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  1. Apparently Tucker touched on this last night. I think he is more right than wrong. His reason boils down to this: Failure of Democrat policies for the last 50 years, and Trump winning drove that home. Everything the democrats promised, all their social programs failed. They promised better cities, the drug war, war on poverty, every social program promised to cure all social ills have made things worse. And, the voters realized that in 2016. The democrats couldn't say anymore, give us another 50 years, and all will be better. No one believes them. And, the democrats woke up to that in 16. It made them angry, and we are where we are.
  2. Those are the types of crimes you leave alone, as you learned. Domestic abusers do not like to be interrupted, and the abused is often not innocent, but a willing participant. Call the cops if you must do something, but stay out of it.
  3. The last paragraph in the message leads me to believe the company will be more subversive in their messaging, and not as up front with their tactics of indoctrination as they were. They are not stopping grooming, just hiding it better.
  4. OK groomer.
  5. Yes, to Democrat leaders trying to destroy the country. The rank and file Democrat voters, some are aware, and back the destruction. The rest are dupes, useful dupes, maybe unaware of their leadership's plans, maybe aware but in denial of the hoped for outcome of destruction. See, you can't fundamentally change the country if people are fat and happy. Who wants change then? To make major changes, you have to move people off of their comfortable spot, make them uneasy, restless, and wanting something new, and better. That is where we are. Democrats = discomfort.
  6. OK groomer.
  7. Progs and democrats only believe what they believe until it hits them in the pocket, and hurts them politically. Then the environment takes a seat behind getting reelected. With no firm foundation of basic beliefs., they can switch up like that, and not bat an eye.
  8. Hershey never lifted weights. Instead, he used body weight exercises to attain his fitness. He ran off the democrat plantation, so of course he must be a head case, everyone knows that.
  9. It is a DC Jury, first of all. Incestuous Democrats are thick as thieves there, and the jury eligible all travel in the same circles in a few, well to do, neighborhoods. Plus, you couldn't try this case with impartial people making decisions that could harm the Democrat golden club, so the jury was loaded to produce the desired result. And you will accept the corrupt result without a second thought.
  10. I will have plenty of tomatoes in a month or two, Lord willing. Rotten ones come with the territory
  11. Watch 2000 Mules, with a healthy dose of skepticism Then ponder that the Yuma Sheriff visited some ballot stash houses, and the residents spilled the beans when interviewed.
  12. If no one is having unprotected sex because of fear of Monkey Pox, then the abortion ban won't matter.
  13. No problem handing free Trump branded water out to potential voters then? How about Pence crackers, or Mad Maxine candy bars?
  14. I disagree. If this administration was just bumbling along, they would luck into doing something right, every once in a while, just by chance. So far, every move has been wrong, and damaging. It has to be intentional.
  15. I want to know what he has against Os. He has every other vowel, is he an Oist?