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  1. I am missing out. All the young women I know are my 30 yr old daughter's friends. Something creepy about hitting on women your daughters age, even at that age.
  2. This thread has lasted longer than the max jail sentence. But, it is good to see DOAF is still alive and feisty as ever.
  3. Bad move. Bring a box to carry home all the pieces of pipe when they won't go back together because they are full of sand.
  4. Cops don't smash a tail light with their billy club on the way to the driver's window any more? The recently busted tail light is a famous excuse P/C, to pull someone over.
  5. Wind is kicking, and cold. good night to be inside.
  6. I guess I should have just run him over, he was rolling all over the hood of my truck, leaking fluids before he went down. We got him up, and over to the curb/sidewalk, and he was waiting on help. It was 1 or 2 am ish, and talking to authorities right there and then wasn't in my best interest, if you know what I mean.
  7. Now that your man Obama is fading in the rear view mirror, things are looking up, and butting up on great. That is why we are transitioning to Keep America Great leading up to 2020. The Trump train has left the station and is doing nothing but picking up speed.. Six more years of court stuffing, and the Country will be set for a generation.
  8. I am beginning to think the P in JohnP stands for Pinata, with the little squiggly thing over the N. He starts a thread, and gets battered around pretty good. He has lousy candy inside, though, so no one hits him hard enough to break him open.
  9. I think ol Charlie just expressed, how ever poorly, what about half the country thinks. We do not expect the people he is talking about to understand.
  10. I say that people upset with being called gay are mad they were found out.
  11. My question still stands, any difference in Chicago from the wayward sewage?
  12. I don't is kind of fun watching them flail impotently at the class. It is a good lesson how not to act.
  13. Probably only gotten worse in the 30+ years since then.
  14. It was Chicago, a ****hole city, did they notice any difference?
  15. Yesterday.