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  1. Was thinking the same thing, LOL
  2. Honestly, I didn’t even know about it. Fishing show season is typically during the winter months when many fisherman aren’t fishing. We are at the start of the Fall Run and there are very few diehard anglers who’d give up a day out on the water to go look at more of the tackle and gear that we already have too much of.
  3. So, basically a happy ending.
  4. I love rainy days at home when I have nothing to do but watch old movies and eat.
  5. Yeah, I hear you. I can’t take the sun anymore, either. I did all the same stuff that you’re doing. T-Top, Bimini, bigger boat, etc. But the type of fishing I do is best done from a small open boat, which I already have. Going bigger is simply going to cost more than I can feel good about. Wifey does not like me buying anything used. New boat prices are insane. What to do, what to do ?
  6. So, based on the photo which Doc Hop posted I’d say it looks pretty good and that I’m intrigued. However, I know that I am not the only one here with an aging digestive tract and that ingesting all of that goodness might result in some real fireworks. In fact, I would expect that the “best crapping story” thread would be getting updated by more than a few members.
  7. Wrapping guides is pretty simple if you aren’t looking for decorative thread work. It’s a great skill to learn and once you get it down you’ll be reluctant to pay for factory rods and you won’t be tossing out your old ones either. Youtube has lots of videos
  8. Geez, that’s what I was thinking but it’s just not clear. Guess I should be glad it’s not. Poor people.
  9. valentine


    I will say that everything I’m seeing this year has me believing we are in for an epic fall run in Western Long Island Sound. I’m also hopeful that there will be a good fall run in the Hudson as well. I’d like to get in on some Hudson River action.
  10. Watched the video several times but it’s hard for me to tell what’s actually happening. Obviously it’s not good. Anyone know where and when this occurred ?
  11. Okay, some good ideas here. Thank you all. Gonna keep it short. Gonna thank the brides parents. Gonna thank Wifey (She deserves it more than anyone) Gonna tell son how proud I am of him and tell his bride how happy we are to have her in our family. Going to tell them how much I love them. Going to ask for a dozen grandkids which should get a laugh. Will finish with with a two line toast. Should be enough. Spoke to a friend about this, yesterday, and he told me that he just went to a huge wedding where father of bride spoke for 30 minutes. Talk about agonizingly cringe worthy. I’m hopeful that I can say it all in 2 minutes.
  12. valentine


    Western Sound has more marine life this year than I’ve seen in a decade. Dolphins, sharks, sea turtles are abundant. B-I-G bluefish like I haven’t seen in years. Good Stripers too. But they’re all eating peanuts. Tons of peanuts but very few adults. I’ve seen Osprey with adults but that’s about it.
  13. There’s a lot of sharp minds in this place so I figured I’d ask. I need to make a quick toast at a wedding. It’s one of my sons who’s getting hitched. She’s an absolutely wonderful girl, so Wifey and I are thrilled. He’s an engineer and an attorney. She’s an architect. Irish/Italian/Slovak ancestry. Catholic/Jewish faith. Both have a great sense of humor. A touching sentiment followed by a big laugh is what I’m dreaming of. Let’s have your best suggestions gents and ladies. Thanks in advance.
  14. I always thought motorcycles were cool until I started responding to accidents involving them. I personally know of too many deaths and lost limbs due to motor-sickles. No thanks! Not for me.
  15. That’s an impressive animal right there. It would make short work out of any of those men trying to get it back in deeper water. Beautiful fish. Lotta power.
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