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  1. A loophole usually refers to a mistake in the wording or the letter of the law that allows folks to legally skirt the spirit of the law. I think this is why many take issue with the term "loophole" used in this context. The original intent and purpose of the law was not to restrict private transfers of firearms, but to regulate interstate transfers and firearms dealers. While I was not around in 1968, I am reasonably sure the legislation would never have stood a chance if it had even mentioned restrictions between individuals in the same state. Regulating private, in state sales was never the intent or spirit of the law, so by almost all interpretations, there is no "loophole". If you are pro universal background check, fine, but using the term loophole implies that there is a nefarious skirting of the law. The intent and spirit of the law has always been to allow private sales between individuals, without background checks, restrictions, or registration.
  2. Occasionally... Use them to protect knots on certain rigs. Orange or red bead can increase success on pompano and whiting at certain times. Also have noticed increase in catch rate on Weakfish with glow beads after dark.
  3. I just realized my avatar photo was taken the day I took off my level wind, mentioned above. I had gotten so excited about the increased distance, I decided to turn off all the brakes and try for more. The gnarly birds nest was the result
  4. Level wind will affect distance negatively, and noticeably. When I first took the level wind off my abu my distance immediately went from 70-80 to 100- 110. However, the benefit of not having to manually thumb your line on both retrieve and fighting a fish may outweigh distance. Abu 6600 's can be inexpensive and a good start. Cheaper versions have adjustable inertia brakes. The brakes work fine for me, but you do have to take off the side plate to adjust.
  5. 2,000 left as of July 7. With the press release today, they will probably go quickly. https://news.delaware.gov/2019/06/10/dnrecs-division-of-parks-recreation-announces-plan-to-manage-cap-put-on-sale-of-delaware-surf-fishing-permits/ Will be interesting to see how or if this affects the beach vehicle traffic this fall.
  6. I am curious to how your drippers will work. Are you dropping directly into water, oil,? What distance do they need to drop defore they hit the liquid? I imagine the smaller shot sizes require less drop. Are the drippers adjustable for different size shot or are they just a set size orifice? Also, I know even small amounts of Zinc can ruin mold pours, but does this matter at all when dropping shot? Theoretically, the increase in hardness from a small percent of Zinc may overshadow the very, very small decrease in density. If you can get away with hardening without arsenic/antimony, you may not be reliant on wheel weights, or at least not worry as much about getting the odd zinc weight in the mix. Of course we all know how theory works in practice. Your project has my mind racing!!! Can't wait for the next installment.
  7. Simple solution: Carry a piece of chalk with you. When you park, make about 4 or 5 marks around each of your tires. I never considered it an illegal search, more like state endorsed vandalism.
  8. You are certainly ALL IN. Sounds like a fun project. Keep us in the loop, I've always wanted to try making my own shot.
  9. I think your friend was spot on recommending the sierra book. I would recommend your first purchase be 3 different reloading manuals. Read them all, cover to cover, including load data for cartridges you are interested in. I have the Lee, Hornady, Lyman, and Lyman Cast, as well as printed out online manuals from numerous other manufacturers. It wouldnt hurt to read them all cover to cover again. This will give you a good baseline of information and will get you to a point where you have enough knowledge to seperate the internet "chaff" from the wheat. Just remember, unless you shoot tens of thousands of rounds, reloading will not save you any money. The real satisfaction is the ability to make your own ammo specifically tailored to your needs that is much more high quality than any factory round. As far as your first aquistion of equipment, I would recommend a a solid sturdy bench and stool located away from any distractions. Reloading is actually a really simple process, but even a simple mistake can lead to dire consequences. You need to follow directions religiously, concentrate on what you are doing, and think through every detail.
  10. I will agree that there are yahoos on social media that give gun owners a bad name. We need to watch for this and use education and peer pressure to police our own. However, after rewatching the video and listening intently I couldn't find a single instance where any of these guys did or said anything that could reasonably construed as dangerous, negative, violent or offensive. It was just some folks enjoying time on the range safely. If this video gives a bad impression to the antis, so would a youth marksmanship program, skeet shooting in tweed jackets, or any video involving the use of sporting firearms. If it has reached the point that we have to hide these activities we have already lost. Yes, they are enjoying a "toy", but so are folks shooting an an ar 15, Anschutz target rifle, fine sporting shotgun, a 22 single shot, flintrock rifle, or recurve bow.
  11. I kinda see where you're coming from. I've never been a glutton for recoil. A stout 12 gauge load is about my upper threshold. But just look at the smiles on their faces. If I were offered the opportunity, I'd take a turn, once. To each their own. The anti crowd think we are all dangerous whackos anyway, doesn't matter what concessions we make.
  12. I have two AYA's, a Matador and a No. 4, both 12 guage. Both, according to my novice view, seem to be high quality. I've shot thousands of shells without a hitch. A quick look on gunbroker shows the Matadors in the $500-1,000 range, the No. 4's in the $1,500-3,000 range. A bit surprising as I always felt my Matador to be slightly better quality than the No. 4. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten them used, back when the prices were much, much more reasonable. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I have never shot a true high quality double, and may not know what I am missing. However, both pattern extremely well with low brass and have certainly served their purpose on grouse, squirrels, doves, and clay birds.
  13. Not aware of any research. I dont target flounder like I used to, but I remember catching flounder of a slightly different color. Some had no spots, some did, but were not the typical "bulls eye" spots normally seen on summer flounder. This is in the DE/MD area. Looking back, I am relatively confident at least some of these were southern flounder. Once you've seen several thousand fish you form a general impression and think "whoa, thats not quite right/typical." I think the issue is there is enough overlapping variations witinin a species to make the distinction between species difficult. I won't comment on climate change. But I do think fisher/fisheries folk are much more knowleadgeable now. That may be why we are "discovering" more southern flounder currently. I dont think I was even aware of southern flounder in the 80's and didnt have the smarts to count gill rakers into the 90's.
  14. For mono I still use a regular clinch. Despite what I have read and seen on the internet about the "improved" clinch, my personal experience is that a properly tied clinch is actually stronger.
  15. I had a small fixed blade Condor. Heard about the excellent quality and for the price had to give it a try , so ordered it online from a reputable dealer. The non-sharpened areas had THICK black uneven scale, there were voids in the steel (or whatever metal it was), and when I pushed it to the stone to sharpen, the edge bent over like sheet metal. I used it for a while to open paint cans until it bent in half. It was, literally, of much lesser quality than a dollar tree butter knife. I continue to hear good things about their quality. I am sure I got a lemon. However, I could never bring myself to purchase another.