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  1. Firinne, Sorry to hear about Vinny. Please add "Late4Dinner" Steve left this world on Jan 30th 2004. Thanks!
  2. If you've only been fishing for 5 years you're doing more than a couple things right. Nice fish!
  3. Nice Pickerel! I had a great day fishing for them on last Sunday. (3/24) Landed 8 fish, 1 @ 4lbs, 1 @ 3.5lbs, and 3 probably between 2.25 and 2.75, one may have pushed 3lbs, the rest were little guys. All on a #7 rapala regular cast and retrieve speed in and around the creek channel in a lake from my canoe. Was 40 degrees when I got off the water to go home. Cold! but that's the best "size" pickerel fishing trip i've ever had. Biggest is 4.5lbs but usually when I get bigger ones they come 1 at a time.
  4. For what it's worth, I've even seen spring stocked breeders survive summers in the stocked south jersey ponds. BIG one's, so I don't have a problem with releasing them.
  5. I made a drop last night of donations from my co-workers. Wow.. there was alot of stuff there yesterday. It's great to see that so many people are helping out.
  6. We have a restriction on .com web links on this site but anyone can find the Office website on google. Just copy/paste: Addiego, Rudder & Brown Into Google and it will come right up.
  7. Joellen, that is wonderful. I checked their website and udpated my orginal post with their regular business hours. 8:30am to 5:30pm monday - friday. The only phone number I see listed is (609) 654-1498. I also talked to a woman at the office while i was there today and she told me that although state offices were closed tuesday for election day, someone would be there to take donations. They updated their facebook page with this info tonight: "Over two tons of food, clothing and personal care items were donated today!"
  8. No problem, glad you got hooked up with somebody.
  9. Sent you another PM. One way or another I'm sure you'll find a way. Awesome job!
  10. Let me know how you make out, that is an awesome stash of donations to deliver! More on Jersey Strong: They have one drop off place listed so far: Roma Pizza (840 S Rt 73, W Berlin) Another local business donated a 10x30 warehouse for them to use for a whole month to stage/sort their donations today. They have security clearance to deliver directly to specific shelters. With a big delivery like Mike S has, it's probably a good idea to contact them directly in case the items can be delivered directly to their warehouse. (which is why I suggested, etc.)
  11. Mike, as far as I am aware, they are not open tomorrow. There is an organization called "Jersey Strong" (a group on facebook) based out of West Berlin. They seem highly organized and are sending supplies into the AC area. Contact them directly at
  12. I hear ya there.
  13. I applaud everyone's efforts and desire to help. If anyone has facebook there are a number of pages on there with many different ways to help. Shelters with needs, some looking for help distributing goods, etc. This has got to be the most useful purpose of facebook I've ever seen. Look for "Jersey Shore Hurricane News" on facebook This was posted earlier: #njsandy ***URGENT: HELP NEEDED IN KEANSBURG*** From Father Jeff Kegley of Saint Mary's Church in Middletown: "Help needed. 500 people at Bolger School [100 Palmer Place] in Keansburg need food. Call me on my cell 609-954-3356." There are 110 comments on that now of people that are pitching in to help. It's awesome!
  14. Encore, This is an overhead shot of Lentze Marina after Sandy hit. From Google