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  1. Ruth APPROVES!
  2. So this job is just going to sit there waiting for you until you get newly licensed for your new career, find a nice ranch house in an unpopulated low tax section of rural New Jersey with 5 acres of agricultural zoning, break a lease in Weehawken or Hoboken or Jersey City or Edgewater or Bogota or wait until it ends and move yourself out of the hood with very few belongings and a jalopy to get there, attempt to drag your successful career driven girlie doctor 50 or more miles from her existing reality and just show up like Costanza in some rural office at some point in the not so near future? Awesome!
  3. 25000 tech jobs? I have a hard time believing that.
  4. that place should try grouting their tile.
  5. every work thread you post pushes me further and further from wanting to eat anywhere but my own house.
  6. You should eat a turkey.
  7. whats the king salmon marinade?
  8. 109 this morning, and I had frozen berry mix for desert.
  9. Every other location was discounted long ago. There will be no new search. They are going to Virginia.
  10. What kind of jobs were these? They have 25,000 managers in an additional headquarters? No warehouse personnel? Was it a packaging hub? No way these were all white collar jobs.
  11. Off to Virginia it goes...
  12. Get a side of baked beans with mustard and a piece of apple pie with chunks of velveeta.