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  1. MickAff this one's for you
  2. This is how I will remember them, at their peak
  3. Make yoursef a jalepano Paloma Ingredients Jalapeño Simple Syrup 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 water 2 jalapeños, coarsely chopped Jalapeño Paloma 2 oz jalapeño simple syrup (recipe follows) 1 oz lime juice 4 oz mezcal 4 oz grapefruit juice 4 oz club soda Kosher salt Grapefruit wedge and jalapeño slices for garnish Ice/cocktail shaker.
  4. Hard to beat for $350
  5. Info sent thanks again
  6. I'll take it, thanks
  7. Only have fished there at night when no one was around. I wouldn't even consider being there with the beach goers. Some people have no common sense.
  8. Looks safe enough, what could possibly go wrong?
  9. Amen brother
  10. Congrats, that is some fish!