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  1. Just some burgers, but maaaaan, they were good. Forget the other place, put your tavern food here...
  2. It was an awesome trip back in time. Stringer with a few trout hanging on the handlebars. How the hell did we get from that to $800 coolers?
  3. Guaranteed dinghys licking the windows. Tomorrow he’ll bench his personal best.
  4. Go out screaming HUDDLER!
  5. Go out screaming HUDDLER!
  6. At least he hadn’t purchased a Yeti. That would make him insane.
  7. I saw the stringer and I was 5 years old again.
  8. Potatoes yes. Definitely, add catsup, please.
  9. So much for tailslap posturing for COVID. No more social distancing? Not many masks in sight either.
  10. And f the two clowns that jumped on your apron strings too!
  11. And f the two clowns that jumped on your apron strings too!
  12. Red, ahrange, yellow no problem. Hold the green, bell that is.
  13. I hate green peppers. The give me those African stomach pains. Ogida?
  14. Obviously came through the st Lawrence seaway!
  15. Love mustard on this Sammy.
  16. Is that why they are all crammed together?
  17. I had ribs and corn last night, full rack, wife had ribeye and Maine lobster tail. Food was really good, i had 3 stellas and wife had an ice t. $64. local joint, too.
  18. Whew, wore holes in the weeklies!
  19. Bustin bro…
  20. My container got plopped in a parking spot today…unscathed and dry. 5500 miles with at least a 2200 mile sea journey. The brand new Master locks got heavily weathered and rusted on the journey. Tough to open. Kudos to U Pack. Job well done. ABS Freight, end to end.
  21. My girlie would have erased the x ring
  22. That place looked high end lol. Nice cars in the lot. Princess can kill.
  23. That was funny as hell. Who hacked Belmo?
  24. Big giant fu wheeeeeler.
  25. A sea run rainbow.