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  1. Remember the fight for 15...and how it was all the rage...now, even that is not enough.
  2. I don't know about learning the Chinese language, but I do know their arithmetic is harder than Supermans kneecap.
  3. Their our two many of them anyway.
  4. Joe set Kamala up to fail again. Why does he do that to her? Is he racist? Or sexist?
  5. Bobby is untouchable. He got off scot free last time, he should skate this time too. Indicted is one thing. Convincing 12 democrat jurors in a deep blue democrat city to convict is an entirely different job, and much more difficult.
  6. dena

    Rain Gauge

    0.8, 0.9 since this morning. Storm moved inland, and now I am in the dry quadrant...cool.
  7. They should be spayed and neutered.
  8. I would love her for her mind, of course.
  9. dena

    Rain Gauge

    They lied. My app said 1.2 today and 1.4 tomorrow. We got more than that in 15 hours. It has been raining like the dickens at times, all night. Finally hit a lull, and I took the dogs outside, and snapped the picture of the gauge.
  10. Before this storm, Ophelia, I think it is, my Rain gage was empty. Rain started about 7pm yesterday 10am, here is what it read. I emptied it, and will keep posting as a local Rain reference. No real flooding here yet, just a few spots in the lawn with water not absorbed yet. Also saw the tail end of this black snake hiding out under some wild flowers growing in the ditch. How much Rain are you guys getting further up and down the coast?
  11. Thinking of this thread, I snapped this picture of my dashboard. 5.0 V8 F150.
  12. For those that do not understand why there will be a parts issue take the F150...Over the past three years, Ford averaged about 900,000 F-150’s sold per year. If you divide that by 365, it sells 2,486 F-150 trucks per day, every day. That translates to 103 F-150 pickups per hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ford has sold 1.7 trucks per minute, every minute of the day, for the past three years. That’s why the 14th-generation F-150 pickup is such a big deal. Additionally, its two main competitors were both new in 2019. So no f150s being made...that is, roughly 5000 front brake pads needed every day that won't be needed anymore. That manufacturer idles his front brake line. Meanwhile, folks are still driving their trucks, wearing out brakes. That lean, just in time, inventory is quickly depleted. Auto Zone can't get the OEM pads, dealer shelves are empty. The small aftermarket companies can not meet demand, and now my brakes are grinding, and I can not find pads...or they are quadruple the price. Those car plants shutting down ripple out to the parts manufacturers...they shut down too.
  13. Didn't think you could rise to the challenge. Nice try.
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