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  1. Bamboo rods could and would take a set if fished the same over time. The double guides allowed the rod to be flipped and fished the other way around, every so often to help prevent it taking a set or bowing. The reel seat should be able to mount a reel from the top and bottom, unless the handle comes off and can be put back on with the reel on top (casting guides) or bottom if both sets of guides are spinning guides, no matter which set of guides you're using.
  2. Growing up in Iowa along the Mississippi River, we ate lots of LMB, SMB, Walleye, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish (channel, flathead and blue), bullhead, smoked carp ... about the only catch we didn't eat was Gar. Supposedly they were "inedible with more bones than a Carp" It wasn't until years later, living in Missouri, I found out gar are quite edible, with firm flaky white (when cooked) meat. As for the "more bones than a Carp" charge, my suspicions were confirmed. Gar got as many bones as a shark - none. Just cartilage ... and very little of it; only the ribs, spine, and fins. The only thing I found ... "unusual"? ... "strange"? ... "weird"? ... about fried gar is the leftovers put in the fridge require cooking the next day. I don't know how, or why, but gar goes from fully cooked to raw, overnight in the fridge! Every other cooked fish I put in the fridge has stayed cooked ...
  3. I fished for carp in the Mississippi River around Sabula, Iowa when I was a kid, 60 odd years ago.
  4. just a little minor surface corrosion. safe to use.
  5. Nice reel. Is it a free spool or a knuckle buster? I'm not sure, but I think the early models were knuckle busters.
  6. Anyone know: a) Line capacity using 10; 12; and 15 pound test monofilament line (since no one makes braided Dacron in these weights anymore.) I believe my reel dates from the 1950's. The spool is Bakelite (I think). b) Do I need to put say 1/4 inch or so of Braided Dacron backing to prevent spool implosion caused by using a stretchy monofilament line? I've witnessed an uncle's and step father's spools imploding from using mono lines without a backing back in the 1960's. (freshwater fishing for bass, catfish, walleye, and carp, or whatever else in the Mississippi River above, at, and below, lock and dam 13 was dumb enough to eat a lure/spoon/jig/baited hook.
  7. The two with a treble hook an each end of the arm (I saw a red one with black spots, and a larger bass(?) finish) are Lazy Ikes. A very popular lure when I was young for bass, walleye, and musky. I don't know if they have any collector value, but they do catch fish. (provided you don't snag your line on the arm and one of the side hooks when you cast) A few Heddon Poppers in there, too. Nice haul. If nothing else, they'll feed the family. The looks like a Zebco 202 spin cast is worth cleaning, lubing, and filling with 100 yards fresh 10 or 12 pound test mono for worm and minnow for panfish, or stink bait fishing for cats and bullhead. Can't see what model spinning reels you have there.
  8. I want the fines severe enough they won't poach. Loss of all fishing and hunting gear, 364 days in jail, and a significant fine should discourage the average person with a functioning mind from doing it twice, especially if he/she knows the penalty is much worse the next time.
  9. Guides for sure, and maybe the reel seat for if you ever decide to build a rod that seat would be compatible with.
  10. First offense: (serious misdomener) Confiscate all their fishing gear (including any and all boats/canoe/kayak/float tubes and all hunting gear. 364 days incarceration in the county lockup. No fishing or hunting license for three years after release, plus a $5,000 fine to be divided between Fish and Game and land/water reclamation. Second offense: (felony) Confiscate all fishing and hunting gear, any watercraft, any vehicles to include ATV/UTV/Golf Cart, Snowmobile, and bicycles or other human or electric powered vehicles. $10,000 fine. 3 to 5 years incarceration with no parole. Fine to be paid in full before release.b No hunting or fishing license for 5 years after released from prison. Third offense: (felony, habitual offender) Confiscate all fishing and hunting gear. $100,000 fine. No less than 25 years incarceration, no parole/early release in a state or Federal facility. Fine to be paid in full before release. Lifetime nationwide ban on obtaining a fishing or hunting license. Fourth Offense: (Felony, habitual offender) No less than 75 years incarceration. No parole or early release. $500,000 fine. Fine to be paid in full before release. Also, no plea bargains to lower the number of offenses, like there is for drunk driving. I knew a guy who plead guilty to first offense drunk driving five or six times. Enforce the laws and punishments Poaching would decrease. Same punishments for those who illegally sell fish and game, but triple the fines. Fine the buyers of the fish and game $1500 ~ $2500 per ounce of meat purchased. Kill the market.
  11. Any good shore/beach fishing around Robbinston, Maine? My family recently moved there.
  12. I've crushed my barbs for 60 years. As long as you keep the line tight, the fish ain't gonna spit the hook out. Makes de-hooking easier after you've landed the fish, too. If there are barbless hooks sold, I've never seen them.
  13. Anyone else shoot a traditional sidelock muzzleloader? Currently I have a (factory) Thompson Center "Big Bore" Hawken percussion in .54 caliber, and a .50 caliber Traditions "Trapper" percussion pistol. I'm thinking of adding a Traditions .50 caliber "Kentucky" rifle, if there is a 4th Stimulus from "Uncle Joey". If the Governor's Assisted Living Covids lockdown ever ends, (been in effect for over a year now) and the rifle range just 1.8 miles away is still there, I'll be able to get them (and my compact 1911) sighted in. I can shoot my archery, slingshots and shepherd's sling in the back yard at the assisted living, but not my guns.
  14. I've never tried flouro. I've caught plenty of fish on clear mono (and the brown mono Abu used to sell) though.