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  1. What handle is the Loomis?
  2. All my long rods, 9-12ft rods are two piece Loomis, but my friend that was a rep quit...there went my discount. I had asked this question here a while back and the 8ft 2 piece suggested was a St Croix mojo cat medium action. Tica probably has one, their blanks are heavy imo. Don't know where the thread is but a lot of good suggestions. Another idea worked for me, found a shipping store where I stay, sent tackle and rods down ahead. So my 7ft 1 piece was easy to ship.
  3. Take a look at the Carolina Sportsman, I think the 3rd or 4th page of articles. It's about late winter/early spring reds in the surf. I fish right there, where the NC DOT ferry docks on Bear Island. Walk around to the front or fish the inlet outflow. There is also access by beach on the Emerald Isle side of the inlet by permit 4x4.


    You will notice the fishermen are using med/hvy 7-9ft spinning rods and throwing rubber and metal. Nothing wrong with 4-6oz lead & bait on a long rod, but, finding fresh caught bait that time of year will be a trick. 


    My spinning rod of choice is a hvy 7ft Loomis spinning with 10-12lb mono and 30-40lb shock tippet. Braid works well but rough on the trigger finger. I also have a long Loomis spinning rod for up to 3oz metal, it's a rocket launcher. 


    It's the same drill further north at Cape Lookout by ferry. 

  4. Check Carolina Sportsman Magazine, search red fishing.

  5. The reds can be thick on the outside of the barrier islands in late Feb & early March, around Lookout. They are schooled up but wind must be right. It may take a boat ride over.
  6. Thanks for that bike link Tom. There is a long stretch of "private (federal) beach" on the mid section of OBX. I have fished there 10+ years ago during a striper blitz, also there is a chance for spring cobia. Access ramps at both ends but foot traffic only. I'll have to check with the rangers and see if a bike is permitted. Even going in a mile gets to some good structure, but the rangers have fouled up some of the fun, ticketing nude bathers.
  7. okrakoke island is closed, or it was late last week according to the fed's website. I searched for the page specific to ramp access. Would like to hear about beach structure too, there should be some new holes.
  8. What beach biker is that and is the rear rack available option? This would be great for Pea Island, beats pulling a cart.
  9. Tom,


    I walked in to the sound side from the http://hobesoundnaturecenter.com/


    There were good trails, some grass visible to the north beyond the old dock. Very brushy banks with a skiff working the inside bank. 

    Made a few casts, it's shallow. Don't know if this is any good. 



  10. 9/17/2018, Interstate-40
  11. The first time I understood what a hurricane was was 1954, just after Hazel. Our extended families went down to the outer banks, and continued the tradition, for many years. There weren't very many houses to tear up back then. NC #12 is in bad condition today, don't think the ferries can dock on either end. Been listening to local radio for a couple days, it hit really hard to the south. As someone from here for 68 years, these heavy rain events are getting worse. Inland river flooding is worse. The wind doesn't seem to matter like it used to, it's the water damage. 30 years ago this month, I was cut off from power 3 weeks after Hugo, 300 miles inland. I have been on this farm for 45 years last week. I know what a cycle is, and there have been changes in our weather. Why is it happening? What is responsible...god may be scratching his head. Ezra Pound “When I carefully consider the curious habits of dogs I am compelled to conclude That man is the superior animal. When I consider the curious habits of man I confess, my friend, I am puzzled”
  12. Never Fail To Have A Good Time

  13. Tim, Please Pardon: understood/agreed, I should remember that after 11yrs here. Sent a pm to the OP that addresses his questions, ( I know several of the guides in that piece and have fished there many times, OP will have a GOOD time if winds/bait are right, and, he gets to fish a "private stretch" of beach).
  14. * A recent article for those specific areas, (bait, bait, birds). A red drum winter trip is hopefully in my near future on the outside of the islands.
  15. October is peak time here for good weather and moving fish. I have never been into the Camp, but on both ends of it. If those fish do the same as just north at Harkers, search the confluence outflows of the rivers/creeks/inlets near/into the surf, smoother water transitions. People look for the nervous water and blow-ups, but I have seen them dimpling just like fresh water trout at the start of a hatch. They like flashy 2"-3"spoons. In the boat, I use a med heavy 7ft spinning rod with plenty of GOOD line, a 9ft rigged the same way should be fine for the shore. Big+++ drum are moving out that time of year from the sounds. You must have good fresh bait, not over a day (two is pushing), heavy iced and constantly drained of melted water, in a smallish cooler. If you can get to the north end of the Camp's beach, that should be an ideal place to drum fish, stood yards away on Bear Island across the creek. Since Onslow is off limits to the public, you might not find much info at the town shops and guides, unless they are/were military. There are some guides that work in and around Topsail to the south that may be of help? If I had that opportunity, might just choose to stay on Onslow the whole time and avoid the crowds to the north. *