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  1. ^^^^^^ Excellent!!
  2. Nice pics RRBF!! Is the second one down a tiger, I've never caught any of those!?!? Hey Scooby!! I had a good winter and early spring with trout and I hammered and had a great year with the river shad run. Now my river smallie numbers have not been too good so I'll have to give it about a six. It is better than last year with all of the rain and yo-yo river levels, but still not as good as previous years. I'll keep at it though.......
  3. I would agree with this^^^^^ I use several different colors including chartreuse, black / silver with eyes, etc. but I seem to catch on all of them and unpainted is fine also. If you find out any different, let me know. Mike D
  4. Nice pics Bennie! Is that a flathead, nice one?! On a normal week how many days do you fish and at least spend time on the water? It appears to me that you hit it hard?
  5. I am also a huge, huge chug bug fan! That bait is my go to top water and has caught numerous fish, Casts like a bullet.
  6. Nice fish CL!!
  7. Great video RRBF, thanks for posting!
  8. Nice looking fish Wheeler, thanks for posting! I agree with liking to see some clearer water.
  9. Thanks TJ!! Yeah those 75+ fish days truly are exciting. They can really wear you out, especially when the larger American shad are mixed in. Crazy though with all the people down there and periodically I need to remove myself from the madness. and fishing elbow to elbow. I don't have the patience that I used to have.
  10. First walleye of the year for me and shad at the conowingo. Four doubles this year.
  11. Great looking fish, congrats!
  12. Thanks CL! I see things about a shad fest in Lambertville but nothing about posts. Does he run a blog?
  13. Some great, great fish in there guys!! Thanks for posting!!
  14. Thanks buddy - looking forward to it!!
  15. C Lou - are the shad in the Delaware now or when do they show up? Mike D