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  1. What we are told is that he had piles of money and a gambling habit. I thought he made his money in the real estate market, and that helped fund his poker habit. I haven't seen it suggested that gambling was his primary source of income, or that was how he became wealthy. I'll wait for the book to figure out the little details that aren't really critical to the main story.
  2. FFS, I'm doing no such thing. I speculated on Widgeon's question of why the reports of an escape plan. I stated the damned obvious, quit being a knucklehead and shut the eff up if you are not interested in a honest discussion. All I did was give two reasons that "might lead" to a conclusion there was an escape plan. I didn't say there was no suicide note, I said the lack of a suicide note or evidence (such as unused plane tickets to get out of dodge), might be instances that could lead to a suggestion of an escape plan. In essence I'm saying they aren't telling you why they think what they think, but it is a relative short list of things that might lead them to think what they think. It ain't rocket science to figure that out. The dude was rich, for all we know he might have hired a chopper to give him a lift off the building roof. That notion is a bit far fetched, but no more so than blah blah blah, it's a government cover up. That they are not revealing evidence and it gets you guys going is quite telling.
  3. I think a demanding impatient public wears some of the blame for wanting all of the "facts" before they are even uncovered. Unless we are talking about a bad cop trying to get away with bad things and lying to protect his own hide, I'm generally less cynical about investigators trying to intentionally mis-lead the public on something like this. But you are entitled to be as cynical as you want, so have at it. In the mean time I will continue to wait on more information to come out. I suspect one reason the information being released is coming so slowly, is they do not want to release incorrect information and then get accused of being "liars" (aka as making stuff up ) when the information turns out incorrect.
  4. Why would they insist he had an escape plan was the question. Unless you're contention is the cops are trying to mislead the public, it seems reasonable to conclude that they have something to suggest an escape plan. If you care to speculate, if they had a suicide note, that would have had to been drawn up prior to the gunfire, no ? And a suicide note would suggest he had no intention of getting out alive, thus no escape plan. What possible reason would the cops have for hiding a note from the public if they had one ? Another conspiracy theory ? As to question 2, the answer is self evident if you believe what they are saying about an escape plan. Meaning they would have some kind of evidence to suggest that, or they wouldn't be saying it. As you are want to say, pretty simple isn't it.
  5. You do understand that a belief without conviction is without merit, right ? Expressing your first amendment right by stating "all black males should be lynched" seems as heinous as the act itself. It certainly condones murder.
  6. If they believe the world is better off without Eddy, will you be tolerant and comply ?
  7. If they are willing to out the source perhaps, but I think this is the gamble Trump is willing to take. He knows the media would lose credibility with their sources if they did not protect their sources identity. Like him or not, Trump has enough business savvy to know this.
  8. That's where the notion of anonymous sources becomes a double edged sword. Does simply claiming information came from an anonymous source constitute support for their stories ? There would be a lot less willing "spilling of the beans" if sources could not remain anonymous. I don't wish to assume, but how else can they support their stories without having witnesses come front and center ?
  9. Yeah, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, etc... You don't hear that much about the ones that don't make the big time, tons of talent ruined by drugs and the rock n roll life style. And for all it's claims of purity, plenty of "Country" music biz folks that struggled with power and fame, drugs and alcohol. If you didn't see it, I can only think you didn't get invited to the after show parties.
  10. He's referring to the debauchery, but you knew that. As anyone familiar with the term, Sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll does. No need to get defensive because you make a living off the industry.
  11. ^^^^^^ Missed the word "normally"
  12. I can agree that IQ may be no guarantee of success, but the rest of the message is bunk. I don't care how persistent or determined an individual with an IQ lower than 70 is, they are going to struggle with rudimentary life skills. IQ may be no guarantee of success, but lack of an IQ can guarantee failure in most endeavors more difficult than tying a shoe.
  13. The simple lack of a suicide note would be my guess. I'm not sure what the percentage would be, but I think in the majority of murder/suicides, the suicide becomes an after thought, a last ditch effort to avoid capture when it becomes apparent that capture is eminent. Beyond that if they found he had made travel plans, maybe to get out of the country afterwards, would be a good enough reason to speculate on an escape plan. I would think they would have released any such findings, but in this weird incident, who knows how much truth is actually being fed to the public.
  14. IQ is not about having a mastery of calculus, but it does give a notion on whether the individual might have the needed brain power to learn calculus. It's not so much a measure of what you know, as it is a measure of the ability to learn. More about comprehension skills than memorization skills.
  15. My guess is that two windows gives him the ability to bounce back and forth to avoid return fire and keep the crowd guessing as to his exact location. (reality is return fire was not very likely, but hard to know what was in his mind) If you keep firing from a stationary position it's easier for your location to get pinpointed. Plus having two different angles to fire from is almost as good as having two shooters in the room. Not quite, but it is more advantageous than a single position.