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  1. I have the Star Stellar Lite Surf SG80IS, yes its the 8 footer but it is a one piece rod if that works for ya its rated 1/2-3 oz
  2. Yeah and fishing near that launch isn't so great got to paddle/ pedal awhile until there are more productive waters. I actually beat a ticket for parking in that same parking lot, I wasn't given "Due process" so ticket was dismissed and I did this via mail. Anyways they have since changed the "open" hours from Sunrise to Sunset to that 7 AM until 7 PM on the sign at the entrance, so don't think there is much of a chance that you can beat it.
  3. and or copiers/scanners without their jim crow handlers
  4. Don't often agree with zak but I think he hit it on the head. Impressive in one breath and a testament to the unlimited potential that this great country can provide ( if you are on that side of the aisle and think that way I DO ....) and a pat on the back to Bezos for accomplishing as much. Then in the same thought what a blow hard waste of money by a douche guy. just my .02
  5. I don't know where you live but Traffic can be out of control, even more so since the rona hit. In the beginnings NYC roads were completely emptied, but as workers have crept back into the office, so too has the traffic increased as it seems a lot of employers are still reimbursing works for mileage and parking. My company just stopped this past months. So more people choosing to drive than do mass transit. I do Metro North and that has returned to some semblance of normal. One of my co-workers commutes via subway (which I really don't want to put to the test yet) but until they clean up the chaos down there I don't see any benefits in terms of reduced emissions.
  6. Yes Sad news, Met John years ago when he was still doing the plugs shows, always very nice. What a shame, he really was a great contributor here as well. RIP John....
  7. "Tight lines, Bill!"
  8. Prayers sent... I hope things go as best as they can for your family...
  9. He asked the Clintons to watch his pets for the we kinda knew how this story would end...
  10. Yes they do not even have them... go figure, found some at Tackle direct but I and going to have break out the air brush
  11. Could it be that he stands for things that aren't popular amongst Democrat politicians today. I think all things happen for a reason and Maybe Adams is the next savior of NYC. I think the Dems are afraid that he is going to be the first to blown up their narrative from within. Once they loose their own (Democarts that is) its all over for these AOC type hucksters. The Democrats should really look closely at what the potential outcome of this election is; it will be a true bellwether for what the inner city democrat voting block is saying.
  12. Just saw the Post and News headlines at the local deli. Yeah nothing to worry about after the most contested election in potentially the realm of modern history. Here it is; NYC which in of itself is larger in population than a handful of states is hosting a mayoral/ city offices primary and what happened...... miscounted ballots, results not being abled to be tallied. You wonder why people are suspicious of these dubious Democrat enclaves and their election methodology. This primary was only Democratic one, so no conspiracies theories here. Great Job New York, and another glaring failure by william wilhelm and his administration
  13. Cuttyhunk last week …. not my fish ….one of the guys in my fishing club my heaviest was a 20 but the pic is of a 39 lber
  14. Like other have said, this potentially is going to blow up in their faces, especially as it sees it’s way thru the courts. Potentially, There will be court rulings that validate what Georgia did was absolutely legal. If it does make it to the Supreme Court all they are going to say is … this is a state’s rights issue as the Constitution clear states that states have the power to administer elections as they see fit
  15. Flyangler Nothing is absolute… just got back from Cuttyhunk and this passing full moon we caught on blurple,bone, wonder bread blAck over chartreuse, no one color seemed to out fish the other…. But I will throw this out there most of the fish that were had Were caught before the moon fully rose up into the sky. the premise you mention though, is a good one to start with… the dark on dark nights, the lighter color on moon lite nights also those sweet water Anglers have been fishing that blue and black color forever in stained dirty water as always just my .02