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  1. Be afraid...
  2. Park where?
  3. Lemme tell ya 'bout the next hot lure...
  4. BWAHAHAHA Thanks for the LOL
  5. I'm sure you are just kidding, right? You wouldn't want to provoke someone who has "a plan" Suicide prevention 101, don't "push" people who have articulated a plan and a means to carry out the plan.
  6. The plan: Depress central nervous system Freeze to death. Method: Wait for sustained weather below freezing Ingest alcohol or heroin in sufficent quantity to ward off effects of cold. Take a long walk in a real cold place, woods, beach, mountains. Once sufficently tired or "relaxed" settle in for a little sleepytime. No muss no fuss and little mess to clean up. Who want to live forever anyway.
  7. Be afraid, be very afraid. Ok, get out your tinfoil hats. This is the stuff X-files are made of... The current education system is conditioning your child to conform to authoritarian society. aka corporation dominance. The roots of the modern public education system dates back to pre-WWI Germany/Prussia. At that time, the social need was for a modestly educated, easily controled working class. So to keep factories running and to increase profits, the robber barons invented public schools. Seems like a pretty altruistic thing to do, huh? Not so fast. They also intended to segregate the populous into distinct social classes and to so divide society the public would never gain a collective momentum to challenge the elites. So in effect, those who were most compliant would be rewarded with status bumps and those who challenge the status quo would find themselves shoveling coal in the dark satanic mills of Europe. What's that have to do with my kids report card you say? Performance is not assessed through mastery of a given subject of study. If your child is a wiz at math or science they will never achieve "satisfactory performance" if they have any behaviour or attention issues. See, its about conditiong the childs behaviour not learning to learn. Do you remember when we were in school how we were grouped according to status/smarts? Were you a smart one or dumb one? Does it seem odd that schools would create the impression that some are better people or somehow more desireable people than others? Not to mention that such self-concept/esteem stigmas will last a lifetime. The roots of class warfare are in there somewhere. It is mass scale behavioral conditiong to obey authority. Emphasis is placed on convergent thinking not creative thinking. Everyone must have the same answer for the conditioning to work. That is the root of most "isms" conformity and compliance. Today's current attack on public education (vouchers, NCLB) and the insane focus on standardized tests leave the schools little room to teach. What they end up doing is manageing childrens behaviour to try and produce the best "statistical" outcome for the school district. So what I'm saying is the schools need a paper trail to justify the segregation, forced medication, ect. And a report card is step one in building the paper trail that goes beyond pass/fail and letter grades. Access to higher education, employment ect is controled and monitored, and the report card is just one of the first steps to build your "permanent record".
  8. Yes, I am a designer. I googled the logos you provided from their sample portfolio No luck in the first set, I'm guessing they are either outright rip offs from other designers, or are student/spec work. If it was student work they had an instructor as an art director. That would explain the sharp drop in quality from the samples to the designs they provided to you. No art director? I agree, the concepts are NOT equivalent to the companies samples. The Caw Caw farm, and Potato Lady did check out. The sites are ok but no info about who designed the sites? I doubt it is the company who hosts the sites? And I agree that the lightning bolt/roots has the most potential to evolve into a wordmark. Maybe take that design, if you think it has potential, and work up three versions of that concept. With a new designer of course. As an aside, a half-decent designer will charge $25 an hour minimum. Dunno how a design group can stay in business charging $99 without using clip-art, unless they are stealing other designers work? Plagerism?
  9. Gawd, those are definitly the work of a "desktop publisher", NOT a graphic designer. But for 100 bucks... ya know A well done, "professional" design would have cost 500 bucks. And you should have more than 1 revision. One revision for design, and one for color minimum. Did you or they specify a PMS color. No, not that PMS. Do you have a copy of the designers policies, and a copy of the original work quote? Those will help you in litigation if it goes that route. I would cancel payment through the credit company and then find a new designer. If your quote specifically states a "wordmark" is what you are paying for, you are entitled to a refund. BTW care to tell us who did the work? goodluck
  10. Sometimes a fish is just a fish
  11. Zanzibar Blue - City's Best Center City's most dignified live jazz club. 200 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19102
  12. Vermillion, first choice Amber, second Both lenses tend to "block" blue light. Blue light tends to decrease contrast making everything look "washed out".
