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  1. I never even spooked it up so I would not think it has any issues. I’m sorry no spare spool and I would have thought the gentleman who sold it to me would have mentioned if it had any problems . PM me your address and I’ll mail it to you and you can check it out prior to sending payment. I think we have done business before and you have been here got a long while. Sure $60 is fine. Have a good day! Mike D
  2. For sale this used Stradic 6000FH for $75 shipped. I bought it as part of a combo and I never used it but the previous owner said it was used slightly.
  3. Where are you located and it does include a spare spool. Would you be willing to split the difference at $105?
  4. Ok thanks, srm413 are you interested at that shipped price?
  5. Hi did you sell the 1000? Stradic is hive you $90.00 shipped if you have not sold it 


  6. You are still the person to get the reel if you are still interested. I have been shipping done reels recently and is has cost me about $9 without insurance. I would send it to you for $110 shipped and that includes a spare spool in the box. Your thoughts?
  7. I do have a used FH 6000 if you are interested in a larger size.
  8. Found this one as I had it for awhile. I think I bought it when a store went out of business. I never used it and I’m going to have to ship it. I would need to go >$85 with shipping.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^ I'm on this side and was there any fray signs on the line at all to indicate this is the case, even slightly up the line? I feel for you as those situations are rough so hang in there. The San Diego jam knot has been my go to for many, many years and I have not had issues at all with it. Very consistent and I have landed big, big fish on light tackle with it without it failing. Keep at it..... Mike D
  10. It sure is fun to catch those fish!!
  11. Waist high are my normal waders; Redington and hodgman. I prefer them as they are cooler and I usually FW fish and only wade in a river to thigh height.
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply Lenny and I'll take some pics and PM them to you. I'll also check on the foot of the 560L. Mike D
  13. It looks like I have a older 560L in the box and I also have a 5600L. I probably bought the 560L here as a spare and know I never used it. The 5600L looks new but I do no have the box for that one. Would you like me to take pics later today and PM to you? Mike D
  14. I was a little late to this and I'm really surprised that nobody commented that it was a "white perch"!! They do get very large and the largest one that I had ever caught was several years ago on a SOL members trip to the upper Delaware!! Mike D
  15. Nice RR! Keep at it and be well! Here's a few more "bank fish".