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  1. Thanks everyone.
  2. Nice and quiet until today when tried to send a PM. Its It's back.
  3. I typically rent a boat and fish the back between Avalon and TI areas but the boat rental places on the south end are not answering their phones or returning calls. Thinking of fishing from Whale Creek Marina int he back and over towards Corson but never have before. Should I rent a boat and give up a 20-30 minutes sailing to my know spots or is Corson's area worth it for fluke? I've only read about stripers there but found a rental dock online near there.
  4. Thanks, I had already checked with him and he is not this year.
  5. Has anyone heard of any Opening Day (May 24) Fluke Tournaments? I haven't heard of any and know some are no longer operating.
  6. Congratulations to you and your wife on 60 years together and congrats to your niece! Have a great time.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Thanks all, I will try them.
  9. I am planing on fishing the back. I am looking for for a chart that shows depth. I have gone through google and here on old threads but many of the links to NOAA and elsewhere are broken. One site I saw showed the map too small to see the details. Anyone have ideas where to look? I am renting a boat and the marina does not offer maps.
  10. Now I am getting verbal announcements "Congratultions, you win"
  11. Thank you, will give that a try.
  12. Getting so bad with Samsung Galaxy S9 but not on computer. Today in rapid fire succession: PayPal Samsung Browns Mill
  13. So back from VS again in the same condition again with the directions, use it and it will loosen. Tried some oil and ordered the repair kit to see about loosening the pinion seal. Are there any other items I need that don’t come with the kit?
  14. That's great to hear, thank you! Good luck!!!