  13. A message from Punk Freud
  14. I admire your attempt to validate HJ. Isn't it nice when we feel like we are understood? I mean, who likes talking to a brick wall anyway, huh? But here's the unfortunate part... It matters less what we believe or want to believe than what is the reality. And the reality is the administration lied to everyone to start a pre-emptive, war-of-choice. Not my words, the administrations words. Pre-emptive and war-of-choice. I see nothing noble or even decent about our foreign policy. Yes, you are correct here. Insurgency can be defeated But that observation overlooks the bigger issue, which is "colonialism" dressed in a suit and tie stationed on Wall St. Ask yourself what the world trade towers represents to developing countries. Hint, WMF, World Bank, oppresive loan agreements, and hostile takeover of foreign resources under the guise of "globalization". And this last excerpt leaves me agast. First off, these are right-wing talking point. They have little basis in fact and are designed to elicit a gut reaction. Shrill, leftist, appeaser, and the idea that America wants its foreign policy to fail, Why not just call them un-american and traitors since that is what such statement imply. It's not only dishonest, it's inflamitory. Who really wants to see their loved ones die in war so they can be vindicated about a failed foreign policy? It's heinous to even contemplate such things about fellow Americans who hold an alternative POV. I find that statement somewhat optimistic. Yes it is a shame. But I would be amazed, given stategic forcasts and the current global political shift going on right now. It's time to face the fact that as a nation we have alienated and isolated ourselves from the world. Well except for the "Coalition of the Willing". How many friends is that like 2 maybe 3. Untill we (the people) wean ourselves from the corporate propaganda we will be led to do the bidding of the powers that be. It's like we all have amnesia. No-one sees the parallels between this war and the one the british fought about a hundred years ago, the great game? No-one remembers how William Randolph Hearst used his media empire to urge the American public into war?
  15. Uh, hey moonie, I couldn't find the thread you suggested? Any extra hints? Mmmmm? Lost me again? Which threads, here a SOL or over at Science Live? I wanted to look over the topics. I might learn something new! After all, every day is a school day. Ask any fish ... ba da bing
  16. The real cr@p will hit the fan as the world shifts away from petro Dollars and into petro Euros. For fun and entertainment check out what Robert Newman is saying in his little presentation called The History of Oil, available at google video library Once foreign countries exchange all those dollars for Euros, the federal reserve WILL default. It's a simple fact This isn't speculation, just do a little google and you will be dumbstruck or outraged when you see what the Fed is hiding from you. But hey, look over there, GDP is up and Wall St is doing great...
  17. Oh Sorry bout my misunderstanding I'm definitly not Ok with the "quo" And I also think reform is futile. Buckminster Fuller uses the term "newform" to describe what must be done when one system or paradigm has run it's course. Why bandaid a sinking ship. To quote Robert Hunter "Though I could not caution all I yet may warn a few: Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools" IMO this is the premise put forth by Adam Smith One of the main points of The Wealth of Nations is that the free market, while appearing chaotic and unrestrained, is actually guided to produce the right amount and variety of goods by a so-called invisible hand. source wiki And it just does not work considering the jiggering of the market with subsidies tax breaks and other nefarious incentives. If we believe in a true free market then NO business interest should be supported or encouraged by taxpayer money. And if you need surgery, who exactly are you going to negotiate with? This is hardly a situation where one can afford to get the best market price. And yet healthcare IS a for-profit-industry. Hey thanks! However, I do not consider myself left or right. In fact I think those descriptors are distractions and create a wedge. Divide and conquer, eh? Just so you know I'm more in line with Thoreau, Whitman and even gasp Sartre. Individualism, existentialism, and social cocontract all wraped up in one. That's not what I intended to say. But it seems an honest misunderstanding. There should always be conditions for access to wealth. BTW, wealth is access to resources, money is a tool used to control access to said resources. As an example, the Isrealis and Swiss require public service as a condition of citizenship. Why not have all citizens give 2 years of public service before during or after traditional high school and any of a number of areas which need more help, in excahnge for health benifits, education, or other public assistance? Imaging if every teacher in the USA had 3-4 classroom assistants, These lower skilled assistants would accomplish a lot of things. Personal development community service improved school environment cost savings for the tax payer a sense of being part of America itself Ask what you can do for your country not what it can do for you do... something like that. Do you mean pity or pithy. And, I have seen both And hey, take it easy on the bottle, your liver will thank you for it. And maybe even some of those who care about you will too. Saphire huh, pretty good stuff? I'm just a lowly beer swiller. India Pale Ale is always my first choice.
