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  1. I havent gone at night yet but I went the other morning, started at 4:30 and got skunked. i had luck at the same place an hour later a few days before when i landed a 4lber on a spro bbz1 rat...gonna try and get out this week during the actual evening.
  2. Some really awesome tips everyone, thank you so much. Looking forward to trying out some of these tactics. And keep em coming!
  3. Thanks for the quick response gents! I have been using a lot of unweighted senkos. I thought I kind of had them dialed in and when i fished this a.m. i went very early. Tried topwater and only had a couple strikes on the zara spook, all misses. Tied on the senko and got nothing. I concentrated on shady areas with no luck. I honestly think the lake I was fishing has to be topographically "unique" or the fish were keyed on something I wasn't offering. They were blowing up all over, it killed me!
  4. Cant say it was a bad morning but frustrating when you cant figure em' out!
  5. Hey everyone. So Lmb is what got me into fishing hardcore when I was younger but I was never good at it. I have picked it up again and have been doing much better than years ago. Does anyone have any tips for summer fishing? I have already noticed the lack of activity from the spring.
  6. Depending the lake you fish, if shiners are a resident fish, then it is no problem (as far as i understand). As for catching them, the one lake i catch them, they hang under the dock so i actually tie a nymph (fly) to a spinning rod, tip it with a worm, and put a split shot high enough that it drops below the sunnies. When they take it you have to reel real fast because their lips dont hold the barb very well. I have also heard chumming with bread works. i have yet to try that.
  7. Jake, cant tonight but if you are central jersey message me and we can meet up another time.
  8. I have a place to catch some decent golden shiners, but sometimes i only have the time to head straight to where I want to fish for bass. Any good places to get shiners in central Jersey? I can go to manasquan but they usually have tiny shiners, molders is usually the same as well.
  9. If you are jigging from a boat I am not a fan of 832. The neoprene makes the line float a bit which matters when you are in deeper water. Other than that the line is great. Nothing wrong with regular sufix performancee braid either, I have that on all of my surf setups and have never had an issue.
  10. I am just shocked this picture is still floating around, it gave me a good laugh.
  11. Thanks! I may take you up on that!
  12. Hi all, I have read through a lot of good threads involving fishing around Marcos Island/Naples. I am going to be in Naples Saturday to Monday morning for a quick trip, i am taking my girlfriend birding. With that being said i believe there will be a little downtime and i would love to try and fish a little. The house we are staying at has fishing gear but i have no idea what that gear is. I will use what I have and probably try and buy a popping cork setup and use shrimp. Any other tips? I think where i am staying is by some backwater, it seems that is where I should focus? Thanks so much.
  13. A couple years back I saw a thresher breech of the bow of a party boat I was fishing out of Belmar. I dont think it was 12 feet, I would guess 8ish but it was amazing!
  14. If you are willing to go to $800 i will take it!
  15. I would have to say that stone go to ipa and founders all day ipa are my two favorite lawn mower beers