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  1. same experience here I sent them an email with no response. I have a 2018 permit not 2019
  2. Sorry for your Loss Prayers sent
  3. cinder worms ... had that last week, the fish were there I would slowly fish a spook and they would occasionally blast it out of the water(tail slap) or they would follow it the whole way in a turn off , I could actually saw a few (the flash of their flanks as they turned away) I caught 4 that day, yes in day time must have had twenty follows and dropped a few. I finally was able to catch a few with a floating popper, pop pop let it sit, the hit came while it lay there motionless. The cinder worm hatch at least around NYC is normally a night time thing or at least dusk. They were not actively feeding on worms or was there a hatch going on , but they can become very fickle during the height of the worm hatch (around the spring moons). I tried bucktails, sp minnows I even dragged my pets (aka rigged eel) thru them. Only took that floating popper. Anyways lets get back to Bad Man Orange
  4. And Tim that is the problem as well as the obvious Bad Man Orange affliction, this is ripping that dirty bad aid off of that thing called Washington whether it be the Congress, The senate or the entrenched bureaucracy. Whether it is a democrat or republican, its truely showing what a dysfunctional bunch of people they are. Whether its Nancy trying her end around the Constitution with this proxy vote scheme or Burr and Lindsey Graham not putting a stop to and allowing the Mueller investigation to continue on , or Fachi with his you can't open the schools in the fall nonsense. The most intelligent and sophisticated country in the world, possibly for all of mankind and this is what we have to show for it.
  5. WFF , nice day for you
  6. I will take the bone for asking
  7. Yeah that First Ride looks like a hotel on Wheels, great pics
  8. Good Luck Tim, will say a few prayers for our "Head Humble Tyrant" Seriously.. Best of Luck
  9. I was out last weekend in the Jones beach doing my fishing club meetings out in one of the open air parking lots. Anyways I was driving on Ocean Parkway and noticed the new Jones Beach markers along Ocean Parkway. Of course Fredo's Brother had to be plastered all over them. .. I get it... he is the Governor and I have no problems with those cheesy signs when you drive into NY State from CT or NJ or Canada for that matter, but what did he or anyone in his family have to do with Jones Beach and its esteemed history.
  10. Really.. that high road was washed out of Politics a very long time ago.. So projecting oneself as taking the high rod seems more like today's younger generations sense of self importance. What you don't get is, its not about Him.... Aka Chetto Jesus, Bad Man Orange Its about us, us Americans. The guy is Morally corrupt yes, can't string two sentences together yes, talks way too much himself yes but who is shallow.... really because Obama spoke eloquently he gets a free pass on being honorable, being truthful and more importantly respecting America. Who is being unintelligent here? More like Lambs to the Slaughter. He is American and proud of it, love him or hate him, that is what is so appealing. He expression of loving this country are similiar to what I think a lot of guys on this site are, definitely mine, maybe not yours. Come on Man do you really think we are all Trump sycophants, This is about America. He is the duly elected President of the United States and therefore he is my President, just like Obama was when he was elected even through I didn't vote for him. So someone, anyone , foreign or domestic including a past President doesn't get to fly planes into building here, here in America with no consequence... chew on that thought
  11. Better buy it quick before Cuomo names it after another family member
  12. My son, My ex wife and her Boyfirend My Girlfriend all tested positive My ex and son had symptoms.. typically no smell no taste, general malaise Body aches, and my son who is 20 said he had trouble taking deep breaths. My ex very similar symptoms. My ex works at Montefiore in the Bronx needless to say how she got it. My girl friend had very little symptoms if any at all but she also was/has been taking hydroxychloroquine ( ironic because she is an anti-Trumper) for arthritis. Three guys from work Dad's have died ( I work at a t small wall street firm of about 70 people) Another couple of Friends Brothers have passed So I know 4 people who have had it and survived and I have direct knowledge of another 5 people who have died from it My ex and my son have tested positive for antibodies, My girlfriend hasn't been tested for antibodies yet. I am waiting for a more definitive antibody test before I pull the trigger. Also my ex-wife has donated plasma .. story for another thread.. its not like/as easy as giving blood
  13. I don't know how many of you guys regularly listen to Bongino, but he had some tidbits yesterday that could be very interesting with regards to the transcript of that Kislyak call... Sidney Powell asked for the Transcripts as part of this Brady discovery process and has yet to get them.... Could it be that the US never had the transcripts meaning it wasn't the US that discovered the call or better said it was another foreign goverment's intelligence agency that was spying on Flynn at the request of the US Govt,that then recorded them and passed them to the CIA.... McCabe under oath ( what ever that is worth) testified that the US had "no such intelligence product" in hand. This Kislyak call was on Dec 29 and yet no one requested any unmasking of General Flynn on Dec 30, January 1 or even that first week of January it wasn't until like the Jan 12 when there were a flood of unmasking requests.... so why gap... oh boy this one is gonna be hard to explain.....
  14. Nalu you also forgot to add there were a couple other Nation's intelligence wings used to spy on a duly elected President of the United States as well.
  15. Got the wheels spinning now on this one, it seemed so out of Place for Obama to ok a mission like this .. the man loved his Drones. Obviously Obama was also a creature of habit (Like this spying on General Flynn thing ) so why risk Human lives when we could have offed him with a drone...