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  1. Perfect. Thanks!
  2. Tony- It is a Fathom I - 20lwlh. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  3. The reel clamp that comes with the Fathom 20lw has an extended side with a hole. I presume this is for a leash or something like that but either way it prevents the rod and reel from sitting comfortable in my rod holders. Is there a Penn or aftermarket reel clamp that is just that - without the extended side??? thanks.
  4. If you happen to be staying at a local motel, they often have non resident parking pass for guests.
  5. Thanks, guys. Hope to have some pics to post by this time next week.
  6. PBJ: Yep; on somebody else’s recommendation by PM we are booked with captain Clyde. Looking forward to it. A few days surfcasting and then a shift on the boat.
  7. Any suggestions for a smaller charter or guided boat for 2 guys later this month out of Montauk? The captain we went with last year is not returning our calls and might have hung it up. We are looking for a half day primarily targeting stripers, maybe cast to some Albies if they are showing. We are not fly fishermen on one hand, but we prefer not to troll wire line all morning on the other. Is there a middle ground? A little bottom fishing to round out the shift would be fine. Thanks in advance.
  8. I guess I'll be in line for seconds if deal #1 falls through. Thanks.
  9. I'll take this for $50 shipped to 12054. PM me your address so I can send USPO money order (I don't have paypal).
  10. Anyone have a bucktail belt pouch they are looking to sell? Must have slots: Gear Up; MAK; AS Elite and the like. Thanks.
  11. Ok. Good luck with trade.
  12. Does this model have a clicker?
  13. The mojo is at the comparable price point and trim level, but the Triumph is much closer if not the same blank. Mojo is more moderate action than the other two which are faster.
  14. Thanks, guys. I'm sure some of the answers will come from using it. Line can be changed, spool adjusted and tinkered with....Rod selection is probably the top priority.
  15. I just rec'd an ABU Pro Rocket 6501 as a gift and have a host of questions as I get her ready for spring. First, it has dual knobs on both side plates with very little explanation in the instructions. I assume these adjust spool position and tension? Will they also affect the secondary drag (how tight the reel is when using the line out alarm)? I ask because I will mostly be using this for fishing live and chunk herring for spring run stripers on the Hudson. Would like the "free spool" mode to be a little looser. Now, onto line. Anybody recommend against 30 lb braid (probably 832) on this reel with a mono leader? And the rod. Looking for something in the 7 foot range rated to at least 2 ounces. Do guys like a trigger grip with these round reels? I was looking at the Teramars and also the St. Croix Musky line. I feel the Trevalas (which I have in the spinning version) are a little too soft/parabolic for me. Thanks in advance.