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  1. Yup
  2. Considered invasive and should be killed if caught. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/aquatic_invasives.htm
  3. Not viable now. Don't bother
  4. Something that digs in fast - darter, bottle plug and don't forget bucktails!
  5. Why so angry Ben? #sticktodecaf
  6. For anyone that wants some comic relief, the response to my original post in this thread is like a microcosm of the current political climate. Likewise, it's a great example of how inaccuracies are spread and individuals are made wrong- all of which feeds this "Us vs. Them", "I'm 100% right, you're 100% wrong" mentality. Someone commented that Appalachia could get hit with 4 feet of rain as a result of Florence. West Virginia is in the heart of the area known as Appalachia. West Virginia is also well known as 'coal country.' Our president promised to bring back coal and open up mines. Many people in that state and others in the Appalachian area voted for him largely because of promises like that. I don't think that's a good idea. I think it's short sighted. I believe that the burning of coal all over the world contributes to climate change and contributes to the extreme weather patterns, sea level rise and melting of ice caps that has been well documented, in my opinion. My original post said this: "Note to West Virginia: Don't worry and just keep mining & burning that coal since climate change is a myth! (As inch number 43 falls in 48 hours) Winning!" A little antagonistic? Yup - I'll own that. But that's all I said. Nowhere did I say: Climate change is strictly the fault of the USA Climate change is mostly the fault of West Virginia No other country is responsible for climate change We never had hurricanes before climate change But yet along with a couple of snide personal attacks, all were attributed directly to me as if they were verbatim quotes. Of course there were hurricanes before man even knew there was fossil fuel to burn. Of course the climate is constantly changing. But when one says that modern man (not just W. Va. coal miners! sheesh...) is not having any influence on that change, I disagree. There are natural processes that break things down and release various products that are commonly referred to as 'greenhouse gases' but in this closed system that we live in there's a balance and when vast quantities are released into that system at a rate orders of magnitude faster solely as a result of man's activities, it disrupts that balance and I think we are seeing the results of it. Do I believe the world is coming to an end in 20 years? No, so I hope that's not pinned on me either. To use a (hopefully) less controversial, more tangible example - just look at water and specifically aquifers. Aquifers that took hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years to create and for all intents and purposes cannot be replaced. Huge industrial farms come into areas and indiscriminately pump them year after year, drawing it down until they're sucking up nothing but sand. Then there's carrier pigeons that flew in flocks so thick they say it blocked out the sun. Yet West Virginia managed to kill every single one of them - just kidding, but you get the point. So to maintain that it's all just cyclical and man's activities can't possibly have that great an impact on the world we live in ignores obvious examples where we irrefutably have - climate is just the latest and the one with the most serious consequences....in my opinion of course. And if the Mod wants to bump this so be it, but I was already well into this before 55555s posted.
  7. You guys have it (and me) all figured out! LOL!
  8. Still. Doesn't. Get. It.
  9. Find the bait, find the blues. But if I were targeting them and had limited time and tackle, I'm heading to an inlet on a rising tide, setting up at the mouth (ocean side), with metal of varying sizes (ava - a couple with green tails, hopkins, kast master), poppers and if I have a little extra time, a couple of bunker.
  10. Note to West Virginia: Don't worry and just keep mining & burning that coal since climate change is a myth! (As inch number 43 falls in 48 hours) Winning!
  11. ACOE = FAIL It's like trying to divert the Mississippi River by dumping feathers in a wind storm. Mother Nature just laughs and does as she pleases.
  12. I have no doubt you're right. I've never seen it myself, but there are a couple of recently posted vids on YouTube showing fluke going air borne over and over again. Nat Geo stuff!
  13. They hit like freight trains...can't beat them on light tackle.
  14. As rocco said, they're RM Smiths. They come up regularly in the BST Plugs for Sale forum. You shouldn't have any trouble picking a few up and he makes a wide variety of sizes and styles.
  15. I've enjoyed many a trip on the Misty Morn with my boys and family members, as well as snuck out myself for a Magic Hours trip or two