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  1. It has always been my belief that Buzz Bombs were better suited for vertical jigging, not casting and retrieving, I think I would spend my time throwing the more traditional lures that were designed for cast and retrieve..but who knows?
  2. My lord, you and my best friend. We we’re walking down a aisle just like that one, looking for stuff we needed for a bar-b-w, I stop to pick something off the shelf, but before I can, my friend grabs me at the back of the shoulders and starts pushing me.. “Don’t stop man, don’t stop, keep moving!”. I said “WTF are you doing?”. He replied “I just dusted that aisle, you don’t want any part of that one, they’ve been bad today”. “Hell, they are always bad!”. “Ya but today they are special bad. Wait, wait, check that guy out”. Some poor slob is walking down the this is almost 45 seconds later! “Watch him, watch him.” Guy is cruising down the aisle slowly, just browsing, all of a sudden it was like he was punched in the face! His head snapped back, then he begin back pedaling, waving at flies that did not exist. “Your hang-time is nothing short of amazing!” ”I know”.
  3. That must be the one, there can't be two! Thanks...I'm about six posts in, already laughing 60, am I ever going to grow up? Wife says probably not.
  4. I could never get out of my mind the guy who said he slammed his ass up against a chain linked fence and let it go. When that stomach starts a rumblin, there is trouble soon to come.
  5. Years ago somebody started a thread about the times one had to take an emergency dump while surf fishing. I remember laughing out loud until my sides hurt. Anyone remember that thread, it went on for pages? I'd like to read that again, my sense of time is screwed up, if I had to guess, maybe ten years ago?
  6. No, I got to go with a 55lb sucks you lost it!
  7. Man I didn't realize we sold so many t-shirts and hoodies a few years back. Last one of those I made was ten years ago I year.
  8. Anyone give them a try? They are so heavy in the back, I'm not sure how I'll work them, maybe slower and with more power? I have always worked my Fixters and Gibbs the same way, but these are not going to work the same, I'm not sure my Loomis is stiff enough to keep that azz end from sinking.
  9. My plug maker is on the DL, and I was in need of a couple new Pencil Poppers, I came across the Guppy Flat Bottom Pencils, intrigued I ordered two to try them out. The workmanship and finish is very nice, though they seem more heavy in the ass than I'm used to, I hope I can make them dance as well as the more balanced plugs I'm used to. So what do you suppose is the theory behind the flat bottoms?
  10. I will buy Japanese before I'll buy American-made in China. Pizzes me off.
  11. Well I can use my Slammer for a another year and see what happens...thank you.
  12. Must be the Trump economy if one store has 76 people on their list for VS!
  13. Unless you are fishing for Hippo, not sure what you are doing to your tackle to wear out reels in two years, is your wife on this forum, trying to sell her on the need for VS's? My lord, I have 6 Penn Mag Series from the 80's that are serving me well...but I'm not hippo fishing.
  14. For years I have been wanting to take the jump and buy a VS, put the price tag always held me back. Now a year from retirement thought I might jump at the semi-expensive VR, only to find out they don't make the reels with a right-handed crank..WTH, in this day and age we still discriminate against southpaws! #victimofdiscrimination#oppresed#haters
  15. Thanks for the replies.