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  1. Here is the Russian spying that did exist, they were going after all all of them shocking thought here. as I have said in many previous post it should be no shock to know that the Russian Chinese israels and North Koreans have been been trying to do this for years.... I guess this is where I should thank al gore for creating the internet anyways The Russians were trying to infiltrate the campaigns of Shilary, of course Bad man orange Rubio and Cruz the Kenyan knew about this threat and rather than defend this country against this threat he allowed the potential threat to this country to be allowed to germinate against the republican candidates . So to use Byrne’s words they could farm this Russian intrusion and potentially let it develop and then shake this can at a later date. This is the can that they ( FBI,DOJ,DNC) spray painted the narrative that became this whole Russian hoax. If Byrne’s story is true( and nothing has surprised me so far in this crazy journey) the kenyan should maybe hold off on the first printing of his book . That is what this story means
  2. moonbat, I mean no disrespect For the Love of our country not for the love of Trump .....I hope it comes soon. This story is crazy.... My family are/were New deal Democrats I consider myself a Reagan democrat. I voted for bad man orange in 2016 and will most likely vote for him again with the clowns that that the Dems are putting forth. Anyways this whole story was sedition and an act of treason, I will continue to say this despite as distasteful as i might find bad man orange. My opinion matters. all of our opinion matter and that is what makes or is suppose to make this country great. I think, like most like minded people here believe in the rule of law, and this is what this is about, its truly about the survival of this constitutional republic I hope so and God Bless America
  3. You guys watching this Patrick Byrne thing Its makes so much more sense I hate this weather but the storm is coming and I am looking forward to it .... for sure
  4. I thought Newark's water came from the Passiac river ? I worked in West Paterson for a few years and remember seeing the the Newark Water shed signs ???? Not to distract from Corey Booker's Mouth piece nonsense
  5. These broken bones in the neck..... It's not like he was hung from the gallows. This guy was found on his knees leaning forward, This story just can't get any nuttier
  6. Exactly, think about it el chapo couldn't get help in there and just randomly this guy can off himself in this place. Only 1 other successful suicide and another 3 attempts in the 40 plus years of this Jail.
  7. How tall and how heavy are you? And what general area do you live in?
  8. Tim,Sorry for your family's loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and your Family
  9. if they purposely cut the front swivels Bluefish bombs, probably had a single hook on the back and the used to fish for bluefish Easier/safer to release large bluefish with a single hook just my .02
  10. No gerrymandering here, interesting looking congressional district
  11. seconds if it falls thru with eltosoro
  12. Sorry for your family's Loss RIP "Ten Pound Ted"
  13. SC court shot it down not on its principle but on rather on how it was presented to them. This is a way to actually have them rule on its legality.
  14. 1820 til... last time the question was in there was the year 2000, when there was still the "Long Form" which didn't go out to everyone. That form was retired as a procedural thing and that is when the question was stopped being asked.
  15. Executive orders are how we legislate now, Congress is absolutely dysfunctional as we know it today.Obama started using them specifically for that purpose. Trump has surely picked it up that playbook. Its now basically up to Supreme court of the united states to rule on the legality of these Executive order.Maybe if congress were not be a bunch of partisan hacks we wouldn't have to go this route