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  1. That’s a great days catch there my friend...
  2. Come on dude, you can do better. Gimme a tavern worthy nickname. Buckle up your foam helmet and get busy.
  3. Tug slippers in my lion skin smoking jacket with my feet propped up on an elephant foot ottoman flicking ashes into a severed gorilla hand.
  4. I should have slit that 70 yo fish and worn it like a beret for the pic.
  5. Little pocket bottle on the side...
  6. I agree. Turns out the guy has 144” reach. Phony pic.
  7. Two of them would make a fine pair of shoes.
  8. Incase you were on the moon for the last few years...
  9. We’re seeing some **** we ain’t never seen before Jay!
  10. you have to wear a huk shirt to catch any.
  11. I think this is a dobber
  12. I think it’s a world record.
  13. Get some pink and white stuff. Tubes like sunglass rubbers rigged like worms. Metal works. Waxwings work. Plugs work. Ava’s work. Firecracker squids work.