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  1. Thank you Sir!!! I'm glad you like them. Please let me know how you make out! Bill
  2. Jon, I will take it. I don't have any of those plugs so it will have to be cash. Thanks. Bill
  3. Years ago, I created an email account I only use when a store asks or for something I am not sure about. In the 13 years using this, it is so packed with spam and junk. My filters contain a few hundred email addresses. It has saved me from so much hassle. Not saying my real email is 100% but I only get 2-3 spams a week vs the other. I used a free email site for my fake (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc) and the address has nothing personal at all.
  4. You’re right Eric,happens all the time at work too. It has gotten so bad that they actually clone phone numbers of others at work so we pick up. With all the abilities they have to try and fool us, couldn’t they find a job in programming or cyber security?
  5. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds good. Going to have to try it.
  6. Years ago, had some venison chili that was outstanding. Was just given some ground venison by a friend and want to try and make it. I know venison is lean, any ideas on cook time? I have googled.it but several recipies have times that differ by enough that I thought to ask here.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Anyone?
  9. Was given an old Kunnan Advantage spiraltech graphite rod model 7686SM. It is an 8'6", 2 piece medium action rod with a line weight of 8-20lb. Does anyone know about this rod? I found it is from the late 70s or early 80s. Would like to pair it with a reel for my nephew. Any info on this would be appreciated.
  10. Fred, I would like to be first to say I'm in. I will even bring the Wawa coffee!
  11. Reading the bay. You know the information cold. Share how we can learn more. I love to fish the back and would rather spend time there than anyway else. Also, please.let us know when you will be having the seminar. Its worth the 2 hr drive!
  12. Not at Home Depot.
  13. Looking for one to use this week.
  14. Great idea.
  15. A friend's daughter graduated from Rutgers SEBS in marine biology. Works out of Woods Hall as a NOAA monitor on commercial boats. Parent and child happy with school.