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  1. I had a small fixed blade Condor. Heard about the excellent quality and for the price had to give it a try , so ordered it online from a reputable dealer. The non-sharpened areas had THICK black uneven scale, there were voids in the steel (or whatever metal it was), and when I pushed it to the stone to sharpen, the edge bent over like sheet metal. I used it for a while to open paint cans until it bent in half. It was, literally, of much lesser quality than a dollar tree butter knife. I continue to hear good things about their quality. I am sure I got a lemon. However, I could never bring myself to purchase another.
  2. I should do much better with the 686. Have had it for years and never could get good groups (its definitely me, not the gun.) Have to practice towards 6" groups on this one I am getting along splendidly with the single seven. Gonna practice more, just cause its fun.
  3. Moved into a new house about three years ago. I bet I recycled/trashed 200 lbs of old catalogs. Figures... They'll probably become sought after collectors items right about my retirement time.
  4. I remember old timers lamenting their old Herters catalogs. While I am not that old, I used to read some of the old catalogs, guessing from the 50's. It was neat seeing how cheap fishing stuff was. Guns were also available through the mail. It also included outdoor stories and "Tall Tales" about their gear. Cabela may have brought the outdoor catalog to its zenith, I dont believe he invented it.
  5. DerrickT, What's a dinachi rig?
  6. I rarely bother carrying live bait with me (excepting crabs and clams). I do carry a cast net and bucket when fishing the beach with my truck. When bait are close enough to get with the net, 9/10 times something is chasing them there. In these situations I don't use any weight, at first, just a plain, appropriately sized hook and lob the (insert whatever bait fish caught, here) just a few feet out from where the bait was netted. Usually, I will feel a slight tug and reel in the bait, bitten in half by a small blue. Occasionally, very occasionally, it is stripers, big blues, trout, flounder, shark, etc. If it is small blues, I will immediately add some weight to the half bait and toss back out. I believe a lot of other species take advantage of the carnage left behind by roving snapper blues. I've found this to be a very successful technique. While I have no doubt that fish will take live bait out in the trough or bar, most of my live bait success has taken place from the first breaking wave back to dry beach. I would guess 99.5% of the time I've launched a live fish towards the horizon, it has proven unsuccessful for anything but shark. I now save the long cast stuff for cut bait or artificials.
  7. Minnow traps, dip nets, and seines are good for catching killifish/mummichog in quantity, but you don't often have them handy. I always keep a few #22 aberdeen hooks on 2lb leader in my bag. If the fishing is slow, head to the marsh gut mouth, bait up with just about anything (clam, fish intestine, bread, bologne, lettuce, or that dried spot of blood on your gunwhale). GAME ON!! Gram for gram, maybe one of the hardest fighting fish out there.
  8. Fundulus heterclitus aka Mummichog, a member of the Killifish family. Caught from the marsh or guts, these guys can be thrown in cooler with an ice pack and wet cloth and live for days. One tough fish, with so many survival strategies, it can make your head spin. Proof that the most amazing things in nature can go by, right under our noses. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/the-first-fish-in-orbit/ and...... There is still lots of research being done on these fish. Sure to be more amazing discoveries forthcoming.
  9. Yup, it is some hassle getting it off. When it is almost dissolved, I will put on another piece and cast out. Within one or two casts, the first piece will be completely dissolved, nothing left but the cloth mesh. This can then easily be grasped with pliers and torn off the hook. I repeat with the second, third, and so forth so that I am only removing the cloth, yet always have bait on. Any way I cut it, or pull it, I end up with some red goo on my fingers, shirt, pants, pliers at the end of the day.
  10. I use the FBBWs alone for spot, pompano, kingfish an other small fish. I use them often when baitfishing for larger species such as striper, drum, and blues. For example, if I am fishing bunker chunks, I will top off the hook with square of the FBBW. Being tough, the square helps hold the bait on. I feel it may also make the bait look like its bleeding (who knows?). The FBBW also will stay on after the other bait has been stolen or fallen off. Even though I check the bait often, I feel this increases my chances. I have caught a lot of stripers and drum on the FBBWs alone, so I have confidence in them, even on a large hook.. I have tried the FBBWs in freshwater, but never had any real success. Likewise, I have never had noticeable success above and beyond real bait with the other flavors (shrimp, clam) in saltwater. Though I know a lot of fisherman that swear by them.
  11. While I have never used the skinner express sightsI have looked into them for my Win 94. I love the simple aesthetics and they would seem to fit in with lever gun look. The 94 currenty has an old Redfield side mount aperture and I cant bring myself to replace a perfectly operational and accurate rear site purely for aesthetics. One concern I would have with the skinner sight on a 45-70 would be the lack of vertical adjustment. No problem if you were shooting a set range and can get the front post adjusted, but part of the allure of the 45-70 is distance shooting. Going from 100 yds to 200/300 yds, you may not have enough ajustment on the rear site to dial it in. When I think of 45-70, my mind jumps to the image of a rear tang sight with an elevator.
  12. Thanks all, I ended up getting a $60 celestron 20-60X60. I think it will be satisfactory for the range, at the distances I shoot. Mako20ft, I appreciate the knowledge and do understand quality glass is worth it. I have birding friends with Zeiss and Swarovski scopes/binocs, and looking through them is magic. I hope someday to get a scope much closer to that quality. But, for now, I can't justify that type of expenditure to look at holes in paper.
  13. Before I even read the body of your post, I was getting ready to respond with the Obenaufs LP. Started using the stuff about 20 years ago and have never looked back. If you have a boot dryer, use it before applying to get the interior of the boots nice and warm. As you apply it, the warmth draws the preservative to the inner layers of leather. One possible downside to the Obenaufs: It has a very slight, but pleasant scent of honey. Had a guy tell me he was backpacking in the Cascades, and put his boots outside his tent. Woke up in the middle of the night to find a bear chewing on them. Upon shouting and shaking his tent, the bear ran off, taking one boot with it. He had to pack out bearfoot.
  14. I am all about recovery safety, but what exactly does this video prove about tow balls? A shackle or tow hook could fail just as easily and cause the same amount of damage. I would be willing to bet those guys had the draw bar welded into the reciever, as I think the reciever pin is as likely to shear as the tow ball. All sorts of metal can fail when you gun a vehicle like that; and, there, should be the lesson. I am more surprised that the sandbags behind his seat didnt snap the seat bolts and crush him against the steering wheel.
  15. I was trying to make two seperate points. I thought I saw conversation on income based fine structures somewhere in the thread. My fault for really poor punctuation and grammar. Although, I imagine, eventually, they will try and increase fines further for rich folk rather than reducing for poor folk.