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    First true love: making furniture. Learned to fish from a true outdooorsman: my dad
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    Pottery, bridge, going anyplace my van will go.
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    Store owner
  1. I'd be all for a separate license for the canal, maybe with even a photo. $25. or $50., whatever. Keep some away and make the rest a bit more cautious I would hope. Might help fund more law enforcement too. Heavens knows we spend enough on equipment.
  2. Seem to be a lot of snappers around. I've seen quite a few this year and generally I only see one or two. Weather/rain constantly?
  3. Go to the local tackle shop there and they'll give you the latest up to date info. Don't need a guide. Been fishing there for 50 years. I'll just say that things happen quickly there, here today, gone tomorrow.
  4. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves for me to take her fishing. (I don't think I got the bug that young.) I think she'd like if I had a "fish plate". I'm in.
  5. Here I was waiting for a belated April Fool's joke or a Cinco de Mayo joke, if there is such a thing. Hope there are children around so they get to see them.
  6. 1.Moosehead Lake c. 1962 dad, brother and I had not caught a thing to speak of. After much pleading I got dad to let me take the boat out myself which was quite understanding considering the size of Moosehead. Came back with lakers and salmon, a few of each. Felt like Gadabout Gaddis. 2. Note to teacher: "Dale won't be in school for a whole as we are going fishing." signed, Ray Year later took canoe up the Moose River as far as one can go.(Back then that was out there.) Caught brookie after brookie among the black flies until my ears were sticking straight out. Dad made me stop, it was that bad. But I was smiling all the while.
  7. We have Guinea fowl for express purpose of organic tick disposal. Works great. Never seen so many turkey. Couple days ago had to stop at a dozen or so sauntered across the road. Good luck guys.
  8. Always plan for more but doesn't always work out that way. 40 Canal/30 shore trout/20 kayak. Cruised by Social Security some years ago so don't do as much as I used to. Gets to be more about fishing/exercise than catching fish. Took my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter for her first outing. She loved it. She wants to go ice fishing! Saw some guys on a pond and asked what they were doing.
  9. Not local, but there's an interesting story out of Fulton Illinois about 3 bald eagles taking turns caring for young. Got to be a story there somewhere.
  10. Huge hatch at pond 12 miles from Boston. 10,000s. I’ll have to scrape them out of my ears when I get home. Trout just starting feeding.
  11. Bob, I may not be as expert as some but I would paint them. Birds like bright colored houses as a general rule just the way they like brightly colored mates.
  12. I’ve watched only a few episodes. Gets boring quickly. Started studying Oak Island in the early 60s after reading a Readers Digest article. I’ve always thought something got buried, something got dug up and is no longer there is the most likely scenario.
  13. Large pickerel are fun to catch, theres no two ways about it. Caught my first two this year about 3 hours ago. Fished pork rind frogs for years for pickerel. They were so aggressive on that rind, and fun.
  14. Action starting to heat up east of the Quabbin. Mostly bo's.
  15. Thanks for getting the juices flowing.