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  1. Always! Don't see the colors you want, just ask.
  2. There are several levels ranging. We know someone who has it so bad she has to go to the hospital, almost like anaphylactic shock. It is scary what it does.to people, especially your own kids. Say I order.a.gluten free pizza at a restaurant. Normally a.ladel is dipped in the sauce and spread anound the crust. Now if you have celiac, the ladle and sauce are contaiminated from touching the crust. That tiny amount is enough to make it so my son cannot get out of bed for 4 days.
  3. My son was diagnosed at 12 years old with Celiac Disease. He had stopped growing and lost weight. His sister two years younger than him was taller and weighed almost as much. He had headaches and stomach issues for about 2 years before that. People with Celiac also have a compromised auto immune system for life. There is no cure for this and those over the counter meds to help are worthless. First 24 hours of gluten free and the headaches stopped. He is now 20 and weighs 230 lbs and is 6'4. Being gluten free made a difference for him. After 8 years of reading, speaking with doctors, specialists, etc, I agree with what many are thinking. Celiac has been around for much longer than we know but the increase of people with Celia or are gluten intolerant may be caused by genetically modified foods and wheat. We were told of a test done using wheat grown in the 70s vs today's wheat and people with Celia were able to eat the flour from the 70s but became sick on today's.
  4. Slot cars. It is on Route 33, Farmingdale, NJ. It's still there. J&J Model Car Race Place. Per their website, they were closed for a few days for Independence Day but should open up tomorrow.
  5. There is one in Farmingdale, J & J model care race place. Took my son when he was younger, he had never seen them, reminded me of when I was a kid. Nice place.
  6. That's what I found too but some people have boats they like in that area that aren't always as well know.
  7. Haha, thanks Dan. Can't believe nobody has a boat they like.
  8. Thank you George, will give them a call.
  9. We are looking to hit a party boat in the next month or so. Looking from AC to SIC. Any recommendations?
  10. Anyone tent camp at any of the for profit campgrounds? Seems like there are 50 or so I the county.
  11. All good information here, thank you. I am still bringing 2 rods to jig with but will go higher on the rating as it is just dropping down and not casting.
  12. Thanks, didn't want to damage rod or reel with extra weights.
  13. Thanks Pete. This is all a little confusing.