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  1. All my fly rods are 3 piece accept for the "guest rod." Don't think anyone besides Winston still make a 3 piece, (pricey). I use a 7 ft GL3 4wt in and around the southern mountains. Since I haven't fished the new Loomis rods, can't compare, but this shorty can do it all and it can throw about as far as any of my 9ft. Good pond rod too. I like the old Loomis better than most of my Sage rods which are also 3 piece up to 10wt. When I travel or row the drift boat, they store well. Have fished some TFO that are pretty good. Always consider the return warranty on an expensive rod. In brush and small places, it's easy to break a tip. I know.
  2. Pardon me please, my post is getting way off topic, however, from the tackle shop, the old style early saragosa 5000 could switch spools. The newer one, the one that was re-designed to get rid of the wobble, will not interchange spools. Regardless, if you have a hard running fish as the albies and big red drum and tarpon, the 5000 with braid should be fine. ( I've only caught the first two, so grain of salt suggested). I don't like a big heavy reel on my 10' Loomis, the new saragosa 5 & 6 fit it perfectly. There is a thorough review of it vs penn slammer III on Tackle Adviser youtube channel. Drako is on the ground there, he knows. I won't know until I break off a few on the next trip.
  3. I have a couple older out of production Loomis, probably replaced by a similar blank/build in their line similar to what you have in the blue water. I haven't caught a tarpon in the surf, but some BIG drum in surf and inshore with my favorite spinning rod. LR844 7ft has landed several+ 40-50" drum. My next longer rod tires my shoulders out casting much and it doesn't have the stiff tip, but it will trow twice as far, SUR 1264 10'6". I'm going to bring down just three rods, the other being an old MUR 864 with extra handle length, it's casting with level wind and is about 8ft but it handles up to 40lb line, it's an old purple muskie blank stiff tip for jigging. Have been using 4000f series stradics with braid, almost 270yrds, it's the drag that counts imo. Have looked at changing them out for the sargosa 6000, they feel almost like the stradic 4000f with more line capacity. If your arms and shoulders can take it, move up to a bigger reel, but it is all in the drag and the line/knots/hooks. Can't imagine a tarpon would pull any more line off than a 50"+ bull drum, but I may be wrong, (that happens more and more often, haha). Don't like to overplay a big fish, may be wrong about this too, I'm not fond of dragging them up on the sand, a lot of stress on the fish. Had a fishing partner that got mad when I didn't snap his victory picture cradling a huge old drum...we don't speak any more.
  4. Cpt Gary Dubiel showed us this "trick": DON'T high stick your rod. Strip off 10 yrds of line, have a friend hold it at the floor/ground and high stick while the line is pulled. The rods tip can be pulled down easily. Try it with your rod level or slightly raised to the side and see the difference. Our old stradic shimino 4000's can be spooled with 250+ yrds of braid and a 30-40lb shock tippet. It's the drag system and stiff rods that land better, imo. We use 17lb on our old penn 525 mags and there is less line capacity, (but bait fishing 9-10 ft rods).
  5. Scented rubber baits are a good idea. The rods I use have extra stiff tips. I don't think :Loomis makes the spinning or conventional now. I was throwing metal with an 8.5' Loomis "bait" spinning rod kind of similar to a steelhead rod but stiffer and a 4000 shimano. It was honestly too light but threw a long way. Hooked a big+ striper in the surf and had to walk it down (Coquina Beach OBX). Guys were betting on when it would break, "no-no" my friend said, "it's a Loomis, he'll land it." Made a couple-three good suppers!
  6. Saw it down south in the Texas gulf "small" surf.
  7. Right rods/reels/lines/and such, no problem. Try the corks on "calm" days and tides. 4000 spooled correctly and stiff short rods are plenty. Many quality stiffys available from 7-9ft, I use a spinning rod as casts are many and fast jigging retrieves, but the Muskie swift river fishermen here use heavy conventionals, wears me out. And the 4000's and Loomis are quality gear if you know how to line them and fish them. It's the drag. Guess the newer 5000's are ok too? I'm old and have been fishing at least 3 series of these 4000 reels the past 20 years. The bigger reels kill my shoulders and hands. One of my old good fishing buddies with a wild river brown on a 2000 and 6lb test. We had to row the brown down in the Hyde. This guy has a horse shoe in his back pocket or there'bouts. Wanna catch big drum? Take him surf fish'n and get mad watching him do the do. It's the drag!
