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  1. If you are ascared of the Sino Sniffles, why would you go to a game? Stay home, Fer God sake.
  2. Yurts. Or Hogan's, like the Navajo.
  3. South West high desert. No water. Just grass land, high desert.
  4. Is discrimination OK, no matter who does it?
  5. Is banning Trump from elected office better, worse, or the same, as banning anyone else for any reason, race, religion, eye color?
  6. I guess families, except Trump's family, are OK now.
  7. Being unemployed for a spell, no. Bouncing back, and finding gainful employment, about 50 50, depending on want to.
  8. Donald Trump shall live in infamy in Democrat heads.
  9. Didn't Trump call for the release of more documents, and Barr and the JD balked?
  10. Why do we want to lead the world in second rate technology?
  11. Besides being against and bigoted, your post tells us nothing. Thanks for that.
  12. Barr will protect the department first. It is what deep state bureaucrats do. If he would have released the reports like Trump wanted him to, the Democrats would cease to exist. Their corruption would have been exposed.
  13. I am old enough to remember when paper bags needlessly killed trees, and we went to plastic.
  14. Barr obfiscuted because if he didn't the agency would have been outed as the corrupt bureau it is. He would have had to tell how the investigation was a political witch hunt that should never have been done. Not because Trump was some Russian puppet. Barr is, and has been deep state.
  15. I saw it happen...not in a girls race, though. High school boys 100 yd dash at a track meet. 1970s length shorts, brothers wore boxers under those short shorts...picture the guy, out front, busting the tape with his chest, Johnson thumping his thigh with every step since the 60 yard mark...thumps thumps thumpa...funniest thing ever.