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  1. Steve …. You are right I left out lawyers make the worst Presidents too
  2. We already have a force of armed accountants( The FBI) look at the horrendous job they are doing protecting the American public. accountants and lawyers make the worst cops…
  3. From KnewBee “I seriously doubt DoJ would have sought the warrant if there are not charges pending. Hope he fries and is banned from ever running for any public office. Just go away already ya loser” you been living under a rock for the last 6 years,Russia, Russia Russia thing 2 fauxpeachments, then trying to tie him to Jan 6 And you seriously think charges are pending …. Wow ….TDS hardcore
  4. Don you left out that all of the Libtarded people on both coast hate him as well. I wasn’t really thrilled about the potential of him running again, but now the foch you factor ( if he won) would be great to see
  5. And destroying emails is criminal
  6. Said that before, but if he is the one I will pull that lever too
  7. I quoted Harf’s content right above my post asking about mod approval.
  8. What is with the moderator has to approve content message? Do you guys get them?
  9. Bd send me you info… didn’t realize these are so desired…. Looks like a lot of people bought them but never used them still looking for another 1 or 2 depending what is available
  10. But he is a lawyer... Graduated from Harvard Law School so is got to be pretty intelligent.....
  11. I will take it.... PM you details Thx
  12. Said this in multiple threads before this one. They get him on tax invasion as that is controlled by main justice ( and controlled by Washington DC). Slap on the wrist probation etc. The more serious crimes and the ones that Hunter is more guilty of Money Laundering, bank fraud and not registering as a foreign agent get Swept under the rug…. The Truly two tiered swampy justice system will be on display… The Swamp and the Biden crime family are gonna spit into every law abiding American citizens’ face on this one… to save Hunter and Sleepy Joe This is how low this country has sunk….