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  1. Supposedly, a score of 4 is mildly hard water. You can probably have the water tested for free if you look around. Do NOT do the home depot test. They actually wanted to read me the results over the phone instead of sending me an e-mail. Ridiculous.
  2. A $75 GE filter from homies is a sediment filter. I eliminated that right off. I wanted chlorine gone. if you are on a well, I know nothing.
  3. I just installed a whole house filter and a point of use reverse osmosis system under the sink. there is a national organization that gives test results of every municipal water system. The municipal suppliers do that, but a second source is better. the whole house is a media filter, media gets changed after so many tens of thousands of gallons. it is essentially a softener that doesn’t use salt, it changes molecular structure of the nasties. it’s a single tank about 4 ‘ tall. the r/o is about the size of a jug of soda. the water quality is very much improved.
  4. RE Lee has been replaced by some guy name of Floyd.
  5. Good thing she has nice new tires.
  6. Good thing she has nice new tires.
  7. And vacuum cleaners.
  8. Cooking with gas now
  9. Have you seen the yard? That woman is kicking ass out there.
  10. Black people call it heron.
  11. You should see the crazy money I sold them for.
  12. Heron OD someone said.
  13. Just curious corn, was that a VA hospital?
  14. I especially liked him in Star Wars.
  15. Older people should stay out of harms way. Stay home.
  16. It should bring it up to 88 or so!
  17. Would be a happy little colorful plume though!
  18. Those colors have heavy metals in them? I guess cadmium red and yellow are toxic? Interesting. Pthalo blue? Alizarin crimson? Burnt umber? Van **** brown? what else did he use? maybe an art school would take them?
  19. Tomorrow I start the hearthstone and the rock wall.
  20. A friends daughter is in her last semester in med school.?the school has mandated the vax. She is vehemently opposed. Doh!
  21. Use your freedom of choice, freedom of choice!
  22. Picked up another hot rod yesterday… bikes are crazy these days. Wife wanted a cruiser with fenders and a basket. We can always get a basket later. That list on the internet s with a guys name, bought it from a nice old guy in a wheel chair who said he bought for his 90 year old dad lol. Only rode it 3 times! Cream puff.