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  1. Jordan Peterson says, “You never get away with anything.” Deciding to rely on your own immunity has costs. Deciding to rely on a shot has costs. Going against your morals to comply with a vaccine mandate has costs. Forcing everyone to get a vaccine has costs. Making kids wear masks in school has costs. If you are scared, those costs may be acceptable. Letting scared people make decisions has costs too.
  2. Sorry to hear that, I think a lot of us will be in the same boat, but the official decision hasn’t dropped for many of us yet. We will always remember that they made us make that decision and there will be repercussions. It’s hard to say at this point what the effects will be, but I hope everyone remembers where they stood on all this when they pop up. People that were trusted to carry guns and protect society or prescribe medication and provide care to sick people or run power plants that keep everyone’s lights on can’t be trusted to make their own decisions about their bodies and they are now “anti-vax donkeys”.
  3. Public Health Service
  4. Thanks Tim. We are good. Kids made out better than we did. No fun at all when Advil or Tylenol wore off, tired and achy when it was working. Kids are finding new ways to drive us crazy. They go back school Thursday.
  5. So I understand, over that 4 week period, there was a higher percentage of vaccinated people infected than unvaccinated people. And the reason for that is that most people are vaccinated? If vaccinated and unvaccinated folks have about the same infection rate as shown on that graph and 90% of the people are vaccinated, doesn’t that mean 90% of the infections are in vaccinated people?
  6. Do you have kids in school right now?
  7. A guy can dream…
  8. But you can get a record of a positive test. We got them for our kids yesterday and are hoping that helps with keeping them out of close contact quarantines. I have heard it has gone either way in our county. If you get a positive test from you doctor and have written documentation, shouldn’t that count the same as a vaccine card? If the answer to that for somebody is “No”, then I would consider them every bit as unreasonable and radical as the hard core anti-vax crowd.
  9. To make an actual question out of a meme with a silly question. Why are vaccine mandates necessary to keep vaccinated people safe?
  10. In fairness to vaccines, a big portion of the deaths in those 2021 stats come from January and February before vaccines were widely available. Same goes for the “97% of all deaths in 2021 were in unvaccinated people” statistics. A ton of those deaths occurred before vaccines were available to anyone. Accurate, but not nuanced.
  11. Mike will you expand on that please? Why is it necessary for vaccinated people to be protected from unvaccinated people?
  12. If I tell Red Cross I am unvaccinated will they stop calling me.
  13. As long as all those wannabes fall in line everything will be OK.