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  1. Is that a stem on the right one? If so, it looks a little like a walnut that is drying out and starting to split. If not, what the heck do I know?
  2. I have always had boot foot waders but have seen some nice looking stocking foot waders. I like bootfoot as I dont get sand caught in my shoes but they are heavy. What are your thoughts and why?
  3. Be glad to tie them, how soon do you need them? I am awaiting a new vice as I am upgrading and my old backup makes me tie slower. These are great teasers and be glad to tie them if you can wait a few days.
  4. Hightstown. There were a few in the fish case.
  5. Never saw blowfish for sale at a fish market or supermarket before. Think it was $19.99 lb.
  6. Though this was interesting. How often do we get to see inside? * FB
  7. I'm in, very nice thank you!
  8. See Dan @ Tinman Tackle, good quality items and a good guy.
  9. Thanks guys. The one I posted this for is watching. If he has questions, I am sure I will hear in the morning. Thanks again.
  10. One of our Planning Directors needs to create a way to get handicapped individuals from a parking lot to a dock to a boat. We have the idea of ramps to the dock and maybe even small gang planks to wheel someone on to a dock but are there any devices that can do this? We thought of a swing similar to one at the pool to move someone onboard but are there other ways? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hahaha, thank you! I didn't know if they buried in due to water temps or instinct/calendar.
  12. With the water still warm, are crabs still around?
  13. Thanks, good to hear.
  14. Not wanting to hijack the other storage threads but wondering if Plano and Plano style boxes are safe for plastic plugs? I remember years ago, some rubber worms melted into a tackle box tray and mushed in storage boxes. Is it safe for plastic plugs to sit in Plano boxes after they are washed and dried after use?
  15. Very nice!