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  1. Great idea! I just ordered from Amazon. I don't know how long it will last but it is on sale. 40% off!
  2. Very nice, did you make it?
  3. Thanks, I would like to see it. Do you have a model number? There seems to be several sizes and models available.
  4. I have plano trays all over the garage. Mostly 3600 trays but others. What are you using to store and organize the trays? Add pics too if you have them.
  5. *

  6. Antagonizer, I would be happy to get you whatever you need. If you looking for tips to improve tying your own, without knowing your issue, make sure you are using good quality materials as the cheap ones end up looking like it and more importantly, acting that way in the water. Take your time and have a plan. This isn't a process to rush. Rushing will end up looking like it. I hope this helps.
  7. They are all over NJ. I have used them 10 years ago and was very pleased with quality, price, and clean up.
  8. M.A.K. Construction, you are in their service area.
  9. Years ago, I would lead trips on the river 2-3 times per week. We cooked "Best" brand hot dogs and they were always a hit. I don't know if they were so good from paddling all morning but i remember them being very good over an open fire or grilled in a pan.
  10. Let's split it at $70 and it is yours.
  11. Last chance before I list elsewhere.
  12. Thank you! 12 teasers x $4 = $48 + $8 shipping = $56. PM Coming.