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  1. No problem, good luck with your search. If you like larger, look at some of the shotgun shell pouches. Not too expensive and hold many bucktails individually.
  2. I offered this to someone but haven't heard back so offering here. I bought here but am not going to need it. I think it is new. I paid $20 shipped and will sell for same.
  3. Sorry, I was away from the computer. I bought this but haven't used it. I think it is new. I paid $20 shipped for this and will let it go for the same.
  4. I have a bucktail pouch in good condition if you are interested.
  5. Hang in there Tim. Computers are supposed to make life easier!
  6. Not close enough to find a copy.
  7. Had to replace my phone and lost my settings. In the tides near me app, which is for the bay snd which for the ocean at Island Beach? I called and the woman who answered was alone and did not know. The search feature is down here.
  8. If they are still available, I will do $30 shipped, f&f
  9. Eric, that is an interesting idea. Never heard of that before but going to try it.
  10. I have tied a couple of hundred tail flags this year so far and I used to tie these thin, just as they come new on plugs, but that seems to be changing. Now many people are asking for fuller tails. I am getting ready to tie many and have them ready for when I am asked but what are your thoughts? Thin Thick something else Don't forget to say why, thanks.
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