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  1. How do you fish that peanut bunker? Skim it across the surface?
  2. PM me the payment details. I can also Venmo
  3. I'll take it.
  4. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.
  5. Lots of unusual fish being caught with these warmer currents flowing closer and closer to shore. Some guy recently caught a ribbonfish maybe a mile off.
  6. Good call! Interesting...I absolutely remember Two Guys.... How about Herman's in Union! I still have a box from a Penn 704 with a Herman's price tag on it
  7. Pal's....*sigh*....Now a CVS, because hey, doesn't every street corner in NJ need either a CVS or Walgreens, oftentimes within 100 feet of each other? They're like the Burger King & McD's of pharmacies. I was going to call Townhall to see if anyone knew. It's before my time there, but I grew up in the general area and once Steve mentioned it, I remembered the Caldor, but I've never even heard of EJ Korvettes. I'll have to look that up
  8. Wonderful memories & SOL style eulogy! He'd be proud of that. It's never enough, but I'm glad you had him around for about 85 years.
  9. Respectfully offer $40 shipped
  10. Check out the wind alert app. The free version has a ton of info.
  11. Check out the wind alert app. The free version has a ton of info.
  12. Smaller snappers will be concentrated in the rivers and bay.
  13. Weight?