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  1. Decided on the quinoa and brown rice mixture...
  2. Must be the widest river on the planet.
  3. Well, it's a cold winters day here, wind howling out of the North, and bringing cold Pacific air with it. Pretty sure i'd call this "GASP" SOUP!!!!!!!!!!! Since we both had a busy day, I just busted out the crock pot and set er on with a bunch of chopped veggies, a little red wine, a chicken breast for the Mrs and a half rack or so of seasoned Costco ribs that she grabbed a few days ago, which I did not want to waste. Added chicken stock to it, and just let it simmer all day. I would like to thicken it up a bit, but I'm avoiding most bread, rice and macaroni these days. Not wanting to add any fat like cream or cheese or butter etc. I do have some potatoes, but, what else can I use? Corn starch I've used in a few other adventures, works well. Anything else I might try?
  4. You know otters can use tools, right? One of the few species of inhabitants of this rock so capable. I'd rather have some $10 canuk round all the flow trolls up, eh, and put em in a fenced in underwater pen, eh? How many we talking? A dozen donchaknow? That was otter murder and, quite frankly, I'm surprised at your callous indifference. What if I lived next door to you and found your menagerie of critters a nuisance, and I started blasting the coons? Hum? Hmm? By the way, I think you meant "intensive purposes".
  5. HOA? Let them enforce the no trailer liberty smashing abomination .
  6. That whole part of China is chock full of dinghy’s people. Bunch’s flat brimmed hats, ears inside the hat, white sunglass, untied Tim’s peeps.
  7. Who’s going to lead us in thought?
  8. It’s the equivalent of keeping your handgun in an old Florsheim box.
  9. Funny story - an older asian couple and their young daughter (30 or so) on my boat. As soon as we leave the old lady is wretching overtime. Part of my briefing tells people it's ok to puke over the rail, wind at the back of your head, go for distance. I tell them we have barf bags (sometimes). This lady is fire hosing all morning, the daughter is dutifully attending to her, fetching a new barf bag every few minutes, and the old man, who doesn't speak a word of english, is uninvolved, Hanging out watching the scenery. Lunch is served a few hours later, lady still Playdo fun factory ralphing, making shapes like a macaroni machine. Daughter takes a well deserved break. Dad steps up to the plate, and ambles on over to the bridge and gestures and grunts a few times. I finally figure out that he wants a barf bag. OK, cool. He's showing his wife some compassion finally. I hand him one, and he immediately marches over to the buffet and loads the barf bag with cookies. It was awesome.
  10. I know what a Flow Troll is lol. Security? Come on now.
  11. Count on my vote in November! Thanks T.
  12. Ask for a canoli out here and you get a stale hotdog bun with cream cheese in it.
  13. chicken goes bad? Huh.
  14. SAVE A TOG!!! KILL THE OTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. By the way, that looks spectacular.