  18. December 20, 2006 Now mind you, this is your leader talking...the prez...go shopping more! Not, save for the future for a rainy day, no conservative axiom about prudence and wealth, just spend. Hey look where he's leading us, into debt. And as an aside, no-one who is hospitaized or divorced is asking to be in debt, but it is inevitable. And that also accounts for the majority of bankruptcy, not too many consumer goods. So once again, like preditory lending, those least able or likely to get out of debt are pushed further into poverty by corporations under the guise that there are too many people with toys they can't afford.
  19. JohnM I edited your post so it makes sense So are you saying that since my "status quo" (I guess you mean my member status as newbie) is such that my thoughts or ideas are somehow less valid than your own? Hmmmm? Maybe if we had a beer together or shared a fish story or two that might bump my credibility? Dunno? Maybe if I post a bunch of pithy one line comments that would raise my status quo and subsequently the weight of any experessed ideas? BTW, not really interested in flame wars but I do enjoy thoughtful exchanges and questioning any beliefs which seem to fly in the face of Common Sense (as in Thomas Paine's Common Sense)
  20. I'm not an economist. And I must admit the whole concept of profit as motivation and corporations as "persons" with inalienable rights is laughable. Not necessarily ha ha funny but an absurdity of human folly mixed with greed. As I see things, the question is based on the premise that Adam Smith's "Free Market" is not only a valid philosophy but a workable one. History has demonstarted that premise as dead wrong. Throughout the history of capitalism poiticians have used tax payer's money to pick winners and losers. And as a consequence some corporations have reaped huge windfalls at taxpayers expense. Just look at the oil industry and their "lease agreements", tax incentives, and resuting record profits. And I might add isn't it part and parcel of the original problem/concern of Kings and Queens? ...why politicians have no moral authority while they feed at corporate troughs. Or how about the free market/profits of the airliner industry. Airlines are continually bailed out, remember the 7 billion we just gave them? If that's not corporate welfare AND an example of politicians picking winners what is? Imagine any other industry giving away free products (frequent flyer miles) while cutting Labor's wages and raising CEO's shares, and then crying about not making enough profit? Pffft. Isn't the whole idea of capitalism about getting something for nothing? I give so-n-so some loot, and then I wait till they give it back... plus more? And at whose expense is this profit? The tax payer who is subsidizing said industry through both taxes AND purchase of said goods or services. What a crock-o-cr@p. I don't think the issue is about profit at all simply because it's based on a premise that is proven a failure. The real question is how much wealth does anyone person or family need to fulfill their hopes and dreams of a healthy, safe, and prosperous life. Prosperous here is used to describe not wanting for the essentials of daily living, food, water, shelter, community. There are estimates that 300 million people live in the USA 300,000,000 people X $100,000 per year = 30,000,000,000 30 billion dollars annually for every American to live without want How much do we spend in Iraq weekly? And which stock holders are profiting? And who is going to pay the price in blood and treasure? The GDP is estimated about 12.5 trillion dollars annually surely we could afford to prove goods and services to every American in the sum of $100,000 annually between health, food, education, housing etc. In fact it would probably spur the economy because many areas of public need would now have the necessary resources to fulfill their charters. And that lead to more jobs and more employment. Whereas the consolidation of wealth in the hands of very very few people leads to rationing and shortages of goods services and jobs. So my answer is another but more pointed question, how much does anyone need? Because the overall consequences of profiteering will be shared, where is the social responsibility for taking more wealth than is necessary?
