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  1. Couldn’t find any fish yesterday, not even blues. Didn’t even see birds working baitfish. Did that wind screw things up?
  2. With these big albies are you guys bumping up the floro to 20-30 lb test
  3. Thanks
  4. Is the water there clean for swimming or should I head further north for that. Was planning on doing a river float with the wife for a day , anything like that close by or head up to Saco. Are there any nice lakes nearby , thanks
  5. Diawa bg3000, great little reel and under $100
  6. Lol Thanks, so I would need a fw license to fish it I presume
  7. Going to Hooksett NH, in a couple of weeks with the wife.And the place is right on the Merrimack. Was planning on bringing a couple of 7 ft rods, just for something to do when I wake up at 4-5 and wife is still sleeping. Are there and stripers that far up, or what can I catch that far up. Not looking for any spots ,I won’t be leaving the backyard to fish. Just want to know which lures you bring up. Thanks, pm if you don’t want any pressure on your territory
  8. Is this what you’re looking for 



  9. Can’t beat that!!!
  10. Anyone else feel that Machado was toying to step on some ankle at first. Dirty ass player
  11. I say , confiscate the gear on the spot no questions asked
  12. Well I paid 225, no problem
  13. I have a 7000 big game I n great shape, but will need to get $200 . Only used about 1/2 dozen times