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  1. thanks y'all
  2. So not that I spend anytime with the tourists at Myrtle Beach, I live in the same county and we are a hot spot...(thanks to our governor letting all the tourist in back in may, they needed vacations and we are a tourism county that wanted them to spend their unemployment I have to travel to new england to tie up some work related issues, so to do the right thing I am going to quarintine at a friends in Ct for 14 days prior...I have one free day before I drive back and would love to visit Block Island for the day, one last time. I will take HS Ferry out of New London is there an issue with this? the rules are changing everyday.....
  3. No NFL, No NASCAR, no AMC movies either...they had a commercial break announcing they support all this stupidity.. Sit tight, I'll have more as the world spins outta control.
  4. I had an AWD venza for a work car, best all around daily driver I ever owned, I never would have felt comfortable taking it on the beach or going my wife purchased a legacy, safety ya know...the ground clearance was phenominal compared to my venza...
  5. In the better (if there is such a thing) dollar store (Family Dollar, I think) I found clear plastic containers with a seal and 4 fold down locking tabs. They are 4x4 square and two inches deep. I throw some different colors along with the juice from the bags and add a small amount of gulp refresher to the container. shake it up everyone now and then...3 years no issues plastic remains clear.
  6. Your assumption of the old mills in Norwich was correct, both above and below the Greeneville dam.
  7. Have any of the piers been reopened in y'alls state? For now I'd be more interested in the ones from SC Border to middle of NC, thanks. I'll wait a bit before I meander towards OBX.
  8. Cabelas labeled gear used to be fairly decent, I had some Saltstriker rods and reels for the boys and for guests on the boat. Both affordably priced rods and reels held up remarkably well. I actually have two 7'6" baitcasters left, theyre paired up with a pair of Penn 9Ms for the piers. Most of what they sell today is rebranded Bass Pro, the quality of the past ain't there.
  9. Cause we can here....
  10. I placed a small misc order about a month ago...most of it arrived in 4 days one item took a week and a half as it was out of stock. My email said that when it shipped. I have never been charged to a CC until an item ships. Delivery services are overwhelmed everybody is ordering things...I would say patience in these trying times would be a virtue.... I ordered toilet paper on march 24th, its due to be delivered on may 25th....LOL Here is a perspevtive of how screwed up things are, a sixpack of Charmin is worth more than a barrel of oil.....
  11. Joe pandered hard in South Carolina....this is a continuation. They honestly don't care about qualifications, its all about gathering votes.
  12. up until 2018, I always received a small refund from IRS (typically less than $100) for the 2018 year I owed $3800 to federal and got back ($50) from state. I'll take my $2400 and put it back from where I paid that f'n tax bill ...
  13. It appears that in the last few weeks my good credit is not a concern anymore and my car warranties (that I didn't know I had) are no longer close to or at expiration.
  14. And many of those trucks are delivered via train where they are distributed locally, van trains (truck boxes with or without a chassis under them) are typically 10000 feet long and many are double stacked without wheels carrying twice as many.These trains can run across the country in a much shorter time than an individual truck can. Not to mention that a regular freight car can hold much more than a 53 ft trailer. Truck drivers ARE important as train track don't go everywhere trucks can, but if you want to cripple Americas needs the rail system failing would do it quickly.
  15. A diawa saltest with the levelwind is a user friendly reel for a beginner. Use mono to learn than go to braid.