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  1. Been a while since I had cable, and when I did, it was 99 a month plus fees for the bundle of TV, internet and phone. What is it now?
  2. But, I like sitting on my couch, mouth agape, having folks smarter than I am telling me what is true, and what is not, all for 100 plus bucks a month.
  3. For a ****** candidate.
  4. It kind of covers the gamut of seditious law breaking. Anything else just digs the hole deeper. What else could there be? If what we know isn't enough for some serious jail time, what could new info on their crimes add?
  5. Gimme dat mo money.
  6. She porked up big time last I heard...but still, good snag.
  7. Trump should throw in, as a sweetener, some of the good, hard working, illegal aliens the Left loves so much. That should seal the deal.
  8. Then have the nerve to complain when bikers get run over. Idiots put the bikers, and encouraged them, to ride on the street. I wonder how much cars idling stuck in choked traffic lanes negate the good the bikers are doing to the environment?
  9. Gotta be pretty smart to instruct folks, and be an expert, in fake science. Not many folks can pull off a scam like that successfully very often.
  10. I really love it when my stars align with my biorhythms. Man, I could conquer the world when that happens.
  11. If you have been paying attention, there probably isn't much new in the report. Maybe some details fleshed out, and questions answered. We already know the dossier was passed off as legit, and apolitical when it wasn't, we know foreign intel was usedto get around the prohibitions on spying on US citizens, we know about insurance policies, and set ups. We know it was over seen by the top levels of the Executive Branch. What else could there be?
  12. Get well soon Mrs Red.
  13. Fire extinguisher shampoo is going to be the number one seller after next November. Puts on fire hair out, and gives the hair that desired shiny bounce in just one wash.
  14. Wells also does stuff like inform a customer that his accounts need to be closed asap due to some problem, then when checks outstanding written on the closed account got processed, ding the customer 35 bucks a pop for insufficient funds in the accounts they ordered closed.
  15. A chance I am willing to take. You know, one for the team, and all.