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  1. It’s only 7pm
  2. First time he was on leader also. I figured that losing that fish would haunt him, if he was worth his weight, and sure enough, he came up to the bridge today and brought up the subject... Fact is, I had warned him about all the hardware between the fish and the rod tip before we set out in the morning. Lots of hardware hanging out there, bird, daisy chain, rigged squid, and that the leader was now twice as long as he was becoming familiar with, at least 30 feet now. Plus the bird swinging around, the extra weight of the rig, etc. You need to manage that rig so as not to foul yourself or the fish. Even that 150 lbr would gladly rip you good if it wrapped you up with a mismanaged 30' leader laying on deck... Hey man, you don't have to read all this, I write most of it for my own edification.
  3. Actually, zooming, it seems that not even the tip is imbedded, it looks like the hook is basically locked on the exact part of the bill that it fit. Maybe just the tip of the barb was poking in. Leader, chafe guarded loop and crimp all out of harms way....squid about 4 feet up the leader too. Running behind a bird and a daisy chain. New kid kid on deck that I’ve been running with for about 3 weeks, no offshore experience. Listens well. I told him that his squid would not be too effective without a daisy chain in front of it. I gave him some free reign to run the pattern as he saw fit, with some pointers. He was running just the big squid behind the bird on a 10’ leader. I rigged up up a chain and gave it to him that morning, whammo!
  4. I figured that was just another useless pic of mine, but you can zoom and see that the hook is just barely holding, shank over the bill and just the tip poking the hardness underneath. Tension on being the only advantage we had...
  5. Here’s a pic I snapped at the transom. It was pretty banging out there. In the trough, boat was pumping pretty good. Fish came at us fast. 20 mins from strike to spit.
  6. Believe it or not George isn’t at home. Please leave a message at the beep. I must be out or I’d pick up the phone. Where could I be...
  7. your dog looks dog sleeps in the sun like that too.
  8. I'll try it one day. Should be awesome!
  9. fish off might be almost as funny as calling the county. classic tavern vernacular.
  10. I just thought it was cool because of the somersault it did. just the tip of the 12/0 was in the bill. Not up to the barb. jumped a bunch of times and when it got close the first time I could see the way it was hooked.
  11. damn. got diesel on my new salt life sportswear.
  12. I guess it was a little smaller than the marlin you and everyone else except pakalolo posted since otter started this thread 2125 pages and 8 years ago.
  13. what did I do wrong? I thought I narrowed it down to like 20 seconds lol.
  14. I’d suggest a cardigan draped loosely over the shoulders as well.