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  1. Awesome, keep us posted!
  2. I will take this bag, please PM your information for payment. One aquaskinz 3 tube belt bag used in great shape 40 dollars shipped
  3. Again, great story and I appreciate the bait offer!
  4. Way to go Bennie!
  5. TJ, great pics of the boys, congrats for them!! Also a fantastic fish, way to go! Yeah, hopefully this cold snap will be short lived and we can get back at it. I've moved into the trout streams since 1/1.
  6. Way to go Bennie and Marlo, keep at it!!
  7. Same to you RR!!
  8. Great collection of pics RR, thanks for posting!! Fine looking fish and even finer memories!
  9. Not a susky fish but headed to the streams on New Years morning - surprise, surprise, surprise!!
  10. Thanks for starting the thread KB, nice looking fish! I was fortunate to catch a large trout in the morning of New Years Day!
  11. Nice fish OM86!!
  12. I was referring to KB's picture
  13. Whew, that doesn't look good!!
  14. I'm so, so sorry for your loss!!
  15. I was just curious and yes, the river levels have been extremely frustrating. I lost my thermometer awhile ago and did not procure a new one. I have been doing some short trips but I actually had a good start to October as I caught more than I had each month of July, August, and September. I was out last week but haven't caught anything in the past few weeks and even went to the trout streams to get a November fish.