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  1. One of the MOST stupid moves in World Series history! I cannot think of the like.
  2. Perverts, socialists, heathens, mental defectives, mask wearers, city types, corrupters, the easily corruptible, the corrupted, those who believe lies, those who do not believe the truth, those who curse the light, those who wear masks in order to not be identifiable, those who curse the police, those who cheer when an old person is knocked to the ground, those who cry when they finally receive justice. Democrats are NOT Americans!
  3. Not that anyone except Portlanders care. Nov 3 will be 160 Days. Nov 3 next year will be 525 days. The mayor has asked the state police for help, but since the DA keeps releasing the perps, the state police doesn't answer their phone anymore. The mayor and governor won't allow anyone to use tear gas. The Feds have nationalized the state police so their arrests go through federal court so they are not allowed in Portland for riots. Gov/mayor won't allow that. Local police forces outside Portland just laugh and say go fish. Leading candidate for mayor is also a lesbo and marches with blm/antifa so no change coming.
  4. Someone also tell the Dallas offensive line the time has come to quit.
  5. Dalton might not be back for a while. Considering who he has around him, it would take a better man than I to risk himself for that bunch of puzzies.
  6. They are all jokes, but the cowboys are sick puzzies. Their QB gets an incredible cheap hit and they stand around as might as well be jacking off. PUZZIES!
  7. What did Joe do? Does he have any 11 yr old neighbor girls?
  8. The British fleet that defended England from the Spanish fleet also had much longer range guns than the Spanish. The Brits wanted to have nothing to do with close in fighting with the taller, more heavily armed Spanish fleet. So when Spain attacked, the Brits stayed out of the Spanish gun range. However, the Brits couldn't be accurate against the Spanish fleet. The Spanish wanted to meet up with the Danish fleet and attack the Brits together, but their "allies" never showed up so they sailed and anchored in a Danish port. The Brits sent 4 of their ships into the anchored Spanish fleet ON FIRE! This was a tried and true maneuver, but it scared the Spanish who CUT their anchors and sailed for home around the North and West of the Brit isles. The Brits caught and tortured 4 Spanish officers who were going from one ship to another. They discovered that the Spanish ships were not designed to reload their numerous cannons. The Brits decided to try a dangerous tactic to see if this were true. They attacked and SANK a Spanish ship and found this was true. It was the ONLY ship sunk in the entire war on either side. The Spanish were unfamiliar with the currents in the route they took home and did not go nearly far enough West before turning South. A storm pushed their ships West and with no anchors to stop them, at least a third of their ships were lost against the isles and the Spanish who made it ashore suffered greatly. For a few hundred years the Brits ruled the waves.
  9. Better yet, use aircraft whenever possible. That was our super advantage and became a greater advantage with every passing day. The **** were more in the fight with trying to develop a nuclear weapon. Luckily, their Navy and Army were competing against each other. Their Navy's efforts were mainly in Tokyo and were bombed into the stone age. The Army ran things out of Korea where they also got their uranium. Germany sent some partially refined uranium on board their super sub along with a couple Jap officers. However, they were at sea when Germany surrendered and it sailed into Boston harbor and surrendered...along with two Jap officers who committed suicide. There are rumors of a partial nuclear explosion in Korean waters or just on land at the very end of the war. They did plan a "dirty" bomb attack against the Panama canal which was changed to an attack against San Francisco, but we sent them Little Boy and Fat Man first. The Germans planned a dirty bomb attack against London, but it was planned to fly from Normandie, and other events in Normandie happened first. Timing is SO important.
  10. Uh, if I were Tim, I would have very uneasy feelings right now...
  11. But I watched it rather than the debate! My expected horror was that there would be a tie and an overtime. THE HORROR! Well, at least that did not happen. Both teams made numerous infractions. Both teams SUCKED in the red zone even when the opposite side fumbled or was picked. Stops were usually accompanied with penalties which continued the horror. One QB ran 80 yards and then fell down without being touched from lack of oxygen before he suffered a massive coronary. That will be a lowlight on football reels for long after I am dead! The largest hole ever seen since Mae West came to Hollywood. Oh, and The Jets receiver dropped the easiest winning TD catch ever seen! One of those teams MIGHT win 4 games, but I doubt it. And it certainly won't be the Jets. Guys, did I miss any excitement?
  12. Like Father, like son
  14. nuff said
  15. It WAS bone, but is now quartz (agate). However, it does still have cellular patterns with black edges and center colors in white, yellow, orange, and I understand some have blue. Areas that completely rotted away (or eaten away) are now solid quartz. Neat looks. Amazing camp fire topic. Most T Rex bone material is now simply ugly rock, but Utah has some really nice stuff. Price is going up as it is on gment land and they no longer allow collecting. So only old collection material is now the only source.