nearby area, we have one here in poe-dunk, there are three in the town I fish. I would like to know more about the truck/van rental. So far this year, Carl's looks to be my next bet available in 4 or 6 towns in FL. Do you wade fish there? HAVE FUN!
  18. https://islandfreepress.org/fishing-report/mfc-adopts-no-possession-limit-for-striped-bass-in-some-internal-coastal-waters/ Size limits could be confusing a couple years ago in some inland waters. I assume these are new regs. Maybe I'm behind, haven't fished Pamlico in a few years.
  19. It is seldom I don't learn something from an Al Sears post! Did you stay in the area after the sale Al?
  20. I'm sure there are plenty of good rod builders here. I have been lucky to find a second that does great work kind of nearby. Dogshark isn't building anymore, he built on Purglass blanks, have a couple of his and those are sweet casting light blanks. Don't know if they are available now, look similar to AFAW blanks. Ryan White down at OBX did a great job, balanced the rods out much better than the factory setup. These old Muskie blanks didn't have the surf rod handle length imo. Great seamless addition, looks close to 6" now that I measured. I couldn't wrap a decent guide. Perhaps one day I will get to watch a builder create a rod, a blend of art and mechanics. I'll drink the beer.
  21. I got two of these years ago and used them once. Casting MUR Loomis purple blank muskie rods. The shorter was 6/3ft 1-5oz and the longer is almost 7ft 1-3 oz. The handles were too short for surf/pier and Ryan White at Hatteras Jack's added 4" and new cork to the butts, now they fit perfectly! Ryan did a bang up job. I don't fish the piers and jetties anymore, but the 1-3oz needs to stay here. These things will lift some heavies, maybe good popping cork rods for reds and stripers with a level wind reel. Thinking to sell the 1-5 oz. If I keep storing tackle, will have to add a new pickup for the obx. These aren't made anymore and looks to be about $300 to replace one.
  22. "When I left I gave it to a kid that was hanging around the shop." You're a good soul Turk. Father said, "a smile and a thank you go a long way...and they're both free."
  23. Not a box, a heavy plastic tube with plenty of packing and use electrician tape, holds and comes off better. Just shipped two Loomis rods with no problem. Regular cardboard box is for tackle, waders, etc. I've shipped a 12ft NRS raft with break down oars and frame to Montana/Idaho, in a Walmart hard plastic tool box. Loomis ships rods from factory in hard cardboard tubes, have shipped dozens of times to west and east coast in plastic tubes. Spirit airline is the same as Frontier, no carry-on for rods due to size even for 2 piece. If you can check them to baggage, try a Flambeau Bazuka, about $50, works well on plane or any shipper, lockable. Every town of any size in FL has a shipping center, there are three in Jupiter/Tequesta. If there is a major airport, you will find at least one. Or if you have people there, buy a couple medium priced rods and leave them stored, reels are no problem in your luggage. My friends have room for a surf cart too, haha.
  24. I use USPS to what address will hold till arrival, send my tackle/case in a cardboard box by itself, any small stuff I can grab down there is left at home. A rod tube sent USPS is far cheaper these days than the others. Nine foot one piece may not work with their regs? All my long rods are two piece. I have two tubes, a 6" dia hard plastic telescoping lockable case or a homemade 3" or 4" pvc (not schedule 40) with end caps. Plenty of small bubble wrap. Just sent two one piece casting rods, 8ft pvc tube and it was about $30 priority ground takes a little longer. It helps to have a local post office that knows weight and length specs.
  25. Travel to fish the same east shore area you ask about, and ship my rods and tackle to a "shipping/mailing service" ahead of flying down. Found I was rod heavy, took too much tackle that was hard to get down to the water and pier/jetty without a surf cart. Tried using a small mesh back pack, it was a pain to use because it had to be taken off to get to gear. Chase a fish and the pack was there in the sand had anyone wanted it. This year am pairing everything down probably 3 rods, ship some tackle. When surf fishing I take tackle in a, (hate this name) fishing fanny pack, or a larger Mountainsmith Day Lumbar pack. And found only one rod on the beach works for me. Carrying bait without a cart is a challenge. As mentioned, your 9' should cover a lot of the areas. (I take a 10 1/2' 1264S 1-3 1/2 oz for metal/lures in the surf). If you have room in the shipping tube, a short 7' 3/8-2 oz that is pretty stout for trout/reds but still light enough to catch bait. Several recent threads with suggestions for travel, a good one imo was a reasonably priced St Croix 7'or 8' Catfish 2 piece, never held one but may drop by a big box store and see how they feel. There are plenty of good tackle shops down southeast.