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  1. I’d like to keep it all together for a new buyer.
  2. Three for the price of two. In great shape. Will last forever. Screw in style studs are Most secure and replaceable.
  3. Buyer cancelled. Still available.
  4. Still available. In great condition.
  5. Right on.
  6. I’ll meet you in the middle at $210. I’ve already dropped the price lower than I had wanted to.
  7. Chazer, I will check that out before you make the trip.
  8. For sure. I’ll PM my info. Let me know what works for you. It is in great shape.
  9. One last bump before it goes to relative.
  10. Get all 3. $50 picked up. Great to have in the car, if you like jetty hopping.
  11. Price drop to $225 picked up.
  12. $220 picked up. $230 shipped.
  13. Cleaned it up. Looks great. Put a VS200 in it for perspective.
  14. I just squeezed 2 spinners and 2 conventional in there, with handles on. Cabo 50 VS 150 Smaller Ambassadeur Penn 320 Getting 3 spinners is most, maybe 4 if handles fold or come off.
  15. Pliers still for sale. Thread reopened. Buyer not responding to PM’s.