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  1. That doesn't look anything like the bear rocky stuffed.
  2. What work trucks does toyota make? I mean, a Tundra 1/2 ton? OK. What else?
  3. do normal families still go there?
  4. The masking tape marks each whole piece for me so I know what order they go in when it’s time to install. Edge cuts, toilet flange etc. I don’t have to think about it. I gives me the orientation I want also. ps I’ll poke around a bit and check a few products for you, should be something out there
  5. That was a tedious time consuming room. Still need to grout, probably Sunday. over 800 pieces of 4x8 tile not counting the floor or the niche. Probably 200 or more cuts.
  6. I cannot unsee snoop since rocky said that. That dogs awesome lol.
  7. you saw that he corrected himself right?
  8. mybeach


    wtf are you doing still smoking cigs? you kidding me?
  9. mybeach


    i thought it was smokey down here but my neighbor had something on the smoker lol, different wind today.
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