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  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. A great tournament for a great cause! I have a great time every year and this weekend was no exception! Thanks to Jerry of ******** and staff, all volunteers, and Joey for another successful event. I had a pretty good day with tons of blues up to 30" and a few bass up to 33". My 33" bass Andrius with a 35" bass.
  4. The relief zipper on my drysuit.
  5. For handling smaller fish I used a short-butted net. For "most" larger fish, I a use a boga type lipper. I have an original version of the Berkeley lipper and a Rapala lipper/scale. I prefer the cheaper berkely as it gets on the lip quicker, used many seasons now and it still hasn't failed on me. I have the lipper tethered to the yak via a longer strap. Once I lip a bigger fish while still boatside, I can then safely take off any hook. I then just drop fish and lipper together into the water and get organized -secure hooks, stash rod in holder and so on. The weight of the lipper on the fish seems to mellow even large choppers and they don't thrash about, they just sit there under the yak. This is good for getting your camera ready too for released fish, as the fish stays in the water and the lipper does no damage. For keeping fish, I use 2 types of insulated softsided bags. For smaller fish like scup, seabass, fluke and the like, a zippered cooler bag that I keep tethered in the tankwell. For larger fish, I use a triangular shaped long bag with zipper strapped on the bow of the kayak, shimmy up towards the fronts, unzip and stick fish in. There are couple variations out there. I use a creative feathers bag and it can hold large stripers. Hope this helps.
  6. Yes, congrats to Wicked Dan. After I caught the weakie, I anchored and switched to bait hoping to upgrade on the bass front and get under the blues. But the blues were under, over, and everywhere... Shipwreck did bring me luck, sort of......... he drifts by, I hook up, then swing and miss. Rebait and repeat. Great weekend though as many nice fish came up with a fun time on shore too!
  7. One week away.
  8. I'm in!
  9. I use silicone for everything. Holds well, trims well when hardened, and is easier to clean up and remove. As for type, I've used marine grade, household and so on - all seem very similar to me - as long it's marked 100% silicone.
  10. Oh, btw - I do still love the Tarpons. The 120's/140's have been copied by many but are still really well thought out designs.
  11. I own an Adventure, but have owned a Tarpon 120. If I were to go back to a Tarpon it would be a 120 and 160 - one for fresh, one for salt. I agree with others that if you like 140, go with the 160i. When I bought my Hobie, I thought the 16feet might be an issue for car topping, picking up, etc... - It really isn't, for me anyway.
  12. I've used both, and combined the two as well to add electronics. I prefer the ram ball for adjustment, but my current front rodholder on my Adventure - I use a Scotty with an extension which works well. Ram would not be as good there. Both Ram/Scotty have good features.
  13. I'm there. It's my favorite kayak tourney yearly!
  14. Ok, I'll do $85 to spread the rm love. Sold to fishingnut - pm on the way. Thanks SOL!
  15. Price lowered to $90, but money order only.