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  1. If.you have one layer of shingles you can go over the top but no more than 2 layers. If you are staying in the house and it is older, strip it down, replace any boards that need it, replace seals, caulk, etc around vents and chimney. We had MAK roofing out of Bordentown do all that for $5500 ten years ago with a GAF lifetime shingles. They travel far but may be able.to recommend someone if they can't. I know prices go up but they were the most affordable by far and I had 4 or 5 quotes. Did a great job, all in 1 day and the cleaning was fantastic! Headlamps, magnets, and the whole crew did this at sundown. Never saw even a scrap anywhere.
  2. Super strike little neck popper T-hex, 2 oz
  3. You can rent packs from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) to see what you both may like. They also sell used gear much cheaper than new.
  4. IBSP was set up for multiple uses. Some areas are for hiking and birdwatching, some are for swimming, and some areas are set aside for fishing. You can walk on to surf fish or pay extra to drive on to fish with a permit. You are not supposed to fish where people swim in the swimming area. You are not supposed to swim where people fish in the fishing area. That's the deal. The gate fees get you in the park. The surf fishing pass fees get you on the fishing beach. The park Assistant Superintendent says they are going to enforce the rules. Good for them.
  5. Prayers sent.
  6. Cilantro was a given. Pineapple juice will try.
  7. Thank you, that sounds great!
  8. Did very well clamming yesterday. I have put a couple of bags of large clams for chowders. We have steamed many but I still have some extras and looking for ideas. I would like to make ceviche but can't seem to find a recipe for clams. I can substitute clams for fish but does anyone here have a recipe they like?
  9. Thanks. For 4 total x $5 = $20. PM coming.
  10. Sure can, PM coming. Thank you.
  11. $4 each, you pick the colors and hook sizes. Good idea on your part, this is a great way to use them!
  12. To use as a tail hook on a diamond jig? Sure, I do it all the time.
  13. Troll, lol!
  14. What are you looking to do? I can change tail hooks or tail flags and split rings for you. If you use bare hooks, you can change them and the rings yourself. I am one of those people who feel movement is a little more important than the way it looks. You can touch it up and paint it your self or, just leave it as is. If it is chewed up, there is something about it that works well. I change the hooks and flags each season. A rusty hook will break.
  15. He seems like someone who cares and recognizes there is a problem and is trying to do what he can to fix it. I appreciate him trying.