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  1. Brand new still in packaging, raptor and wave. $110 shipped pay by paypal for the pair. http://www.leatherman.com/831741.html http://www.leatherman.com/10.html
  2. ok, I will take the $100 MO
  3. I would take $100 but I'm looking for paypal payment unfortunately.
  4. Im interested, do you have a picture of it?
  5. I actually had two of these for a while. None now though.....
  6. I have a new Leatherman Super Tool 300 for sale. This is the newer one that came out recently. Regular metallic finish, not black oxide. New in package. $50 paypal shipped TYD
  7. Bruce, its all yours. Pm coming with paypal info. Thanks
  8. $40 shipped where? I can't do $40 shipped to Costa Rica.
  9. couple pictures
  10. Yes comes with sheath and carbiner
  11. Are you saying that you have other color cowboy jrs for sale? If so which colors and how much?
  12. has anyone used them before? I ordered a VS from them quite a while ago (because they have lowest price) and I am still yet to see it. I bought the reel via paypal on May 18th, thats 25 days ago and they are still saying that they are waiting for VS to ship it to them. Every time I call it's a new excuse. I think I would have rather paid an additional $25 to get it from another online store or ebay, at this rate it may be here for the fall striper run!!!!!!
  13. I will give!!!
  14. From the album Random Images IV

  15. From the album Random Images IV

  16. I'm there now......a 5yr old, a 3yr old, and one in the oven. All indications are that I should stop and smell the roses i.e. enjoy it (which I am).
  17. From the album Random Images IV

  18. I will give
  19. Hmmm, post anything i like ehhh, how about a random quote..... Marriage is like a coffin and each kid is another nail. -Homer Simpson-
  20. I watched this once after hearing my cousins (who live in Tennessee) rave about it over the holidays. I couldn't make it through one episode. I'm into the redneck thing and all that, but these guys are boring and not funny.
  21. This is a one of a kind work of art. Custom made Chumbucket for the Shark River Surf Anglers (SRSA) 2007 Awards Banquet. I got this plug in trade from one of the club members, I'm not sure if it was a raffle, award, or giveway at the banquet but it's a sick plug and there is only one like it. My asking price is steep yes but you don't want to know how many new gary2 plugs I gave up in trade for this gem . Price is firm, it will continue to hold its prominent position in my man cave if I can't get what I want for it. Cheers $325
  22. I sold This on ebay last year, it ended up going for $280
  23. Yea, sweet plug for sure. I tried unsucessfully on numerous occasions to get Bob to sell or trade that plug to me but he wouldn't do it. TimS has one too, there are pictures somewhere floating around of his.