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  1. Some people are owned by the DNC body and soul.
  2. Think: PITCHING youse dumb azzes!
  3. Please tell someone who cares
  4. I've shot about every BIG caliber and the 378 is BY FAR the most horrible to shoot...without a muzzlebreak. My 338/378has a removeable break. I don't remove it. WITH the break, I can shoot it all day long.
  5. I am not one to express the magnificence of any one caliber over another, especially for hunting. Anything from 243 to 338 can have nice words spoken about it. I don't see anything negative about the 6.5 Creedmore. My hunting guns are in .243, 338/378 W'by, and 375 H&H. That is quite a variation and each has its plusses. There are dozens of good calibers. If you have a rare caliber, better have lots of ammo.
  6. Very much in demand at our shop. When someone sells us one or trades one in, it sells fast. Known to be accurate. Popular. Similar to 257 Roberts, sells fast.
  7. No dog in the fight so I can be blunt. Giants WR's cannot get open. So Eli throws short. Other teams expect it. Might be best because he doesn't seem to have any arm anymore. Also good because he has no protection. Defense simply walks through the plays. Their RB is special. One WR is special but is always double/triple teamed. They likely won't win 4 games and maybe not 3. They need LOTS of players! There just might be some grumbling in the clubhouse soon. Yeah, I know.
  8. I am SO looking forward to the elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just turn the TV to a disgustingly liberal network (not hard to find), take my well-buttered popcorn with a bag of chocolate chips and enjoy the crying while I blow my monthly carbs allotment in one evening.
  9. A guy phoned my shop asking if we had any 28 Nosler ammo. We are two days before hunting season. We are only 16 miles from the Nosler factory in Bend. If they don't have that weird caliber, no one does. Cannot imagine why anyone would get such a weird caliber unless they are trying to show off in hunting camp. Now he can show off how dumb he was to get such a weird caliber. By the way, a worker at Nosler who makes their "custom" guns tells me they use Shaw barrels which imho is the worst barrel mfg in the US. So along with having your gun lose half its value when you drive off the property (which is the normal case for all custom and semi-custom guns), now no ammo can be found for it. Brilliant, simply brilliant!
  10. That is 4# 4oz which was the weight before striking. The choke was never marked. There are choke gauges for testing.
  11. Happened during the Big One in Alaska. I think between 1962-66. Also some cracks opened up, swallowed a guy's son in front of him and closed up again. Kid never found.
  12. A significant problem is the probable deterioration of US/Saudi relations. It can make numerous things more difficult, but one has to expect that in that portion of the world. It has been reported with confidence that the Saudi leader planned to have him kidnapped and returned to SA . He either changed his mind or it went bad somehow. The truth will come out. Hard to be true friends with Muslims...even if you are Muslim.
  13. I am looking forward to viewing election night. I might even watch CNN and MSNBC to watch the crying.
  14. Good luck to those in its way. They usually lose strength the closer to shore they get but this one is increasing. Not a good sign.
  15. Don't use WD-40 around any rifle or shotgun with a wooden stock. It is a penetrating oil and can %@#& up your wood. All oils marked 'gun oil" are good with Rem Oil being the least good.