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  1. KELLY WORKS Forest Service Ax. Relates to some great history (research Ed Pulaski and William C. Kelly), yet is still a useful and often used tool. Rides in my truck next to the shovel. I also have a WPA marked double bit swamper I need to clean up and hang eventually. Never did get used to the "feel" of the double bits, so as of now its just a big paperweight.
  2. The straight or scandi grind knives are (in my opinion) the easiest of knives to get a good edge. Simply lay the knife on the stone, then tilt up until the bevel is flat on stone and push, keeping the bevel flat on stone. The bevel acts as its own angle guide. I have the work sharp, but only use it for intermittent maintenance on my kitchen and filet knives. The tool is awesome and gives a great convex edge, but will quickly dull a straight grind blade.
  3. Not sure if it is traditional, but I always finish the scandi straight bevel with a few swipes at a higher angle on the stone. Then strop on cardboard with some polishing compound. While not as super, crazy sharp as keeping the straight angle, the edge is much more durable, and still "shaving" sharp. Ebbtide, is this what a "micro bevel" is"
  4. Yes, original sheath, both grips and sheath get a yearly rub down with raw linseed oil. Seems to be working, but who knows?
  5. Search for Paaso Puuko in Finland. They are available for reasonable money except for shipping. If I order another, I will probably buy several different styles from the company to save on shipping.
  6. Yup, thats a great tip, but was already tried. If you look at the blade in the photo, the darker upper portion is birchwood casey cold blued. Unfortunately, on this blade type the bevel goes halfway up the blade. Every time I sharpen, it grinds the blueing off. I have just resigned myself to keep it well oiled and away from salt. I have a more expendable Mora I use on the coast.
  7. I find myself carrying this knife nearly everywhere legal and away from saltwater. It is a Paaso from Finland, I believe its a puuko "bird knife". Bought it off the auction site 10-12 years ago. Got lucky on the auction and ended up paying less than $11 including shipping from Finland. Pretty simple and not much to look at, but to this day I have trouble putting it down once I have picked it up. It just feels right in the hand. Cutting with it seems more natural and intuitive than any knife I have used. Not sure what steel is used. It has a straight grind like the Mora, is as easy to sharpen, but seems to hold an edge much longer. Only downside is it rusts at the mere mention of saltwater. I could literally see the blade changing color while on the beach.
  8. Open public meeting is being held Thursday, January 17 at the Dover Public Library, 9:30 am. For those who have to work, comments can be submitted through the link below. https://destateparks.com/feeproposal
  9. Mark me down as questioning free tags for volunteer firefighters. No one here has said they don't deserve free tags. They do! It's a tough job, they recieve little, if any benefits. They care for thier community and fellow man and make huge sacrifices, sometimes the ultimate. No one is arguing against that. However, shouldnt active military, national guard, law enforcement get free tags as well. Don't they deserve it? How about paramedics, ER technicians, doctors and nurses? What about folks who carry out full trash bags every time they visit the beach? I respect ALL these types of people. I'll buy them a beer, or even (willingly) contribute to a private fund to help provide them free tags. However, I personally believe the state shouldnt be singling out any group for free access if the general public has to pay.
  10. I'd actually prefer they keep the paved parking, flush toilets, and other amenities at the Big Chill. Fishermen can deal with a muddy parking lot and a few potholes.
  11. Hunter 123, Much respect to you for making the effort to convert someone into a fisher, rather than immediately dropping the dime (though there certainly is a time and place for that).
  12. Agreed. If I am walking long distance, I rarely fish more than one rod. I will carry an 18" thin wall, Wally mart special, super light weight, but forget about spiking a bait rod. I actually found it on the beach. Its only use is to keep my rod out of the sand when my line isnt in the water.
  13. The bouncing is just what I want to protect against. That spike is 6' long. I dont spike bait rods with anything less than 5 foot. I dig them in 24-36". Loosen drag. I won't jinx myself and say I'll never lose a rod. But it will would probably break in half before pulling out of these spikes.
  14. I am not skilled enough to make metal spikes, and too cheap to purchase. I use good old PVC. A small hole saw, six inch section of hacksaw blade, some sandpaper, and 10 minutes can create a spinning rod "lock" on any PVC rod holder. Hole points towards surf. To put rod in, simply twist reel stem 30 degrees, twist to the left to remove. Rod comes out easily when you want it , even with hard charging southbound rays.
  15. Beautiful work!! Spike looks like the fence cap is part of the design.