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  1. That’s a really great story. Thank God you weren’t hurt. I had the good fortune of having daily access to boats on Long Island Sound from the time I entered high school. We did some dumb things too but always respected the water and how dangerous it could be.
  2. Stop the presses on this story. It appears that the researchers may be backpedaling on the location of this fish. It seems that updated tracking info on the shark showed that it is currently off the south shore of long island and it’s highly unlikely that the fish would have been able to swim there since the time that researches claimed to have located it in Greenwich CT waters. There’s a couple of possibilities, here, as I see it. First, the tracking equipment was inaccurate when it showed the fish in Long Island Sound. That’s the simplest most plausible explanation. Then there’s always the possibility that wealthy Greenwich residents don’t like the idea of a potentially dangerous animal in their backyard so they called the papers and had the story changed. Or maybe they had it relocated . In any case it appears the shark may not have been in the sound at all. Nothing to see here folks. You can all go home.
  3. Everything I've read about the Jersey incidents indicate it was a bull shark. They are certainly better suited to survive in brackish estuaries, where some of the attacks occurred. There's a good book about the events which I read some years back. I think it was called "Close to Shore" or something close to that. Anyway, it was a good read and I recommend it.
  4. I considered trying the Cabelas braid but there were enough negative reviews online to keep me from purchasing it. If you want to try inexpensive braid I can give a thumbs up to Kast King. Been using it on a couple of reels since last year and have been quite satisfied with it. Much less expensive than power pro and other premium braids but, in my experience, it performs pretty darn close to the expensive stuff.
  5. Do they make 4 ft long, kevlar reinforced slug-go's ?
  6. Don't any of you be surprised when state licensing agencies start collecting DNA from each licensee. Seriously, it's coming. Sure, the gubment will spin it and say its for your own protection, but...
  7. I go back and forth using braid and mono. Still can't decide if I would use one exclusively over the other. I hate the expense of braid and that a bad wind knot can really screw up your fishing. Mono is much cheaper and more forgiving. I am Not loyal to one particular brand of braid. I'll use any premium brand that I can find a good deal on. However, I started experimenting with inexpensive Kast King braid last year and I have been favorably impressed. Its not as thin as powerpro and other premium braids but its plenty strong and represents great bang for your buck.
  8. Rod Loft Pro used to be pretty good. Not sure if it's made any longer but I had a couple of 'em. Worked really well but then I just got lazy and stopped hanging rods in the rack amd just threw them in as a big bundle. Hanging them in a rack is much neater and safer. Man, I'm getting lazy.
  9. Old school reels can benefit from modern lubricants. White lithium dries up and hardens over time and thats where you'll need WD-40; not for lubricant but as a solvent to disolve and clean out the old dried up crud. I've used marine bearing grease as my primary reel grease for many years. I can't say that its ever given me any problems and its got low price and widespread availability going for it. It is messy stuff though and that's part of the reason I've been swithching over to synthetic auto brake caliper grease. I use something called Sil-Glyde and its been great. It's meant to lubricate slider pins, brake pads and other moving parts. Heck, the stuff is meant for the high heat, high pressure hostile environment which automotive brake calipers have to live in. It's clear and clean and comes in tubes and tubs. A pleasure to work with and Since it works so well on car brakes, I can't imagine a fishing reel dishing out more than Sil-Glyde can take. Its more expnsive than bearing grease but not as pricey as some of the boutique lubes I've seen guys use.
  10. I never watched a single eposode of the show and have no idea what its even about. Wifey is more of a television series follower than I am and I'll usually just rely on her picks. More and more we're watching Netflix and HBO productions as opposed to network stuff. Funny thing is, with hundreds of channels to choose from,today, its more difficult than ever to find something worth watching.
  11. It's different everytime I fish. Sometimes I don't feel like moving around a lot so I'll just dig in and work that spot for my entire outing. Other times, I'll start fishing before I get t the exact spot I planned to fish. It's just a way for me to check things out on the way to where I originally intended to go. I'm simply covering additional water on the way to my destination. In cases like that, I won't spend more than 10 minutes tossing lures because I'm really on my way somewhere else.
  12. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Gave me a lot of laughs over the years. Thanks for all the fun Mr. Conway, RIP.
  13. Ha! Nope, I’m retired and staying that way. I am simply fed up with the way our world is running and the high levels of aggression people have towards each other. It’s really scary to see all of the violence within our society but how do you avoid it and how do avoid becoming a victim?
  14. Our entire world is effed and nobody knows their place anymore. Remember when there was no such thing as a “participation trophy?” Now, there are movements everywhere telling us that it’s okay to suck or to be fat, ugly, stupid , unemployed, etc. Remember when you actually had to learn to be good at something? Remember when it took you years to get somewhere in life? We now live in a world of instant gratification. Everyone wants what they want right now whether they’ve earned it or can pay for it. Give it to me right now. Live for today, live on credit, lease it, borrow it, destroy it, then get another. It’s crazy. No one stays in their own lane anymore. It’s all about looking over the other guys shoulder, seeing what he’s got and figuring out how to get that for yourself or even to steal what he’s got. There’s very little satisfaction in the average persons life that I can see. Life has become all about getting to the next level and acquiring more stuff. People are trying to pack as much as they can into each day of their lives. Remember when cruise ships were elegant and a cruise was supposed to be a relaxing vacation? Cruise ships today look like floating amusement parks and You probably need a week off to recover from a trip on one of those things. Nobody just sits on their porch anymore and watches the world go by. We are overloaded with information and technology and it’s turned us into drones who spend our days headed toward some goal or destination that we’re not even sure we want. It’s out of control. We’re killing each other and killing ourselves. I’m going myself.
  15. Was thinking exactly the same thing, LOL. 97 is a damn good run. Nice job Doris !