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  1. If you need a huggie for your first beer you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Knocked out.?no helmet? That’s a death wish.
  3. The guy should have said his 2wd suburban was dead, would have been much more believable.
  4. I bet he had time to crank one out while that was cooking.
  5. your wife is very talented.
  6. Man, feels good today. Must have tricked my body into ketosis because the weight just keeps dropping. I aint one of those dbags you see speed walking, but 5 miles in 1 hour 4 minutes is pretty fast. 193 on the scale, giant spinach omelette after walk, feel I can build a damn house by the end of the day today.
  7. should be a handle on both ends like a push me pull you.
  8. I've been on the receiving end of one or two of these....
  9. So the meatballs and sausage were served in the spaghetti with sauce all over them?
  10. I’d rather eat tilapia.
  11. Better than missing 60...hey, we need someone to blaze the trail for us...let us know what to expect
  12. I was eating it straight out of the ocean same day. King, silver, didn’t really matter, but I do prefer silver. Many different preps. Right out of the smoker was my favorite. Nice glaze basted every once in a while. That I could eat constantly ...
  13. Looks like his tongue is deflated lol.
  14. Salmon is the last thing I would ever order.
  15. I thought we named it the Hindenbong? Bad juju to change the name.