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  1. He still has his communion money! Oh that's right, you don't know what that is.
  2. Yes. Sanding and a triple color paint scheme. The problem is, the geometry. The steep angle only lets on leg of the ladder rest square. But you already know that. That JLG goes up 35'. Wish I could help you out.
  3. those barge rafters are going to be a problem.
  4. Sparky's house is like 3 stories lol. Reminds me of a house I almost bought on Morford.
  5. You can do it fast, you can do it cheap, you can do it right. Pick any two.
  6. That's how I make my living!
  7. Those peaks might as well be on the Chrysler Building.
  8. I blazed that trail for ya.
  9. I think billy has it right. I refuse ladder work anymore. Not worth the risk. I might do some single story 4/12 pitch type work.
  10. What’s the siding bill? Pine? Cedar? What did they use back then?
  11. If you don’t struggle a bit to handle the ladder set up, it’s too cheesy lol .
  13. He probably has one of those shopping channel ladders lol.