  8. The coastal rivers and sounds are good for migrating stripers all the way inland to Roanoke Rapids and much of the Cape Fear tribs, but C&R only in the Cape Fear. I too prefer to make the drive down, sometimes pull a boat or just wing it and surf fish according to wind and tides. Asheville is a s-hole unless you like being hip or mingling with that sort. And it's more than 7 hours to the coast unless you have your own Cessna. Asheville is one of the most over-priced real estate markets in the state behind Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham Triangle. Plenty of small to mid-sized towns west to east. Be mindful, the eastern coastal plain has terrible flooding problems. Willimgton on the southeast coast is one of the more "high grounds" that far down east, but river flooding is very serious in large storm events. East Carolina University in Greenville is a very good medical center down east, Winston-Salem is a wonderful piedmont town with top tier medical care. The Triangle is great for that too, but a pain to get around. I'm a farmer and certified land appraiser with close to 70 years on the ground here.
  9. The reason the surf is chancy is only a couple things. Wind, time of year (drum move out of the rivers/sounds in May), surf/wind conditions. I have seen these drum move long distances when there is a bait ball to crush and they can hear the cork plugging. Look at some of the guys in LA and Texas gulf, they have been using the noise cork and largemouth bass plastics for years. My uncle was a guide and commercial fisherman there for years. I think low tide change might be right, or high tide at the change. The old timers around Harkers used this method for trout and flounder for years. Cobia near the sand that time of year too. Drum move back into sounds/tidal rivers in late summer and early fall. Find the bait. Takes lots of casts, a stiff tip rod and Very Sharp hooks. Make lots of noise. if you get a charge on topwater, wait till a 50" drum smashes your stuff, and hang on. BTW, purple shiny plastic with a black eye is always good, and the funky chicken some days. I use a 7-8 ft rod, braid with shock tippet 4000 size reel.
  10. https://www.tinboats.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=46474 Have to finish the front casting knee brace, (at the shop now), front receiver is in and solid. Surf fishing near the OBX "the point" 15 years ago, a couple guys towed a 16ft deep-vee fiberglass Jones Brothers down to waters edge and launched from the beach, wind was right that morning. The pesky stripers were just off the beach beyond casting distance. This is done all the time in Pacific City, OR but only saw it once here. And these days, you're lucky even if the park service has the ramps open to foot traffic, (bunch of a-holes)! I would never venture to do that, but got me thinking about an all-round backwater and river hull. Tried to put as much storage and open floor in this hull. Now I want to build something similar with tunnel prop in 1860.
  11. Started reading this conspiracy book this weekend: Republic of LIES, by Anna Merlan. A good read so far. Have a friend that we think is mentally disturbed because of his obsession with conspiracy bunk, he doesn't watch tv but swears he gets all his info from the "deep web, which you guys know nothing about!" He gets worse every year too. My favorite Buzz Aldrin:
  12. Trying to decide, it is very hot during mid-day, but the closed gates aren't always closed to the beaches that time of the off-season.
  13. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/11/24/a-better-brew First heard about them from this food article. Sam went to great lengths to experiment with "age-old additives" and mash vessels.
  14. I visited Green Cove Springs on a suggestion from a friend who has a fishing house there. It is one of my favorite towns I've traveled to in FL. But, the state is building a major highway belt from Jacksonville and a couple more bridges and three more schools currently. I read a newspaper article written from the mayor suggesting they expect a population explosion of triple over a couple years. So-long to one of the old towns of FL. The St Johns river is beautiful there, close enough to head east for the surf and west to the river mouths in the gulf.
  15. I got sidelined since Jan. this year with Old Age stuff that kept me off the water for several planned trips to surf fish around Jupiter. Have folks there to hang out with but they don't fish. I like to walk and throw plugs, don't want to carry bait in. Is there any fishing to expect from the north end and south end in June? I fished in mid May several years ago and surprisingly got into a late season pompano run on the north side.