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  1. I always liked the round body Abu Ambassador reels for freshwater. They are fairly easy to develope rats nests with though ... at least the ones that have not been converted to or came with a mag anti-backlash. I've heard that makes a big difference, but have never tried one.
  2. And Bronson owned J.A. Coxe.
  3. Vague. Could be either the model number or the line capacity in yards.
  4. Jimmy Z, Howz it compare to the "old" Ming Yang CL series of reels? These look to have a lot of plastic (nylon?) in them where brass is usually used. Do you think they will be long lasting and reliable?
  5. Not an Ocean City reel. Every OC reel I've seen has the freespool lever in a square shaft, and mounted higher on the side ... between "10:00" and "11:00". What's it say in the bottom of the reel foot?
  6. Yes. It was/is intended for freshwater fishing.
  7. Anti-reverse operational and engaged? I dunno. I've never had that issue.
  8. I must respectfully disagree. The only part I've ever had fail with any regularity on any Mitchell spinning reel is the bail spring.
  9. "One fish per boat"? Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon on a charter or party boat. Spend a hundred bucks and up to go fishing, someone else catches a striper, you can't get one, money gone and nothing to show for it but a sunburn and dry line. If you required "catch and release" some of the fish released might live to see another day. The trama of being caught, or be weakened enough to become an easy meal for a shark or other predator might kill them as surely as keeping them to feed yourself and your family.
  10. RE: Braid vs Mono I have 20 pound test braided hollow core Dacron on my Ming Yang CL 70. Should I switch over to mono for the safety reasons you mentioned? I like hollow core braided Dacron because it can be spliced, so no worries of using the wrong knots or knots failing.
  11. I'd have to go with Made in France Mitchell, if they were still in business. Since they ain't ... I dunno ... Shakespeare? I know they make a fantastic rod. I haven't heard anything bad about their casting and spinning reels for either freshwater and saltwater ...
  12. Thanks. I have both of these reels. I was curious which (if either) would be the "best" reel to use. From the sounds of things it's six of one and a half dozen of the other; either will work just as well.
  13. Thank you, Tim.
  14. Diamond Razor Edge compound. Set for a 22 inch draw length and 50 pound draw weight. I had my arrows cut back to 24.5 inches, less the arrowhead.
  15. Will do.