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  1. Is anyone having any luck at IBSP???? Might go up on thurs.
  2. Thanks Guys.
  3. Thanks JJdbike. They seem smooth. Anyone have info on the baitfeeder???
  4. How are the Cabela's Salt Striker Baitfeeder? They seem to be smooth, but how do they fish? Do they last? Thanks
  5. Massbass, Where do I look and how much??
  6. Saturday and Sunday were very nice!! 3 shorts / 2 clam / 1 plug. What a great place!!!!!
  7. I am looking for a wading jacket. What do you think? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your help guys!!! Nice Fish!
  9. Are the Bass still hitting? What should I use? Are you catching anything else?????? Thanks!!!
  10. Hey Guys, I,m sorry about not being clear. Looking to see cooler racks. Thanks!
  11. Thank You very much!! And everyone have a nice New Years!!!!
  12. Hey I am looking to get a front rack for my truck and would love to see how you guys set them up. Can you post some pics to help me out. You know you like to flash your Rack!!!! Thanks
  13. I was looking to buy a Tica surf rod and just wanted some feedback on the quality. The 11ft and 12ft look very nice. What do you guy think that have fished them??? Thanks
  14. Hey Snaps, That was a great link. Thanks