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  1. The Rio Leviathans cast great in the cold waters of Cape Cod Bay.
  2. less BT per collar.
  3. I'd be ebaying a Tibor Gulfstream or Pacific personally.
  4. Herb and I know a lot about grooved tip tops and worn out guides! Hard hauling and high line speed in salt water seems to accelerate the ware.
  5. 48" (45#?) from the surf on a plug. 38" (25#?) from the boat on a fly.
  6. Been sight fishing Charlotte harbor all week. It's been good...
  7. 720 grains in 27' is getting into bait casting territory. You could probably roll the fly and line up into a ball and throw it just as far as it casts.
  8. I was particularly fond of a TnT Horizon 10WT that went overboard a few years ago (w/ a very pretty Rip Tide). Great rod but wholly out dated and not something I'd really fish now a days. I still fish older rods at the 6-8wt range, like the Horizon 8wt, but the modern stuff from Aubut Rods and Herb Ladenhiem, is light years ahead, especially in the heavier weights.
  9. Once. After a 125#+ tarpon took me for a long run off the beach. There was a mist of crust and crud flying out of the reel as long lost backing streamed into the gulf of Mexico. Came home to the Bear's Den and invested in four reels worth of new gel spun. I'll probably change it again in a few years.
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