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  1. Doesn't anyone use a vest anymore?
  2. Thank you, I have an older 560, made in usa.
  3. I have a Penn Slammer with the rubber knob, I would like to try the medal round knob, anyone know if the newer crank and knob would fit an older Slammer? Thank you.
  4. "This is the greatest country in the world," he said, "but we have to come together. We have to find common ground." There is no common ground, the two belief systems are too far different and are not compatible. just for example because Fabio brought it up, guns. The left only compromises on that which it cannot defeat, but no matter the compromise, they will come back for more, until handguns and semi-auto rifles are banned, period. I have maybe thirty more years o this Earth, I am thinking before I check out, CA will ban all hunting in CA.
  5. What is a long-range style jacket?
  6. Interesting. I have always liked putting a swimmer into what is called "the suck out", and move it to the edge and hold it there and let it swim against the current, but sorry to say have never had much luck doing so.
  7. I didn't mind it at first, but there is something rotten about iconic American companies laying off American workers to build their products cheaper in China. Ever wonder what would happen if Winchester started manufacturing their rifles in China? Or Smith and Wesson started building revolvers in China? Something tells me neither Winchester or S&W would have the balls to be the first to try. Kind of the way I feel about Penn and Buck knives. Buck still builds their upper end knives in America, Penn used to build their upper end reels in America last I checked. Shimano makes a good product, and where I used to be all Penn, probably owning 25 Penn Reels, everyone of them is USA built. I guess it just depends on your personal outlook, even if the Chinese Penns are just as good, I still wouldn't buy them. I bet at this point you have figured out who I'm voting for?
  8. Dammit. I'll buy Japanese before an American product made in China.
  9. Slammer III, USA made, or China?
  10. Cool pics, keep them coming. Do you have any other shots of that location in the very top picture? That looks like a unique spot, is that a seawall?
  11. I could see putting some clean hooks and rings on it, but all those marks on it are from grandpa fishing it and fish hooked up on. I wouldn't touch the paint, but maybe replace the rings and hooks. I have my grand-dad's old Savage 99, I would never refinish the stock to hide the wear and tear he put on it. Just my opinion.
  12. Make me two or three in 2oz, pick the best colors you have had the best success with, and a couple of 1oz PP for my light set-up. Been working on the boat every free time I get, hope to have it all ready to go openers. Your back going to be able to handle some deck time?
  13. My God man, did he ever rinse it after using it?
  14. Well those are usually jigged vertical, not seeing those giving you good action cast and retrieved.