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  1. It’s huge pile.
  2. Never seen them in Home Depot. Ace is the place. *
  3. You SUCK!
  4. Do not besmirch the mighty riv!
  5. I love old caddy’s.
  6. Nice d. I agree, the 80 bags are a load lol. I fling 100 lb tunas around like volleyballs. 89 lb bags I have to talk to for a minute...
  7. Too many 40 clip drum style double barrel ar14’s too.
  8. This has always been one of my favorites:
  9. I like them, so I’ll take the swap kit to change it over.
  10. AR clips are hard to find.
  11. Thanks. Funny, started with those stupid hokey stairs. Guess what’s getting ripped out today? Lol
  12. Wasn’t there one in Clark also? Off the parkway across from the bowling alley? What is that, Westfield ave or something?