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  1. As an aside, the Bill and Hillarys are not liberal or true Democrats. They are more accurately corporate centrists and republican lite. Only mentioned it to clarify the absurd moral equivalency argument.
  2. That's it, right there "Republican culture of corruption". Remember the "vast right wing conspiracy"? Turns out it's really not a conspiracy, just a culture of corruption. culture of corruption culture of corruption culture of corruption That meme will definitly get traction and some serious mileage.
  3. Who do you think should be fired? Anyone? Lets look at the crime(s), the outing of a covert CIA agent, exposing Brewster Jennings as a front company, and violation of our national security (treason?). Although there are spinmeister pushing the meme that Plame was not covert. That's a whole nother thread. The evidence point to the Veep's office as the source of the leak. This cabal includes but is not limited to: Richard Cheney Richard Armitage Carl Rove Lewis Libbey So based on Bush's own words... to fire anyone involved in leaking the name... The President should be asking for resignations, right? The real damage to America is this: Since Watergate and the pardon process really got rolling, we have seen the office of the president insulating itself from legal accountability. As long as the little fish like Libby don't incriminate the Pres and Veep he will asurely be pardoned before Bush leaves office. Bush Sr. did a similar thing by pardoning the Iran-Contra criminals too. There is a pattern, and the players the same.
  4. These two incidents are not moral equivalents. Bill Mahr is a saterist and has no claim to any expertise, aside from comedy. Man Culter (teehee) is pushed as a legal expert, a voice of conservative values, and as a relevant media critic. The issue is not he said she said, or which is worse... It's about how conservatives identify themselves through the personalities which they choose as representatives. We are talking about presidential candidates and their supporters. Those people seem to really enjoy Coulters brand of hate. If the best conservatives have to offer is a hate and vilification it's over. I don't see those people around here? Besides a wise man once said: "some find it offensive to insinuate stereotypical attributes to someone". Like, lefties jumping up and down screaming? Good for you! At least you recognize BS when you see it!
  5. Oh brother, I hope you mean Punk. And that's Mr. Punk to you Geez, back to the old Us and Them theme ... again Aren't we all just ordinary men? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, all that tough love, emotional witholding, and Victorian morality really gets messy. But what would Jesus do? Maybe someone like Ted Haggard could show us "the way" pfft. You, yes you stand still laddie.
  6. The Coulter mess is not about Coulter It's about Conservatism itself. The significance lies not just in this specific outburst on Friday but in the whole array of hate-mongering, violence-inciting remarks over all these years. Its significance lies in the critical fact that Malkin expressly acknowledged: "She's very popular among conservatives." The focus of these stories should not be Coulter, but instead, should be the conservative movement in which Ann Coulter is "very popular." This says more about Coulter's huge fan base in the conservative movement. She is feeding their desire for hate. The fact she exists, and continues to command so much attention from her fan base, is an indictment not on her, but on conservatism itself. Ann Coulter exists because the conservative movement craves her brand of hatred, and she delivers the goods. Rachel Maddow Sums It Up Nicely "I know that Ann Coulter needs publicity in the same way that a tapeworm needs a large intestine. This is the environment that makes it possible for her to continue to make a living doing what she does." Up Next: a fascinating trip into the psyche of the conservative mind
  7. Mr. Welch: You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? Senator McCarthy: I know this hurts you, Mr. Welch. Mr. Welch: I'll say it hurts! Senator McCarthy: Mr. Chairman, as point of personal privilege, I'd like to finish this. Mr. Welch: Senator, I think it hurts you, too, sir. Senator McCarthy: I'd like to finish this. I know Mr. Cohn would rather not have me go into this. I intend to, however, and Mr. Welch talks about any "sense of decency." I have heard you and everyone else talk so much about laying the truth upon the table. But when I heard the completely phony Mr. Welch, I've been listening now for a long time, he's saying, now "before sundown" you must get these people "out of government." So I just want you to have it very clear, very clear that you were not so serious about that when you tried to recommend this man for this Committee. Mr. Welch: Mr. McCarthy, I will not discuss this further with you. You have sat within six feet of me and could ask -- could have asked me about Fred Fisher. You have seen fit to bring it out, and if there is a God in heaven, it will do neither you nor your cause any good. I will not discuss it further. I will not ask, Mr. Cohn, any more witnesses. You, Mr. Chairman, may, if you will, call the next witness. Up next: a fascinating trip into the psyche of the conservative mind.
  8. How bout: National Security Gate(s)? Backstory below:
  9. I believe we recently had a thread speaking to the idea that China needs the USA as much as the USA needs China? Something about imports/exports, the stock market, and value of a dollar. It appears that that in fact China does need American money, to build it's military. Seems all those awesomely cheap Chinese goods we buy at discount stores are going towards gutting the US economy while increasing China's muscle. Who woulda guessed, right? I mean, why would sending our manufacturing base to a Communist country be a bad idea anyway? But hey, at least Corporate America is profiting from wage slavery while the American Dream turns into a nightmare. The New York Times JIM YARDLEY and DAVID LAGUE March 4, 2007 China announced its biggest increase in defense spending in five years on Sunday, a boost that quickly prompted the United States to renew its calls for more transparency from the Chinese military about the scope and intent of its continuing, rapid arms buildup. Jiang Enzhu, a spokesman for the National People's Congress, the Communist Party-controlled national legislature, said China's military budget would rise this year by 17.8 percent to roughly 350 billion yuan, or just under $45 billion.
