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  1. Thanks CL! I see things about a shad fest in Lambertville but nothing about posts. Does he run a blog?
  2. Some great, great fish in there guys!! Thanks for posting!!
  3. Thanks buddy - looking forward to it!!
  4. C Lou - are the shad in the Delaware now or when do they show up? Mike D
  5. Great pics guys and safe travels Bennie!
  6. First smallie of 2019 for me!! Had to run back to the car for my phone....................
  7. Way to go RR, great pics and thanks for posting!! Wasn't expecting to catch anything and had to run back to the car for my phone. Here's my start to 2019............
  8. I have had decent success with them so great find!
  9. Great pics KnewBee and Old Hunter! Keep them coming!, OH, I can't wait until the shad show up around here so please send them up this way. Interesting rig but the "bait" of choice around here is double 1/8 oz darts tied with a dropper look or a long tag end with about 18" in between. They will hit the smaller spoons but darts are the most popular by far. Do they work down there? We're also fishing in a river with a decent amount of current so that might make a difference.
  10. Awesome, keep us posted!
  11. I will take this bag, please PM your information for payment. One aquaskinz 3 tube belt bag used in great shape 40 dollars shipped
  12. Again, great story and I appreciate the bait offer!
  13. Way to go Bennie!
  14. TJ, great pics of the boys, congrats for them!! Also a fantastic fish, way to go! Yeah, hopefully this cold snap will be short lived and we can get back at it. I've moved into the trout streams since 1/1.
  15. Way to go Bennie and Marlo, keep at it!!