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  1. Patriots losing in December...Unstoppable Rams & Saints getting stopped...Flaws in every team showing up. Someone will win,who will it be? Maybe a 6-6 darkhorse?
  2. Florida: Republican won the Senate & Governorship
  3. The 1968 Gun Control Act frosted me over against EVER voting for any Democrat. Times have changed so much that you either vote for Marxist/socialists or vote for Americans. I have NEVER voted for a Democrat!
  4. Hey Dude, I see you visit the Commie Party website. No surprise there!
  5. Can't be a scum sucking low life pinko pervert liberal and like guns.
  6. My pick would be a Chevy 789. It's a corvette with best parts from classic 1957, 1958, 1959 chevys
  7. 375 H&H. Best all around cartridge. Available worldwide. Legal for everything
  8. Love those numbers. Here's more: Rem 870/Mossberg 500: over 20 million M-1 carbine: 7 million made in 4 years! Best numbers: During Obama's years: over 100,000,000 sold
  9. MSNBC must be cringing with jealousy
  10. Get ready for crying, group hug requirements, comfort animals, screaming, etc
  11. Soros should be arrested for the illegal purchase of a bomb through the US Mail.
  12. What ever happened to the guys arrested for banging girl students? Haven't heard of one of those in years. Are all guy teachers homos now?
  13. If it is a Democrat, how would you know the difference?
  14. I understand Billiary loaned out Arkansas hitmen for the job.
  15. A friend is an older gentleman, born in 1940 in a sod hut in Oklahoma. His grand parents, parents, aunts & uncles were religiously Democrats. I asked him if that family, if still alive, would still be Democrats. "Hail, no! We were PO, not STUPID!" What a GREAT line!