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  1. I went with the Spheros for the Spring bay run in south jersey. I love it. It has been great paired with a 7' Tidemaster. I also really like the Penn 4500 ssvi bls I got for my 9.5' Slingshot for the surf. Just need to replace the tiny knob.
  2. The slightly more complicated maintenance of a shimano isn't a negative, what is a negitive is part can be difficult to get once a model is put out to pasture.
  3. I've seen Scooby's teardowns and review on many of the reels in this size range. Replacing a BG 3500 that is about 2 yrs old and this spring became a premature bail closure magnet doing in over $100 worth of mag darters, hydros, soft plastics, etc. It's down to these two reels, not interested in any others, for sod bank fishing for bass, weakies, and fluke. Reel will be accidently dunked while release fish; I tear down reels to maintain. I don't think I can go wrong with either, and do like that the spheros is about 3 oz lighter, but also believe the brass internals of the battle justify the weight difference. Any one have either that can share the good and bad of each?
  4. Looking for a sealed top pinion bearing replacement for SSVI 4500 BLS, and a line roller bearing. The top pinion bearing has gotten very raspy after constant heavy splashing. The original bearing in the real lasted one spring run before becoming to raspy to fish. Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. None of the shops near me in south jersey. All I hear is to preorder one. I want to put it on my rod to see how the weight and foot match up with the century.
  6. Anyone hear an update from Shimano about when the "2020" gosa 6000 swa will be available at local tackle shops? I heard a rumor that maybe by August. If so, I'll need to go with a different reel by May.
  7. Closing a bail manually and a bailess reel are no where near the same thing. After learning to fish a bailess I'd never go back. I also don't want to convert a reel to bailess due to balance issues. So my choice is basically between the SSVI 4500 bls or a VS150. Suprised all saltwater sealed reels aren't offered with a bailess version.
  8. Good to hear it wasn't a reel issue based on design or materials as I'm thinking about putting a ssvi 4500 ls on my 9'6" slingshot. ALSO GLAD I READ THE ENTIRE POST. Instead of just looking at the title and intial post & response. May I suggest updating the initial post so others know it not a reel problem.
  9. No longer interested in purchasing a used rod, broke down and purchased new for $410.
  10. Weird, I didn't receive an email notification that there was a posted response.
  11. Scoobydoo - any idea if the brass main gear in the slammer 3 4500 would fit into the ssvi 4500 if the aluminum gear needed to be replaced?
  12. I'm looking for a Century Slingshot SS1145 9'6" in very good condition. Meet in NJ, not willing to buy unseen.
  13. What would you say is the sweet spot and what's the lightest it can effectively throw? I had a slighshot, do you know how it compares?
  14. Glad I saw the Youtube live reveal. Great job showing the 2 versions. I'm replacing my SSV 5500, which has taken a beating of dunkings, as long as I service it and coat entry points with Corrosion Block - yes it's tighter, but I like the VS in that manner. However, the SSV is just too heavy. Wish the Gosa came in a 14oz model, oh well, perhaps the SW A 6000 is the ticket. How do you suggest preparing the SW ii it's going to get dunked (not reeled) often out on sandbars to minimize water and grime penetration?
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