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  1. So sorry to learn of this sad news. May God bless your family and ease your pain.
  2. Jelly
  3. Red, you are the man.
  4. Panties that had to be pulled off Like velcro in the crotch area? Holy sheet! I mean, I know we all have different standards but that sounds freakin’ dangerous. As in life ending disease dangerous.
  5. Sixteenth
  6. Wireless
  7. Good to hear she’s back home. Familiar surroundings, family and friends can be the best medicine. Prayers and wishes for Good luck Sent to your family.
  8. Fast
  9. Purple
  10. It would be pretty cool if you are able to reunite with the rod but you already know it’s a long shot. As an alternative, why don’t you consider having a replacement built for yourself? If I were you I would incorporate some of the original Rods features on the new one, including your misspelled name and perhaps a special message like “thanks Kevin.” Just some thoughts to keep you moving forward with your sobriety, remembering your past and celebrating what you’ve already accomplished. Good luck !
  11. See yah
  12. Family
  13. Fat
  14. Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Honda and Tohatsu are all anyone needs.
  15. Sun