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  1. An entire page debating bunker heads.....wow.
  2. I could do $25 shipped, payment any way you like. Thanks for considering.
  3. Two words: No Bueno.
  4. Nice grab.
  5. What's the sink rate?
  6. Who's the builder??? (Sorry, it was too easy) Mr. Richard just scored.
  7. Sounds like you guys should start your own website!
  8. Respectfully offer $20
  9. Nice stick....
  10. Cool - I'll take it. PM me your payment info!
  11. The pics don't seem to have loaded, so pending the answers to a couple of questions, I'll take it. How old is it? 2-3 years? Is the one I'd purchase from BestBuy today have the same internals/processors as the one you're selling? I'm of average tech intelligence and I'm just trying to get some idea of whether I'd be getting an 'older' model that's since been updated and improved to handle the faster internet speeds. My kids constantly complain of lag....to which I reply, "I'll give you something to lag about...." before kicking them out of the house.
  12. LOL - cool I'll send the funds. Thanks.
  13. Return customer....would you 80 for $40?
  14. You had me lol Well played