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  1. Hi, guys! I am impressed by information about YGK and decide to buy it but when I've searched webs, I've found many differet kinds of YGK. For example: YGK SUPER CASTMAN BLUE SPECIAL BRAIDED PE FISHING, YGK PE LINE G SEOUL SUPER CAST MAN BLUE SPECIAL WX8, YGK G-SOUL X8 UPGRADE PE 8 BRAID MULTIFILAMENT PE LINE, YGK XBRAID SUPER JIGMAN X8 etc. Any recommendations? Thank you! By the way, YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 not exist in the JapanLureShop.
  2. Sure, Tsunami SaltX Surf Rod - it is a great rod and will serve you for long time! Enjoy it and get a lot nice fish! It is a main point! I have a bunch expencive rods and reels and some of them using very seldom but I never regret about.
  3. Theoretically you are right. Practically... For experiment, I've swapped my rod with guy on the pier who cast SaltX 10'. No real difference! Not for him, not for me... By my rod I could fill every small rock on the bottom, each gentle halibut's tap... casting distance approximately the same. What else? Better components? If something will go wrong through loooong time, I could buy in the future newest and better rod for saved money.
  4. Guys, I've bought Lamiglass PowerGlass 9’0", Heavy, Moderate, Lure 3/4-4 oz, Line 15-30lbs, price is $109.99. Rod is weighting only 10 3/8oz, bending excellent and casting a mile!. What a reason to pay $300? By the way: What is the real weight of 10' SaltX? How significant a difference if it is? The reel usually has the similar weight or heavier.
  5. Yes, it is looks real. Thank you for advice! Together with periodical pinching it is could be a remegy... I'll try.
  6. "Are you getting a mid cast over run that abruptly locks up?" Yes, exactly! I am casting 2oz jighead with plastic swimming bait. After I filling spool tightly first several castings going well and suddenly - bum! At home I carefully rewind bird nest and found coils, burred under another. It is happens not first time...
  7. Increasing of braking really decreases casting distance and prevent backlash while casting but it is not improving density of winding while retrieving and some incoming line coils falling through between previous loose coils, covering by next coils and THAT creating bird nest while following casting.
  8. Thank you, oc1 for recommendations but At first: amount of tension when I am casting has no any relation to retrieving tension. It is depending from breaks and shims adjustment plus or minus wind direction. At second: retrieving tension depends from lure's resistance and pinching plus or minus direction of current. So, nature of casting and retrieving tensions is different. What am I expecting? The fish biting!
  9. Bought 9' BattleGlass. Happy. Rod is casting a mile the jighead 2oz+swimming bait! Very light inspite of fiberglass.
  10. Thank you, cheech! The levelwind is standurt and mooving left and right evenly. I am trying to pinch the braid and protecting index finger by medical tape but the thumb I keep without protection for best feeling the reel and it is suffering from cutting. Looks like it is only way to avoid loose winding.
  11. 50lb Power Pro
  12. Thank you, cheech! Usually coils flying off the spool of spinning reel when it is overfilled. Yes, my bait casting reel is adjusted properly and I am stopping it on time. As I've told, problem is: while retrieving, lure doesn't dragging strong enough for creating dense winding and some incoming line coils falling through between previous loose coils and covering by next coils that creating bird nest while following casting.
  13. Thank you, XBMX! Yes i am using scotch over first coils on the reel, but my problem is: while retrieving, lure - even 3oz, doesn't resisting strong enough for creating dense winding and coils fall through creating bird nest while next casting.
  14. When I am winding a new braid on Curado reel, I creating some tension and get dense winding. While fishing after retrieving winding became loose and some coils fall through creating bird nest at follow casting. How to avoid that? To keep line between fingers?
  15. Thank you. It is good idea.