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  1. Not to minimize anyone's input or the ineptitude of the agency, but it is DNREC, Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Control.
  2. I hook it to the guide. Not where it would contact the insert of the guide, but in the open areas of the frame of the guide. Never had any issues.
  3. I had the pleasure of talking with him on several occasions while fishing at the local spots. Never fished with him extensively, but I remember him as being very generous with his knowledge. From my perspective, any controversy was internet based, and not in the real world. When folks mention the term "Sharpie", the image of Tom jigging the Cape Henlopen Pier immediately pops into my mind. Condolences to his friends and family.
  4. On 8/23/2022 at 9:19 AM, EBHarvey said: Those old sveas were awesome. Best backpacking stoves ever made and, arguably the most dependable liquid fuel pressure stoves in existence. Short of hitting a Svea 123 with a sledgehammer, shooting a hole in it, or losing the fuel cap, I cannot imagine anything would stop it from working.
  5. I think we need a "White Gas" subforum in the Camping Forum.
  6. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Almost all manufacturers have started using "safer" alternatives. And, of course, they are not nearly as bright as the thorium mantles. Try a new mantle side by side with an old "Silk-Lite" mantle, difference is almost night/day. I stocked up on a pile of Peerless brand mantles about 5 yrs ago, luckily, right before they stopped using Thorium. I keep my eye open for packs of the Silk Lites, but most folks want collector prices for them these days.
  7. I don't believe adding salt actually makes the cooler any colder. It simply makes the ice liquid at a lower temp. It may cool the fish quicker as the liquid (which would be the same temp as the solid ice) has a greater overall contact area with the fish and as a liquid more heat is pulled from the fish through convection. There may also be an advantage in the eventual taste of the fish since salt doesn't travel as quickly from the high concentration in the fish to the lower concentration of pure freshwater. The disadvantage is the temp in the cooler will warm more quickly as the liquid gains heat from the outside of the cooler more quickly due to the greater contact with the walls/bottom of the cooler and, possibly, the greater specific heat capacity of liquid water vs ice. My preference is to filet, then immediately place them in the cooler with solid ice, keeping the cooler well drained so the filets do not sit in liquid water. Until I get a keeper, it's all academic. As long as my beer is under 40 degrees, I'm happy.
  8. Just out of personal preference and off the top of my head, I would take the 94 first, then Mauser, followed by the Remington. A little more information on model years, condition, and stock material/grain could completely reverse or scramble my rankings.
  9. Princeton Tec Remix. Have one about 7 yrs now, still going strong. Though not waterproof, it's been supermerged several times with no ill effect. I do smear some silicon grease on the internal connections. This extends the life of any flashlight. 3 AAA batteries seem to last forever. It also starts to pulse when you have about 45 minutes of life left. A bit annoying but does give you time to get off the jetty. I have heard some folks have issues with the battery compartment latch breaking. It does seem a bit flimsy, but just be gentle opening it. You won't have to change batteries that often anyway. 25 years ago everyone praised Black Diamond. I bought the highest end model available and it just stopped working the first week of use. Black Diamond refused to replace or refund. Never gave them another chance. Also tried a couple Energizer headlamps. Very inexpensive and get the job done, but each only lasted about a year. Long term, the Remix is a much better value. You can still get the Remix on sale for around $30
  10. Unfortunately, I have encountered the human piles far too often. Even worse, in my mind, is the used TP, Paper Towel, old sock, or underwear that usually accompany the pile. Right there with you on the dog walkers. Some will even go to the trouble of placing in a plastic bag then leaving it right on the ground. The entitlement that someone else will pick it up for them is worse than just leaving it exposed on the ground.
  11. I highly encourage everyone to pack out all #2 waste. Nearly everyone driving on the beach has a bucket and some sort of plastic bag. The old boy scout method may work well in forested areas with high biological soil activity, but there is very little organic material in the sand to support the type of biology necessary to quickly break down feces. Once you get closer to the water and damp sand, the chances of your "deposit" becoming unearthed or washed ashore greatly increase. With the large increase in beach visitors, packing out solid waste becomes even more important. No one wants to encounter a "log" in the water, or find a surprise while digging their toes in the sand.
  12. Great wisdom here. On rare occasions, crazy **** goes down in OC. As long as you don't engage with or participate in the crazy, you have little to worry about.
  13. Another vote for a dedicated camping forum. If it happens, I'll be spending even more time on SOL.
  14. Just ordered some freshwater lures from Tackle Direct on Sunday night. Selected the cheap economy shipping, as I ordered them for a trip in a couple weeks. Today, I got a shipment email, with the usual "shipper has created a shipping label". As everyone knows this means nothing, as many companies have automated systems that create the label as soon as you place your order. However, when I clicked on the tracking, it showed delivered. Sure enough, it was on my doorstep. Only about 38 hrs after ordering.
  15. When on my own- Coleman 502 with a 10" steel fry pan. When with the wife- Coleman 425 with 12" steel fry pan. When with a group- Sears 476 (similar to Coleman 413) with a 10"X18" steel griddle. Double burners are nice, you can have coffee percolating and fish frying simultaneously.