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  1. Just some burgers, but maaaaan, they were good. Forget the other place, put your tavern food here...
  2. He still needs to replace all those ugly old outlets with Decora.
  3. I heard of that one. You get that on the melon, yes? Melonoma.
  4. concrete 4" 3000 PSI 14 yards.
  5. Why not do concrete?
  6. Someone mentioned a few types of cancer that it may be, what was the third one? I heard of basil and the squamish one, but I didn't know there were others. I think I have one that needs to be checked. Probably many. One on my cheek.
  7. I'd say the sack is thinner.
  8. Did you get an eyebrow weave or something?
  9. You should call the county about that.
  10. ouch. not very amusing, that.
  11. That caddy needs 500 cubic inches minimum. A small block wouldn't even run the power windows.
  12. I would venture that getting out of a gym contract is tougher even that getting a divorce. I've cancelled numerous credit cards because of gym contracts.
  13. What's up with that battlewagon Cadillac in your dad's yard? Now THAT would be a project I could get behind.
  14. The barium, chromium and aluminum are simply atomized and spread further as a result. They also fall more slowly and the atoms regroup as a result of natural attraction.
  15. He should have a TV show! Caption America Eats the Nation! That lunch looks awesome lol.
  16. A bit extension with some Allen bits is your best friend!
  17. Sorry for your loss, Bill.
  18. That’s cool. What are you burning for fuel?
  19. That suits gonna fit like a wetsuit.
  20. I don't know what a crystal rocket is, hence, ergo, therefore the nomenclature. Knowamsayin?
  21. looks like a crystal rocket.
  22. Hence, therefore, aight.
  23. Back of the truck!
  24. Nice little dog park in town. She needs to get socialized. Completely fenced, nice concrete wash down station.