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  1. It’s a ramakin!
  2. Isn’t there a whole lgbtqflyfishing forum upstairs somewhere?
  3. its called beer!
  4. get some Jamesons Jimmy!
  5. thats the damndest thing of all.
  6. They got a school on the cape? If so, you should meet by the white posts!
  7. Cape Fear!!!
  8. Id be about dinghy weight if I lived at Rocky’s.
  9. “If he can give amounts, all the ingredients and how much it makes”
  10. I went to the trouble of photojournalling a decades worth of construction and all the hundreds of threads I created in the DIY are full of broken links, then some maniac in there suggested we all die so I never went back.
  11. I really wanted to love the Kerry gold, but it’s just butter.
  12. The vigilance in the house breaking thing is critical. Keep up the good work!
  13. California. Once the originators of the hot rod craze and the custom car Mecca.
  14. MTU is backlogged. I suppose gigantic is a relative term.
  15. I stopped in some weird ass pep boys a couple weeks ago. No auto part lol. Just tires.