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  1. Who hijacked your id?
  2. Exactly. Mine had 8 kids to do that. hey man, spend all you want on whatever you want. Just don’t ask me to pay for it.
  3. Everyone had $10 Converse. I had $3 Nonverse.
  4. Or $300 for sneakers.
  5. What are you kidding me? I've had more talks than Congress.
  6. Since all my nieces and nephews got married long ago, I've been out of the wedding loop. Thank God for that.
  7. OK, give them a $100.
  8. I'm new to Florida and I started looking for a new ride.
  9. Good thing about Friday night weddings is that they are so cheap that a gift isn't really necessary.
  10. Are those jewish delis still open in NYC? Katz? Carnegie? et al?
  11. Actually running a boat on Sunday. Today, staining/finishing some shelves to go along with the fireplace. Saturday has been our "bad day", but I'm mighty friggin thirsty today.
  12. What’s with the pastry thing? Every knish I’ve ever had seemed like the lump of overly dry potato was simply dredged and fried? it was flavorless. And don’t give me that mustard nonsense. Mustard on dry unseasoned riced potato’s? No thanks.
  13. I don’t know what that is , but it looks pretty damn good.
  14. I'm done with the lies, the jabs, the masks, the distancing, the whole shebang. **** em. Life goes on.
  15. Me too neither.
  16. Good company, that Goya.
  17. We were spending hundreds on .75 draught PBR at the Killarney Rose lol.
  18. She’s been here with us for 38 days. last night was the first night she slept all through the night. took her out at about 9:30, and she woke up at 0600 ready to go out. we are super hopeful that she is now housebroken. she cruises to the front door when she needs to go outside.
  19. I was never a met fan, but it was always easy to get tickets to Shea.
  20. It was party time. We did enough blow to line the field lol.
  21. I think he stole those chickens. Maybe he jacklighted them.
  22. I'm at a loss to understand that chicken. What else will you be doing to it, Jimmy?
  23. I actually had a guy cut two tiles for me and polish them so that I can butt the joints with no grout. 30 bucks lol. He made them perfect. There are 10,000 Mexican tile and granite joints. Now, I got a granite guy lol. The one white I talked to gave me every excuse in the book why he couldn’t do it.
  24. I coped to the moulding, definitely hacked it a bit, but it looks good enough. Mitred all the corners.