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  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, friend. There’s a lot of good energy being sent to you and your lovely wife from the good people here. I will keep you both in my prayers and hope that your world returns to normal quickly. God Bless.
  2. Decades ago, a Special Forces buddy wound up in some some club in Bangkok where one of the entertainers could open beer bottles like that. As the evening wore on and his better judgement disappeared he got the bright idea to heat up one of the bottle caps with a lighter. What happened next wasn’t good for the girl or for him. She screamed and launched herself across the bar/stage and broke about a hundred bottles of liquor. My buddy was too drunk to run away and he’s laughing so hard that the house security knows that he’s the culprit. They’re on him right away but he is literally one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters I have ever known. He’s very drunk but still very capable of taking on anyone and everyone who wants to try him out. As soon as hands make contact with him, the bodies those hands are attached to begin flying and breaking. Six bouncers got bounced all the way to the emergency room that night. My buddy went to jail for the night but was mysteriously released the following morning. He claims he never received an explanation of who his savior was or why the charges went away. He was simply told to “leave.” My friend went on to complete spectacular careers with the military and in federal law enforcement. Thank Goodness there were no video cameras back then.
  3. No. Survivalist 101 teaches that you need Separate bunkers for fuel, food, weapons and people. All interconnected by a series of tunnels which my wife has been digging, under our neighborhood, for several decades. She’s getting older and her digging has slowed some over the past few years. I suppose I ought to think about letting her dig with something besides her bare hands.
  4. Wifey doesn’t have to gas up. It’s part of my always being prepared for the end of the world routine. Cars never get below 1/2 and I always keep enough fresh gas on hand to top everything off if we have to “get out of town” in a hurry.
  5. Why don’t you try making one? I built a rod from a kit which I got when a boating supply store went out of business many years ago. During the final weeks the store was open I would check frequently to see what was left in their fishing dept. Nobody wanted the rod kits. I struck when they hit $5. I think I bought 3 of them. If I remember correctly, the blank and guides were Pac Bay. Not high end components but a good quality, attractive dark green, 6 1/2 ft graphite blank. Anyway, I built/wrapped the rod in an afternoon and epoxied the wraps on day 2. Gave it to youngest son for a present. What a great little rod it turned out to be. Has been used on everything from snappers to nice stripers. I never learned how to do fancy wraps but I did build the rod with a bit of visual flair and I remember the pride junior had when he used that rod, for the first time, in front of a group of adult fisherman. He knew that he had his own “Real” fishing rod which was equal to and better than many of the rods being used around him. We still have that little rod, it still gets used frequently and it has held up magnificently. I know that you’re unlikely to find another $5 rod kit, but my suggestion is you build one. If you never tried it, you’ll shock yourself at how easy it really is to build a good rod and junior will have a possession which he’ll treasure. When you see that smile on his face, your heart will swell.
  6. Never really spent much time fishing with bait. Lures have always been my go to method. I’ll admit that I would like to use bait more often, because there are some areas I know of which hold big fish and I believe bait will be more productive there.
  7. It’s great to hear that top quality and great customer service are still available. Please keep us updated when you get your new boots. Some photos would be nice as well. Cheers!
  8. Freshwater rinse after every use throughout the season. At end of season a more thorough soap and water cleaning on exterior and then a break down, de-grease, re-lube and reassembly. Can't think of a time when this tried and true system didn't work well for me. I usually have around 6 rods and reels in my working rotation; 4 spinners and 2 conventional. I check them over well each use and if I discover any deficiency, that outfit gets shelved and I take another from my reserves.
  9. One of the smartest posts in this thread, Sudsy. Look, I completely understand the feeling you get when someone encroaches on your space. But resorting to any type of physical retaliation simply sets the stage for people to be hurt and potentially for lives to be ruined. Imagine some dope in a boat gets too close to a bunch of rock jockeys who all fish together regularly. There’s strength in numbers so one of them feels emboldened enough to launch a tin at the boat. Only it doesn’t hit the boat. Or the guy on the boat. It hits the boat guys wife in the face and takes her eye right out of her skull. Guy on the boat sees his wife hit the deck, eye out of her head and thinks she’s dead. He’s now out of his mind and wants blood. He runs the boat into the rocks, bounds up to where the group is fishing and shoots and kills everyone holding a fishing rod. Think something like that can’t happen? Better think twice before you start trouble with anyone. You never know what can go wrong or what the other guy is capable of. Plenty of lives have been ruined over stupid chit like this. Unless your back is against the wall, you’d better walk away.
  10. I understand that everyone has a right to access their own bit of water but no one should ever launch some kind of a projectile at another person over fishing territory. Even saying it in jest Might give some idiot the idea that launching a weight or a jig at someone’s head is the correct way to handle a “fishing space” dispute .
  11. I believe that it would work just fine in protected waters. By no means is it a rough water vessel but for places like you are showing I'll bet it would work very well. Not sure if the hardware on that thing is saltwater proof but it will certainly get you floating and catching
  12. RIP He was entertaining
  13. That’s the kind of wealth, power and influence most of us don’t even understand. I know that sometimes I read about money like that and I feel that I aimed too low. Then again, I’ve been exposed to enough wealthy families and consider many of them to be quite dysfunctional. Considering that I’m pretty stubborn and usually play the cards I’m dealt and since no amount of money could give anyone sons better than the ones Wifey and I have, I’m okay right where I am.
  14. Always wanted to get a pair of boots made by the Russell Moccasin Co. They’re pretty pricey but they’re custom made to order and they’ll last many years with good care. Maybe for my 60th birthday in a couple of years.
  15. Geez, you’re right; that all sucks! Hopefully brighter days are right around the corner. Good luck !