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  1. My niece just got her DNA results back. I wish I knew what she was doing before she did it, do I could try to talk her out of it.
  2. The guy just wanted to have a bus-b-que that Italians didn't want to have.
  3. Smallest country too. I lead a sheltered life, and have never drank Andorran anything. What do they drink to lift them to #7, Bud Lite?
  4. I have never heard of number seven. They must be quiet drinkers.
  5. Can we assume that who ever had access to the servers at that time no longer has access? No new leaks of Democrat goings on has happened for several years now, and certainly the Democrats have not changed their ways.
  6. I would have voted for anybody over Hillary, or not voted at all for President if she was the only choice. I was hoping Rand Paul would have got more traction, but Trump shut him up early.
  7. I wonder if he ever wrote anything on the Barbary Pirates, and our dealings with them?
  8. All Wikileaks did is expose what the Democrats were up to. They didn't make up content. If it was the Russians, it was brilliant. All they had to do was expose the Democrats, and they would influence the voting public in a way no Russian plot could.
  9. I haven't, but would now like to to see if it is fake. The government there isn't hiding it because they care about our sensibilities.
  10. Got a link to the video?
  11. When it crashes, just remember it was Obama's economy, and Trump had no effect on it.
  12. That seems to just be glossed over. The fact that government communications by the SoS are supposed to be archived on government servers, but weren't is forgotten in the rush ti pin classified emails on her.
  13. When you get a trophy when you lose your whole life, suffering of lumps is minimized. Then, when real life hits, you don't know what to do with no hardware, and no snacks at the end. Trump has a special way of getting under their skin. I think it is because he refuses to succumb to their pressure. A guy like Bush would shrink, and give in, and try to make friends, kiss butts. Trump does none of that. The mere thoughts of having to live under a Conservative Court for the next 20, 30 years just throws them into conniptions, and their only escape is to change the landscape.
  14. I am voting for crazy. Anyone that would take out a mobster in the brazen way he did is crazy. Plain and simple. Any actions he does must be interpreted with that in mind.