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  1. 2017,2018 Joe Biden was the former Vice president, elected to the senate in the early 70s and was was the potential Democrat Presidential candidate For 2020, had been in public office for over 50 years ,but magically in the year or two after he left private office put all these private deals in place that garnered him so much money. Joe is a pretty foching amazing businessman
  2. So he lied to the FBI, correct that is what he is being charged with. The same thing that Andrew McCabe ( former deputy director of the FBI)admitted to doing, but he doesn’t get charged. What about Christopher Steele, they knew the information he collected were nothing but a bunch of lies, didn’t charge him but actually used his lies as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign. So we are to believe the FBI has got it right this time? Also this Smirnov guy is the highest ever paid FBI informant. What does the FBI do now? Do they go back and reverse 25 plus years of conviction that this great informant helped them get. This is beyond a cluster Foch for The FBI, Hunter is a scum bag POS who has plenty of skeletons in the closet to fry his arse yeah the wheels are coming off
  3. Let take your example… what did Jim Biden need the loan for in the first place. Did he have some some unknown tax burden, he needs to pay off? A children’s wedding, a spouse’s doctor bill? There are no answers to those questions as well. …..and that’s not even on The business side. Did any these shell companies ever make any acquisitions as business entities? Did they buy a commercial building, did they buy out a smaller competitor for cash? Were any of these companies ever awarded government contracts for services? I could go on for pages, but the answer keeps coming back as no. So all we have are 20 or so LLCs paying money back and forth to one another, while Joe Biden, JiM Biden , Sarah Biden Hunter Biden, Haley Biden all are loaning large chunks of money back and forth at a pretty frequent rate to one another….. Funny too that Jim nor Hunter ever borrowed money from outside the family. and you guys compare that to your rich uncle lending you $50 k to buy your house…. Well , I have a bridge for sale for you guys in Downtown NYC
  4. Exactly, everything is called a loan repayment... just because you write that in the subject line of your check it's not questioned. You every see another familly that loaned so many large sums of money to one another with such frequencies, and not every buy a piece of property or a another business with these "loans". Again I know I am crazy that is just normal right... what say you?
  5. people recommend bees wax, thoughts?
  6. Same With Indian Point, Con Edison are thieves and NYS can thank the last great huckster who ran this state for enabling them to steal more. Thanks Andrew Cuomo …. Jack arse
  7. True And truer, had to stop giving them to my golden, vet told us his molars have too much wear for a dog his age
  8. Our pup is a Rescue( mostly Lab) and my Mack attack is a 7 year old Golden
  9. Can I ask, bottom left (row)two Herring who are they? And the three slims upper row on the right?
  10. Agreed They are too Smart to be "stupid" so they can never see when they are wrong
  11. “come on man” why confuse reality with factual evidence
  12. Turned on the Opposition station this morning…. Morning Joe I think Ranting about gun control Had a panel on which contained Al Sharpton ( how could anyone watch that show with that husksta…) anyways they were trying to Drag Orange Man bad into the narrative because he spoke at a NRA convention…. again no substance about who the shooters were
  13. This is nothing but an attempt at to detract from the Taibbi,Shellenberger,Gutentag Public Substack story blowing up the dems brains right now. These three have laid out the whole truth about the Russia, Russia Russia hoax, so lets go ahead and create a new crisis for the Dumbmedia to write about rather than writing the truth about the greatest poltical scandal to ever to be perpetuated on the USA
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