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  1. Well I can use my Slammer for a another year and see what happens...thank you.
  2. Must be the Trump economy if one store has 76 people on their list for VS!
  3. Unless you are fishing for Hippo, not sure what you are doing to your tackle to wear out reels in two years, is your wife on this forum, trying to sell her on the need for VS's? My lord, I have 6 Penn Mag Series from the 80's that are serving me well...but I'm not hippo fishing.
  4. For years I have been wanting to take the jump and buy a VS, put the price tag always held me back. Now a year from retirement thought I might jump at the semi-expensive VR, only to find out they don't make the reels with a right-handed crank..WTH, in this day and age we still discriminate against southpaws! #victimofdiscrimination#oppresed#haters
  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I'll give them a shot, I would like to put a new hook and feather on, that screw hasn't been taken out for probably 50 years, this should be interesting. Do they cast well or tumble?
  7. I found a few of these in my grandfather's things decades ago, never used them, never could figure out if he used them trolling for Albacore here on the West Coast, or casting for Striper. Anyone tell me their primary use? Thank you.
  8. I'll take a look.
  9. Well I was a believer, I always soaked them in Pro-cure the night before.
  10. In the past I have always bought the Uncle Josh rinds, now that they are going out of the rind business, those who use rinds, is there another good manufacturer, or will you take to making your own?
  11. Never head of this, can I ask how long ago you did this on a current rod? No rotting of the cork down the road? I have used the u40, but never tried mineral oil.
  12. Is 180' accurate, I thought it was moved out to 240'? Maybe that is the commercial non-restricted.
  13. So these aren't wood they are a type of resin or plastic? Well, hell, I could do that. Does this gent have a website to buy off of?
  14. My lord, this guy is an artist, are all these wood? They are too beautiful to fish, if I bought a few I'd display them!!