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  1. I have a custom 1321m as well. It’s a work horse. How did you glue it?
  2. Anyone fishing a GSB 2 piece rod? Have a older Xs101ms that has a crack down the blank. With the warranty they will send a new GSB 2 piece for 175. Is it worth it or should I just stick to a 1 piece rod? Thanks guys.
  3. What’s up guys. What waders you guys wearing these days in a bootfoot? LL bean has newer models than the emergers I’ve been using. Seems like not many options these days beside big money orvis.
  4. Little piece of shrink tubbing on the clicker post does wonders
  5. I think 4 feet out of the vehicle in NY must be flagged by law
  6. I transport mine strapped in and flagged tailgate down as well. I also put some strips of reflective tape on spots you can see when my tailgate is down. I want people to see that thing. People drive like crap. Every little bit helps.
  7. You might want to get a small tote. If you ever have something spill or sharp stuff in your trunk you can ruin waders quick. Also make sure everything is totally dry before putting waders away. Mold and crap grows fast.
  8. I Velcro a brass D ring on then clip to that.
  9. This looks fun
  10. 99% of my fishing is plugging and bucktails. I always end up going back to 30 lb PP. I did not try samurai yet though. Tried fireline and didn't like it one bit. My chunking rod has 50 lb on it and that has worked just fine when I use it. My tog rod I ended up going back to mono. After watching my friends swing on fish and getting cut off I don't miss braid for that unless I'm fishing deep water.
  11. LI sound. Mile out. 55 feet of water. 3 lb claw anchor on 100 feet of rope. Never had a problem. Rig up a float to the end in the event ya gotta ditch quick. I wouldn't anchor without an anchor trolley as well.
  12. Like many others I've been fishing with braid tied right to my mono via Alberto knot. No fear of it breaking. I find that the braid is so soft that a swivel isn't going to help much anyway. If you want a swivel tie it to your leader then put a TA clip on. One bonus to this approach is when blues are thick and your tossing something like a bucktail, that little extra room between your leader and teeth helps with getting chomped off.
  13. In the pics it looks like foot is way oversized. I don't know if it would be a problem
  14. Last year a friend and I were kayak fishing about a half mile off long beach in smithtown. We had a shark jump out of the water between us. It was about 4 feet long. I don't know what type it was but it was def. not a sand shark.
  15. So I could wear these over my stocking foot waders, and stay a little warmer and none of the bulky boots????????? Think that's my plan.