  10. OMFG Whadahe!! is going on here First, the admininstation rewards bad behavior by appeasing North Korea. Now they want to reward Iran and Syria too? Some Axis of Evil, eh? This is bad for one reason, well actually lots but... It makes the USA look like 1st class weaklings Gives comfort to the enemy through appeasment And makes the administration look, well, bush league Flip flop anyone?
  11. Anyone knowlegeble about residential wastewater (greywater) recycling? We are considering a retrofit of a 20 year old home that uses a septic system. Due to a number of factors we need to reduce the amount of wastewater going into the septic field. I've done a lot of googling but not getting much info So does anyone know anything about these recyling systems? Cost, maintenance ect.?
  12. I'm pickin up what you're putting down. That cat, is something I can't explain
  13. Ya gotta believe! You ask me where the four winds dwell
  14. Ahhh to be there again...not. Get it, a pun, wind... stormy pics... not. anywho~ Mother nature is unfreaking-believeable somedays~
  15. Better change your act
  16. Hey, this is the day after moving into the new home, Port Charlotte FL .
  17. Scored a perfect 10 What's up with those people "references"? Hillary at 10? No way, she's at 20 maybe 25. Where's the real lefties? NoamChomski Mark Crispin Miller Tony Campolo Dennis Kucinich Bernnie Sanders I'd put Sanders at 10 and Kucinich at 5 and Campolo at 0
  18. I was going for sarcasm, or at least goofy humor with the salt comment. That's part of my point. Why do we insist that China wants to make crap for us? Is there some historical cycle or trend that leads us to believe other cultures will remain second class in status just to satiate consumerism? Currently a huge amount of money we provide the Chinese through trade is going directly towards military upgrades for the Chinese Army. I think it's naive or foolish to believe that the US is indispensable to the world at large. It may be even more foolhardy to believe other countries/rivals see the US as indispensible. If China feels any pinch on their oil supplies how long do you think they will say or do nothing in response? I'd say not very.
  19. I'm less worried about gold than my salt stash. What good is gold once the global economy is circling the drain? But salt, now there's something everybody needs. The biggest issue regarding the federal reserve is petro dollars. Petro dollars Petro dollars Petro dollars If/when countries start trading oil in euros and not dollars it will be over. The Fed will go broke. That will be the time to remake the economy and tax system. Also, I'm amazed/stunned that people here think that China is more concerned with supplying Wal-Mart than re-establishing it's culture as the dominant world civlization. I think a longer view of China's history and it's inevitable return to a "Golden Age" is warrented. China could destroy the US economy in an economic war overnight. If you have any doubts look at the Exchange this past week. I wouldn't be surprised also if some stategist view China's economic actions this past week as a warning to Washington? And don't forget their success with satelite destroying technology. If China preemtively destroyed critical parts of the satelites used to guide military equipment could the US even retaliate? Would any missles, jets, rockets ect be funtional without satelite guidance sytstems working?
  20. Wadda you guys talkin about. She's not that attractive? Yer kiddin right? Let's back up. How many you guys got fishing girlfriends or wives? Can they bait a hook, tye a lure on, or spear a fish without your help? I'll guess less than 10%. Given the choice between a woman who looks great on film vs a woman who is looks good and can out fish most guys, I'll take the real thing every time. I mean it's like you're all a bunch of dumb bass lined up and waiting for the first artificial lure, er woman, that crosses your path. I guess as long as they're skinny and have a nice paint job you'll bite? Besides all that nonsense, everyone know Julie Ball is the Venus of the Deep
  21. Surfer girls at strippers online
  22. Actually, wmjack that is one option with greywater systems in general. Most of the info I found was focused on reusing the water for gardening. Unfortunately, my problem is nowhere to drain the water. We are about 8 feet above sea level, and waaay to close to the bay. What I'm looking for is a system that will allow greywater to be reused as blackwater, to flush toilets. It seems only Australia and Europe are utilizing recycled water for flushing? Thanks for the suggestion though.
  23. Yeah, that's the one. Oh my darling, oh my darling, Oh my darling, Clementine! Thou art lost and gone forever Dreadful sorry, Clementine Drove she ducklings to the water Ev'ry morning just at nine, Hit her foot against a splinter, Fell into the foaming brine. Oh my darling, oh my darling, Oh my darling, Clementine! Thou art lost and gone forever Dreadful sorry, Clementine Ruby lips above the water, Blowing bubbles, soft and fine, But, alas,I was no swimmer So I lost my Clementine. Meet me in Montauk Did I tell you about ... The Project?