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  1. Ballistically and downrange, there is no significant difference. And, to clarify, they both can shoot the exact same bullets, hence sectional density is exactly the same. Short Action- Advantage Creedmoor Availability of Loaded Ammo and Components- Advantage Creedmoor Diversity of firearms chambered- Advantage Creedmoor "Tactical" Reputation- Advantage Creedmoor Time Honored History and Elegance-- Advantage Swede I would choose the Swede.
  2. Some good info on early tags, old photos, and some interesting oral stories. https://destateparks.com/Know/SurfFishingHistory
  3. If folks ask a personal question that is none of their business, I have no moral qualms with providing a straight out lie. "None of your business", "*&$# OFF", or referencing HIPPA gives them the answer they were looking for the same as if you sheepishly answered "No". If it is truly none of their business, the only viable option you have is to lie.
  4. Try Strapworks website. They have just about every strap hardware you can imagine. Metal ladderlocks tend to be made with stamped sheet steel, still more durable than plastic, but you may want to check out cam buckles. They are heavier duty, easier to adjust and hold tighter. In my opinion, they are better in all aspects, just a little heavier weight wise.
  5. My recommendation: Look for a cooler that does not necessitate monthly payments. An occasional quick peek in campground dumpsters and $2 for a gallon of bleach will set you right up with the perfect kayak cooler.
  6. Is this the same boat listed in the General Buy sell Trade Forum? You might cause confusion, as I imagine you will sell it quickly at this price.
  7. Yep, I could see myself doing this! Luckily no hubcaps on my ride.
  8. Not an expert off roader by any means, but I've seen a thing or two over years I'd rather not count. Has anyone here ever actually lost or broken a full valve stem? Under what circumstances? High speed curb scraping? Driving through log jams? Not saying these wouldnt be useful, if needed. Just think the chances of slicing a side wall are much higher. Both situations are amongst many for which we carry a whole spare wheel and tire. I am sure I just jinxed myself and will add this scenario to personal experience soon, but I am really curious how common it is
  9. When camping, even up to week, I tend to leave the rinsing of rods and reels until I get home. A light simple green solution and a cheap paint brush are good at getting dry salt off. Make sure the gear is thoroughly dry before storing in non a/c space like a garage or shed. Depending on the reel, a drop of light oil on the roller and bail. Once a year wax on the rods makes salt removal easier.
  10. They sent you $2 cash in the mail? While a check would be even more ridiculous, how do they account for this money? Is there some NOAA employee drawing $10,000 in ones from a government account somewhere? Who verifies the cash is actually in the envelope when it is licked and sealed? Who verifies the envelope is actually deposited in the mail box? If they are following governmental accounting policy, they are going to pay 5x more in wages for oversight of the cash than the actual cash payed out.
  11. I was hesitant to disagree, as I know you are an experienced caster (mold and surf). My fault for the misinterpretation. Even more impressed you cast bullets Bullet casting steps the process up to a whole other level, some serious mad scientist ****.
  12. I am going to disagree with this. Lead/Tin/Zinc/Antimony and other metals form Alloys and once melted together cannot be easily separated. Alloys are different than mixtures or even solutions. You may be able to skim off non-like or non metal impurities, but you cannot simply skim off a phased metal from the alloy, regardless of the temperature. The metal you are skimming off the top is more likely a metal oxide of the alloy components reacting with the air above the pot. This is actually removing a higher percentage of lead than the components your are trying to get rid of.
  13. Hard lead can cast just as easily, and sometimes easier than pure soft lead. Soft lead alloyed with Tin and/or a small amount of antimony/bismuth will cast easier and be harder than pure lead alone. For small molds with lots of detail, I like to add about 10% pewter to soft lead. Pewter is usually about 90-95% tin with small amounts of antimony, bismuth, and sometimes copper. Adding pure tin works well too, but gets expensive. Most people's negative experiences with hard lead comes from Zinc in the mix. Even 1/2% zinc in the mix will be frustrating to cast with. If I get some alloy with zinc contamination, I use it only for large sinkers. NEVER try to dilute a zinc mix with more good lead, you only end up wasting the good lead.
  14. I found a 9' rigged rod and reel in my truck last week. I dont think it was used in the last two years.
  15. Getting in just a few more casts.... after something large and unknown has bumped into your leg.