  21. This is a joke right? I honestly have difficulty believing that anyone could blame the founding documents (the system) for the immoral, self-serving and sometimes outright corruption. As though somehow "the system" causes people loose all sense of common decency and creates people like Duke Cunningham or William Jefferson. Puleeeeez. No, I suggest people of weak moral fiber are attracted to opportunities where they are more likely to achieve success in their dirty dealings. How else can you explain the latter mentioned politicians or their next of kin, the religious fundamentalist. Was Ted Haggerty similarly corrupted by the church (another "system") It's about responsibility. And if we cannot trust ourselves or one another to make sound moral decisions, then the founding fathers were wrong about human nature and the possibility of a self-governing populus. So is the logic here; since celebrities are known to be materialistic and inclined to self-serving behavior then it follows that "everyone" would want "money for nothing"? Here's a shocker... some people take pride in doing a good job and are actually motivated INTRINSICALLY to continually work to improve their performance. This stands very much in contrast to the above mentioned motivations. As to the "philosophy" of libertarianism... I sense a contradiction here? From who or where does this authority for "check and balances" originate? Seems a moral compass would be necessary? And since we have established (snark) that everyone wants "money for nothing" why would any political party be spared from people inherent moral corruption? 2 + 2 = 5 ? Yeah, we already have this...social responsibility...but it seems to be ummm... lacking. Is cigarette smoke an infringement on my right to clean air? Is mercury or PCBs in my striped bass an infringement on my right to a healthy life? Is GMO and terminator genes an infringement on my right to natural and healthy food? Not to mention the ecological disaster that these terminator genes are wreaking. Like I said, we already have social responsibility built into our "system". But it's not working so good. Why? Who is living up to their social responsibility? Not the politicians as suggested in the opening post! And a last word on liberarianism. This is a party that is primarily focused on money. The argument for less government, and by extension less taxes, is not about liberty but is about $$$. Libertarians try to frame the issue by creating the image of government as bad and oppressive and their "philosophy" as the remedy. Government = bad less Government = good If libertarians actually believe in social responsibility then how does that square with our current economic situation? Libs. will claim the economy is great, look at GDP or Wall st. But then fail to point out that personal savings is at an all time low due in part to rising health and fuel costs? Or the fact that on average, Americans spent more money this past year than they were actually paid? So where is the social responsibility when Exxon-Mobile makes billions while the number of Americans in poverty continues to rise? Or how hospitals and pharmacutical companies essentially ransome off cures and remedies to those Americans in most need. It's hypocracy writ large. All that money is flowing from somewhere to somewhere?
  22. Obviously we have lots of conflicting views regarding the Iraq Disaster. So far the closest comparison drawn is Vietnam. And lots of people long for vindication of that disaster. So much so they are willing to "forget" the lessons of history. So for anyone out there willing to look at what even the Pentagon considers an accurate description of insugency and how indigenous people will always be victoriuous over occupiers, go watch The Battle of Algiers. And ironically, it was French imperialism in North Africa and later Vietnam, which clearly show the fate of occupiers in foreign lands. IMO the war against Iraq is unwinnable if the measure of victory is a liberal democracy, as we understand our own form of "self-governance". The people of Iraq have been liberated from the oppression of Sadam. Now it's time for the people of Iraq to sort out their own society. If the people of Iraq want us to help then we should consider providing aid. As it stands today both the Iraqi gov. and the people want the US out. Heed the lessons of the past.
  23. As a surfcaster myself, I do enjoy driving up to fish the suds. I also consider myself a naturalist in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt. Fish, hunt... do your thing, but we all have to preserve our resources. That said, I agree that someone at Audubon, a group I generally approve of, has run amuck on this issue. What I believe is missing is the common ground both fishermen and bird watchers share, appreciation of nature and it's critters. What I see is a wedge being driven between between two groups of people who do in fact share mutual goals, one of which is wild life preservation. Look at it this way, when we see the Omega fleet decimating menhaden on the Chesapeak and by extension hurting the striper population we get irritated or just pissed. I think that's how some at Audubon see beach buggys and surf fishermen. It's not necessarily accurate, but it is the perception of some. I plan to write Audubon and the author of the piece. But instead of telling them to piss off I will emphasis the common interests shared by naturalists alike. I also think it's important for us, surf casters, to call one another on the stupid crap we see from the less concerned beach crowd. You know, the litter bugs, excessive speed demons, people who kill fish for fun and let them drift in the surf. Can't we all just get along BTW thanks for bringing this article to our attention
  24. I have no idea of the markup on a VS. Although, I have worked with enough manufacturers to know that profit margins are determined less through actual costs than perceived value. For example, one company I worked for put out two lines of outdoor sports apparel each year, spring and fall. At my first marketing meeting we put all the products on the table and then decied the market price for each item based on, get this, it's WOW factor! We valued each item at price points based on how we thought the target demographic would respond. The cooler something looked the higher the price, regardless of actual manufaturing or advertising costs. The sickest thing was that the more durable, most expensive items to manufacture were usually the lowest priced items in the lineup! Those items were of better quality and construction but just didn't WOW the crowd as much. As to VS, we all know they are awsome manufacturers, and have WOW. But is their product price anywhere near its production and marketing costs? I doubt it.