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    First true love: making furniture. Learned to fish from a true outdooorsman: my dad
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    Pottery, bridge, going anyplace my van will go.
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    Store owner
  1. If he could only see our equipment today. One thing hasn't changed-eels to the trick.
  2. A few years ago I asked to guys to get out of Bournedale run at abut 4:00 in the morning. I did it with irritation in my voice but without anger. They said they were natives and I apologized and moved on. Were they? I don't know but I dont think I would ask to see their papers when I'm all alone. An exposed permit on a hat etc. would help. I have no problem with their exceptions, none at all.
  3. It's a service for those of us who have to drive an hour and a half, have limited time, and aren't as young as we use to be to know whether there are fish around. General "yes" or "no" is all that's needed to help us get out of bed at 3:30. It's just not as easy to do when you now fit the "elderly, shelter in place" category.
  4. If I could choose one thing that might actually have a chance of being universal it would be barbless hooks.
  5. Basically a bass set-up. 1/2 oz tungsten weight then a dart or flutter spoon. Most prefer flutter, pink is good. Need to be near bottom. Good luck.
  6. I plan on having my mask with me but not wear it unless I want to talk to someone relatively close. I don't fish with the crowds anyway and mostly at night and earliest dawn so I dont talk much anyway. Will have alcohol with me in a squeeze bottle always. Stay safe and keep others safe are my guidelines. If you know someone who has died from this it changes your attitude pretty quick.
  7. Thinking the Merrimack is 2 weeks away. But will try as it warms next week, just in case.
  8. The best are Greenlee. Sometimes you can find them at flea markets etc. Forest also made a good one. Have some I've used for 40 years and would except no substitutes.
  9. Bank says $ from second PPA Bill is essentially gone. Nothing for me again. A few big corporations are bending to public pressure and giving back $ they weren’t suppose to get, But not many! Relieved to see Harvard gave $ back. How they got it makes no sense. Now oil and gas wants a bail out-after getting huge tax breaks all these years. That would really piss me off!
  10. The water is so high I don't think it's worth a trying presently. But, as pointed out above, it's not quite time yet.
  11. I have a retail store, 21 years. Survived 2000 crash, 9/11, 2008 Great Recession etc. But I won't survive this. And all that Payroll Protection money has not found its way to me. Lots of big corporations have gotten money but not one of my small business neighbors. Not one! But if it takes me losing my business to keep another 47,000 Americans from dying(as of today) that's the way it'll have to be. I'll find another way stay afloat.
  12. The new pigeons? Just saw a pair in the middle of Harvard Square!
  13. Forsythia just coming out here a bit northwest of Boston. Started 2 days ago. At least for my street a bit early, maybe 10 days early. Hung the rods in the van today. Need a little bit of hope every day with the way things are going. Hope all are well.
  14. Tried one with two layers of different mesh. Worked out ok.
  15. Good info. Thanks. Cardiac wards at a Boston hospital are being changed to Coronovius wards. The staff at the hospital has been informed to expect a valley during the summer and then a ramp up come fall. That hospital expects a continuation of the virus until a vaccine is developed. Not enough early action means it won't stop similar to flu they believe. Just one hospital, not Gospel.