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  1. See, that’s just the kind of thing which makes me want to wait until all the problems get worked out. I’m not the guy who rushes out to buy the newest, latest and greatest of anything. I’ll be content to let others work out the problems.
  2. Eggzactly! And wasting my time on worthless people is lowering myself to their level. No thanks. Not gonna do it intentionally.
  3. I saw a documentary about the circus industry a while back. It had photos and videos of of sideshow “fat ladies” from about 80 years ago. Honestly, those old time fat ladies were small compared to what you’ll find waddling around Walmart right now.
  4. I’m pretty sure there’s an electric vehicle in my future but there’s not much chance I’ll be paying 80K for it. It’s a good looking truck and there’s probably some interesting technology in it. I’m thinking that things like charging stations need to become more standardized between brands before I’ll take a serious look at it.
  5. Most obvious cause would be a missing drain plug but one of the guys said he was sure the plugs were in. I’m going to guess a through hull fitting cracked from corrosion or age. Perhaps one going to a live well. Old plastic through hull fittings get brittle over time and can leak badly. Metal through hull fittings can also corrode, or crack and leak badly as well. You’ve got to inspect those things regularly and replace them before they go bad. Glad those guys are okay.
  6. Mountain Lion. Big one too. Looks hungry. And those fool naturalists said they were extinct in these parts. You proved them wrong.
  7. Well, isn’t this the feel good thread of 2022 ?
  8. Polaris gets it done
  9. Release the conspiracy theorists !
  10. It starts at 11:29 pm and peaks at 12:12 am. Should be pretty cool to see. Unfortunately I’m too tired to stay up for it.
  11. The punk shooter is only 18. How can any 18 year old be so misguided, so filled with hate ?
  12. Sorry to learn of your loss Shaky. Nice run Aunt Katie. RIP
  13. There’s a saying that there are 3 sides to every story… Your side, their side and then, somewhere in between, is the actual truth regarding what happened. The only people who know the truth about Ruby Ridge are the ones who were actually there. I wasn’t there. But I have spoken with some of the LEO’s who were and I believe what they told me. Randy Weaver was an extremist. He was not law abiding and not a patriot. He was anti federal government. Billy Degan, the US Marshal who was killed on Ruby Ridge was a true Patriot and a hero. He’s the guy people should be remembering fondly and not the kook who caused everything to go wrong.
  14. I’m stunned that anyone would call Weaver a patriot. He was not a good guy. Weaver was an extremist whose own actions set things in motion for 3 people to be killed. His misguided ideas got his wife, son and a US Marshal who was conducting surveillance killed. He is not someone who should be remembered as a hero.
  15. -McFarland USA -The Sapphires Just two random movies Wifey and I stumbled upon when channel surfing. Both were unexpectedly enjoyable. Highly recommended