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  1. "That ocean side is some turbulent water! " Is there a cam on either bridge?
  2. I want the Bimini with two balloon tires. My retired teacher friend in Tequesta went by last week to check, maybe leave it there for future excursions. They ought to discount for local pickup as they offer "free shipping."
  3. Typical for NC DOT! Set up by 9am and break down at 3pm. That's why their shirt pockets are sewn upside down...the shovel handle doesn't require labor to lean on. I have a 1000ft ditch I have been cleaning for them since they "improved" the road in 1981. Wish I never signed the RoW.
  4. About like here at OBX but less grass here. Plan to fly to Orlando cheapo flight, go south and pick up shipped tackle, fish a while and head northwest to scout Yankeetown and Steinhatchee. Don't plan to bait fish to keep the rental clean and don't have a surf cart...yet. There is a machine shop in Hobe Sound that has a peach of a cart. And it will work hard home on the farm too. https://www.alumacart.net/ Bimini Beach Cart
  5. After months of flux, about to finish up some family work. I am free to travel to FL, Jupiter area. I am shore bound and know the beaches enough to get around. What might be expected surf fishing that month, are the weeds still in the water?
  6. There are closed ramps according to the park service whims. In June, especially earlier, it likely there could be big drum remaining in surf and puppy drum move around then. Water temp and wind/bait are key. Long rod and 4+ oz required. My best hook-up in June was a cobia cruising the shore just below the closed beach north of Buxton. Saw it cruising the shore and thought it was a shark till it stripped line and broke off an old shock tippet. I always liked the inlet south of Buxton, it may be closed and silted in now. Take a pair of waders and a long rod. Flounder/speck/whiting are around for a short rod, bait and lures. The kids are in-mass when school lets out.
  7. AL,


    Thanks a bunch for your info about Big Bend. I don't drive long distance like I used too even though I have recently retired and have the time.


    Pulled a 16ft tunnel metal down last trip to Cedar Key area, really liked the area. Have another one with jet foot now but it's still a 10hr forced march, haha.


    It is kind of you to take time to answer the post in such detail, owe you a few beers!



    Best from Boomer, NC


    James Fortner


  8. Thanks Al! Lots of good stuff here. Will most likely stay north of Crystal River, maybe as far south as Yankeetown. Who knows, may venture further afield. Have a 1648 with jet outboard. I hauled the last 1648 prop down last time and had great drum fishing. It's so far to haul at my age, probably better to spend a few bucks and rent a small craft there. And I don't mind paying a good guide. Will be spin tackle this round.
  9. Haven't been down lately, see that some of the primitive launches have been improved north of Cedar Key since we last fished it. The river mouths this time of year can be full of big reds. This winter, considering a trip to Steinhatchee, can drive that in two easy days. Looks like only a couple places to walk/wade, but marinas have small craft rentals. Any suggestions about walk-in spots? May be April before we get to Hobe Sound. And after a weary fall, need some off-time, a road trip to soothe my soul and mind...like the old days.
  10. Another good read is "Striper Wars," by Dick Russell. To date In NC, our Marine Fisheries Commission and Senate/House argue: define "commercial fisherman." There is/was no net catch requirement for those licenses. That appears to be changing, slowly however. Likewise, it's unlimited open harvest for the menhaden, regardless of corporation ownership. NC is not of a west coast mindset in this regard, unfortunate imo. There's much more revenue created by recreational fisheries and tourism in NC compared to commercial bait harvesters.
  11. My point was not one particular person or corporation regardless of ownership, it's the number of well placed and connected board members and lobbyists that have more sway than recreational fisherman. Locally, recreational fisherman have this problem with representation on the NC Marine Fisheries Commission. Regardless, take away the bait, so long healthy fishery, that is one of the messages of the book. It's a good read.
  12. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  13. Surf fished the obx many years and read this book when it came out. Interesting side note to Omega Protein, it's majority ownership is Zapata Corp, the guys that work closely with the government. Omega's CEO is executive vice president of Zapata. During the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Zapata allowed its oil rigs to be used as listening posts. In 1988, Barron's said Zapata was "a part time purchasing front for the [Central Intelligence Agency] Don't think their extreme fishing (dredging) will ever be curbed, they are too well connected. And a CIA director, vice president and president used to own Zapata. Pretty good for business.
  14. I have one of these (SUR844S) and two of it's slightly lighter models, they are the older series rods. In the past 10 years have boated many 45+ inch drum with a stradic 4000 and braid, and use it when big stripers are around. 8-10lb mono with shock tippet on same reels for their cousin lighter rods for sea trout and puppy drum, in the surf and the back waters of Pamlico Sound. If the newer ones are as strong and responsive as the SUR it will cast the smaller lures the same as the lighter rods, just stiffer feel. I will carry it again in the surf to Florida, hopefully in the near months.
  15. My only two piece fly rod is a "boat rod" for when I have a newbee in the drift boat, and it's an old good Loomis GL2. The Sage and Loomis GL3 three pieces are perfect for travel and boat storage. Still keep six of them from 4-10wt.