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  1. Sweet boat. $200k? Yikes. Whats the beam on this boat?
  2. Is that the Karo recipe, or a home grown version?
  3. Be realistic about the actual cost of owning and running a boat to save yourself some surprizes. If you think somethings going to cost you $100, better double your estimate. then bring another 800, because it's a boat - Break Out Another Thousand. Nothing is cheap. Take a simple example. You need a brush and a handle for cleaning up when your done. You should have 2, a stiff bristle and a soft bristle. A stainless extension handle. Shop it anywhere - the handle will be $40-60. the soft brush will be $25-30. the stiff brush will be $25-30. Manufacturers make different connecting systems, so you need to stick with one mfgr. Add a gallon of boat soap for $25. Maybe a chamois to dry things off. You are already at about $150 on your first trip to the boat store. Sure, you don't have to replace them every year, but there are many other expenses. Insurance? On water towing? Slip fees? Launch fees? Registration? Oh yeah, Fuel? Fishing permits? Plan on charging those 4 buddies for fuel every run? Guaranteed that 3 of them bail after a few trips, so plan your fuel expenses as out of pocket, not contributory. Don't take this the wrong way, but lots of people buy boats and have no idea about the expenses involved. If you need someone to work on a boat, need a slip, need them to maintain it (winter/spring) then go to a reputable marina and ask them for a work order. It will have prices for everything that needs to be done, every year. Add in the slip fees and the insurance, reg and towing, and then add 5-15% a year for increases, and you have an idea of the yearly maintenance costs. Then add your fuel and oil estimates, and boat payments, and you have your monthly operating expenses. Bait, food and beverages go along on every trip. PS- I've owned boats since 1986, and I have no intention of stopping now!
  4. [quote=bass-o-matic;4321693"Shadow Divers", Robert Kurson about finding a WW2 German U-boat off of NJ. Second on this. I just finished it.
  5. I'm in, thanks.
  6. I don't believe I've had any side effects. Some more frequent vivid dreams (last night was Angelina Jolie , last week, killing the ex !!!), and a food craving here and there, but that's it. As far as drinking goes, I've had a few pops and survived any fleeting thought to smoke, more the habit of the habit than the craving. The patch never worked - I got freaked out on it. The gum - I would use as a breath freshener after smoking. Cold turkey - never lasted more than a week. Chantix works for me. Short ROI as well, it's pay for itself in a few weeks.
  7. It's only been 9 days, but no cigs in 9 days is a big turning point for me, after a half a pack or a pack a day for years. If any of you smokers had a hard time in the past, get thee to the doctor and get a scrip for Chantix. I had to pay for it out of my pocket $119. (insurance won't cover it) but it's worth it. Took it for a week, then stopped smoking. I'm about to finish week 3 of the tabs, one more to go in the first prescription. I hated quitting every time. Tried it many times. I got very impatient and short fused. The Chantix has worked, and the cravings are non existant. Feels reel good. I don't see myself going back to smoking. To the Chantix folks.
  8. Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars Oak tree you're in my way There's too much coke and too much smoke Look what's going on inside you Ooooh that smell Can't you smell that smell Ooooh that smell The smell of death surrounds you
  9. Walk in side door, strait to cooler, select bait BEFORE opening freezer, side step 3 to the left. Pay with fully extended arm. Exit through front door. NEXT!!!! Jim has been waiting on fresh bunker for about 10 years now. I always make it a point to ask him!!! It's like ground hog day.
  10. That is a ringing endorsement there. Is Omega 3 a brand name? Which brand are you taking? Is this stuff the same as cod liver oil that my grammy used to push?
  11. Frozen glass, fill a shaker with ice, a few glugs of Bombay Sapphire, shake madly, spray glass with vermouth atomizer, pour gin, add 2 JUMBO green olives. That's how I make em, but I gave em up years ago.
  12. A third grader asked about shooting an intruder? Whew. Tough neighborhood.
  13. I have a sony, which is cool, but not very durable. Here's what I need it for: 1) lots of digital photography - I need to be able to pop in a memory stick and upload frequently, photo edits, etc. 2) lots of iPod and music downloads, CD conversions 3) Web surfing - want very quick response time. 4) e-mail - wife loves to save every e-mail for ever. (I know, I know, but humor me) 5) word and excel 6) must be wireless 7) long battery life Pretty simple, I don't want vista, prefer XP, must have a full keyboard and large screen. a STRONG ac adapter jack. Some high speed USB ports. cd and dvd burner would be nice so I can make photo cd's. Brand not important so much. Price is important. I'd say, $599 maybe, after rebates or whatever. Thanks for your reccomendations.
  14. Top notch, Lou. Exactly what I was trying to convey. Well done.
  15. I would avoid using the drain hole, you might need it to drain the bilge some day. You might have trouble finding the appropriate hardware/thread size to connect to it. Do you trailer the boat? You might want a clamshell style pickup for feeding the pump at speed. You should also consider an in line strainer (small plastic removable screen) to keep debris out of the pump impeller. Either way, you want to put a crane valve style sea-cock between the hole and the hose connection. Anytime you have a through-hull connection below the waterline, you need to be able to shut it off completely and quickly. All connections need to be double clamped.
  16. Hey Ben, the height on the windows and door are the same, and that makes a huge difference in the look. It looks fantastic. It's touches like that that put the mileage between a pro and a weekender like me! As far a the fir goes, woods are neutral, and they work together. I kind of like it. What are those little pinch clamps you have on the bookcase outside mitres? How do they work?
  17. I saw it on TV yesterday morning. I find cappers personality assessment pretty much dead on. The driver dude fell backward like a 20' 2x10 and must have smacked his head hard. In the middle of the road no less. The look of disbelief on his face before being zapped was very telling.
  18. pie

    Oh, these truly uneducated palates. Try a simple test. Slice an apple into about 8 wedges. Take whatever your favorite cheese is and put a piece on an apple wedge. Eat. Enjoy. Now, how could it be any worse with an apple pie? If you really want to live, try apple pie with Velveeta chunks instead of cheddar. The fakeness of the cheese is counterbalanced nicely by the wholesomeness of the apple pie.
  19. 5:00 am - 6:30 - wind more south than southwest. mostly 2-3 footers hitting the beach, with the occasional 4. mild temps. seemed like lots of white water. daylight confirmed it. got skunked. threw lots of colors, some metal. Happy Thanksgiving.
  20. pie

    mom's apple pie, sprinkled with 1/4 inch cheddar cubes.
  21. I don't collect them, but I was the NJ regional Duncan Yo Yo champion in 1973, and that is the Gods honest truth. So I got that going for me, which is good.
  22. In all honesty, I clean fish outside on a community table all the time. Walk up, hose off, hit it with a rag, and I'm on my way. Is anyone really concerned about germs on a cleaning station?
  23. Thanksgiving is still cool, but Christmas lost a whole lot since Santa passed away in 1996. I miss my Dad. Christmas season started with Advent in my house. The little calendars that you hang up and open a new window every day. A wreath with 3 pink and one purple candle lit in succession during the season. Every year, we had tons of gifts that we NEVER found ahead of time. Each of us got something on the list that was EXACTLY what we wanted. Dad had a knack for that. Christmas tree was setup and decorated, normally on Christmas Eve. Church came first on Christmas morning, the whole family piled into the Galaxy 500 wagon, then the Country Squire, and then we got to share gifts afterwards. Dad was a sport and took us to Mass at 6:00 AM. We opened each gift in turn. Mom got all hers after we were all done. Very pleasant memories amonst my 7 siblings and I.