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  1. I hope you are right. What is the deal with mullet? I heard a minimum size limit on mullet? Is that true.
  2. I killed two a few weeks ago. Skinned the wings first then cut them off with cartilage still in them. Iced them for a few hours while fishing then filleted the cartilage out at home. Bigger fillets come from the top side not from a bigger skate. Not terrible to clean but much more work than a normal fish. Breaded and fried them. I figured that was a safe way to try them. They were edible but not great. Kind of stringy, very soft, noy very fishy at all. The appearance throws you off. The fillet looks like you took it off a centipede or something.
  3. I am seeing that this bill was passed and will become law. As I understand that means all fish that can be harvested will now have size and creel limits?? Not good for surf fishing and it has got to hurt the piers right? Drum fishing is going to be a bait finding game this fall. Talk about a good way to get recs and comms at each other's throats even more.
  4. Good advice from Drumfish. I have never thrown that rod but I know some folks run the XHs and like them. You can get by with 10s and there may be a weight advantage but you dont see many rods with less than 12s. I go 25-20-16-12-12-12-12-12 tip top on mine. No need for shrink wrap over cork tape. One or the other will work. I have been using seine cord for my rod butts. Been using cork rings for foregrips and like them a lot.
  5. Any trades?
  6. I am sure it could be done. A big popper or swimmer would definitely catch one if they were around and feeding. There was a night this spring the fish were thick and I am sure that we could have got fish on big lures. But not as many as we got on bait. Lots of guys keep big Hopkins or metal on heavers to throw at schools that pop up. There are plenty of big drum caught on lures every year but not by guys who are blind casting. If I was intent on lures, I would want to be in a place that holds lots of fish. I can't imagine walking open beach being successful, but it might. The good spots have bait and current, (the Point, the inlets) but everybody else knows that too and they will be there also. Making lures work in the current in the dark in a crowd of guys soaking bait is going to be tough and you are going to make enemies. It will be a hassle and that makes the experience less enjoyable. You would have to pick your spots to make it work and it would be real tough to make it work in a fishy spot.
  7. It is used but in great condition.. This is a great deal.
  8. There is something there. Not just staining. If you want to look, I can send you both and if you dont want it you can return it and I will give you your $ back. I am trying to find a spool for a 20 size reel and can't, but retail for the part is 58$.
  9. It feels great. It was clear to me that it had not been used much. By tight I meant no slop in the handle that comes from pulling on car hood rays and dragging in 8 and bait for years. The gears felt smooth and strong. This guy took care of his stuff but he wasn't tuning his reels so it is probably as it came from the factory. It is a nice reel.
  10. I bought this from a guy who said it had seen limited use. When I pulled the line off, there was a small spot where the anodizing has corroded. It is probably fishable as is, but I think it will buff off. I have a spare spool from an old parts reel I could swap it for. I haven't stripped this reel down to clean and grease it, but it feels tight. These reels are tanks. Cosmetically, there are a couple pit marks, but it is one of the prettier ones I own. Size wise, i cant say what the difference between this and a Fathom 15 is, but I am certain it is a little bigger. I thought the BGs were the same size. The box says 295 yd of 20# mono. My 20s get 225 or so of 20. I got a good deal on it and will pass that along. $75 as is $100 shipped with both spools. CJ
  11. I got an older gray Saltist 30 a few weeks ago. It is not abused but it has some blemishes. Any interest in that? I can post some pics of the blemishes if you are interested.
  12. Empire is on Fox right? Surely they cant have him back for the next season. Any chance Fox drops the show if/when they write in his return? Roseanne got dumped for a racist tweet. Surely this guy wont get a break for faking a hate crime, right?
  13. Anybody have any experience with newer keypad style door locks? Are they a PITA or do they make your life easier? Any concerns with durability or safety? I was in HD today to get a couple door locks to replace the builder grade locks on our house. Good luck finding a keyed alike pair on the shelf in there. I went online to order a set and it seems there are more smart lock options than regular keyed locks. Made me reconsider that option. We live in a pretty safe place and I sleep pretty soundly. If someone really wanted in now they could probably get in. Just curious if anyone has any opinions?? CJ
  14. I have broken two Tsunami swivels when using them for sinker slides on fishfinders. I think they were 130#. Both broke on a cast with a bunch of people around. If I recall correctly one broke above the barrel (leaving just an eyelet) the other left the barrel and the eyelet below the barrel broke. have never broken a Spro or a Rosco/Sampo. They look very similar, but they are slightly different. I got rid of all the Tsumani swivels in my box.
  15. I used to fish a lot more up in Delaware and the Bay. I accumulated a bunch of stuff that I dont't use anymore. It has to go. Probably half and half between lures that have been fished and lures that have lived in the garage their whole life. Bombers, small Sebiles, Xraps, small Yozuris, one wooden lure that I think is a Choopy? Bucktails are mostly hand poured I tied or accumulated from folks on here. Black nickel hooks on the small ones. Couple rigged eels. Plastics are a mix of open and full bags. Trout killers, small bag of BKDs, some swim shad and split tails. Couple packs of hooks. Owner and Gamakatsu trebles. 9/0 VMC circles. Bag of swivels and those plastic sinker slide things that you can clip on and off without re-tying. $75 to your door in a flat rate box. Paypal please.