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  1. St Criox or TFO maybe?
  2. I rarely travel to saltwater fish excepting Pamlico/OBX and Florida. This coming winter, we may venture a ways further south to a area off the beaten path. It will require a plane trip from south FL and I need a spinning rod that is 7-9ft and two piece for travel, have the reels needed. My two Loomis favorites are the LR 844S (one piece) and the SUR1264 (two piece). For travel, considering theft/breakage, looking for a two piece that may be similar to the 844. It's rated 3/8 to 21/4 oz and it does it all from big drum/striper and surf fishing, maybe up to 8 1/2 ft.
  3. Greensboro, NC: Spirit: weekdays are less than $100, but only three destinations in FL. It's not too long a ride down the mountain to G-boro.
  4. I didn't have a chance to fish this fall but my friend in Jupiter reports the pompano are early this season, and lots of them. Thought I might slip down after the holidays, especially since the local airport is offering $60 round trips.
  5. Just read that a new thru-way is being built and GCS expects 25,000 more residents in the near future. Build a good road and they will follow it...too bad, another great piece of Old Florida bites the dust. Wish I'd never signed the right of way to pave my country road.
  6. Brackish water. Several US highways and the interstates were closed for weeks. North road US 64 I think stayed open.
  7. When I travel to fish there, I go by and/or call the brothers at Fishing Headquarters. I don't know the younger guys, but the brothers are always willing to help me, and I buy my license and tackle there in return for a heads-up. Oh yeah, the beer joint/cafe next door is worth the stop. Had a friend that used to work at Juno Bait where he built rods. He was always good for a trip or two and didn't care if it was beach or back water. There are plenty of good cptns/guides, be sure to ask questions before you book about how you prefer to fish, you'll find several that can help. I like to wade fish and surf fish. I've yet to explore the river inland.
  8. I toyed with buying a small place to stage trips. Green Cove Springs fit my bill. It's Old Florida, on the Johns River, hit either coast with a short drive. Close to the upper west coast river outlets.
  9. Here is I-40 after the past hurricane flood. Looks like some good fishing.
  10. Ever seen a fist fight or pistols pulled? It used to happen. Hate to see the small plane trolling the beach, may as well go to the bar.
  11. I have two sets of those, they are just ok imo. if you cover lots of sand, the build up kills my feet. Great for wading creeks and rivers. Simms will make any size you want. Their customer service is next to none.
  12. Have two pairs of Simms and an LLBean. Both Simms bootfoot and stocking have been repaired twice by the factory, think they charged me $30 including shipping to east coast. Most of my fresh water fishing now is from the drift boat or the river jet. And bootfoot is the only pair I use. In the sand and surf, no substitute. Used to wade a bunch and would carry in the bootfoot and change. Never liked hiking in with stocking foot after tearing the LL Bean pair. Talked to Simms customer service recently , they quit making the pair I liked. The old ones were light and had the sticky rubber button soles and at $300 a real deal. They need to make that one again, think it was called the Guide. Over 15 years on them now. The new style is much heavier and probably stronger too, but $600.
  13. I agree, your points are well taken and even handed...this isn't about politics, we have a voice, an email, a phone, a fax...time to put these to use or we'll get nowhere. Whatever anyone's politics may be has nothing to do with my posts. The problems continues, what good is the resource that is failing perhaps due to lack of public comment...to the only offices that have an obligation to serve the people of the state, and those as I who travel many miles and spend lots of money to enjoy our visits need our voices heard. That's democracy, not politics. This is no peeing contest, it's the state's water quality and fisheries, if those are damaged as now, what's the reason not to make a call? Is posting in a forum that fishermen participate really producing any input to those that make critical decisions? Without our comments directly to those in a position to tackle the problems, we are shirking our duty. Not politics. I write often to my reps and always get an answer and sometime a letter. If there's no fishing, why worry about "scaring people away from having a voice and asking questions of the subject." That's the problem, not exercising one's voice to the policy makers. Respectfully Submitted
  14. I have read posts here to "keep it clean." No Politics. When you have politicians in bed with big sugar and no control of corp of engineers, what do you expect to be done. CALL your Reps! It's time to vote in a few weeks. You'd be surprised what wake-up calls can accomplish made by private citizens! The restoration was funded and planned in 2007, FL governor/state house nixed it and blew the federal funding elsewhere. When the damage is assessed from tourist/fishing/supporting industries, it will be a greater loss than buying out the most deliberate and offensive polluters of Lake O. And I understand there are many other point source and regional/geographical sources polluting the ground water. I was a water quality volunteer on state level with federal and state agencies for 10 years, we had an annual meeting, sometimes more, as a cooperating team. It was all science based. If the need was there to support investigation, we sprang volunteer money and time. I just cancelled my surf fishing trip to southeast FL. Administrator welcomed to delete this post if considered too political for such a concerning ongoing fixable problem. Get on your phones, please!
  15. http://www.alumacart.net/ In Hobe Sound FL, free shipping till X-mas. It won't fold up, but fits the receiver hitch on pickup. I can see many uses here on the farm too.