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  1. I didn't write that Tim but funny how it's ok for you to post that. This all started when Mike pmed me saying" I hope you die by crashing into a tree on the way home" . I never threatened him with shooting him thats ********. You know what, go ahead and remove me from this site Tim I'm sick of this ****. He's posted **** about my wife, threatened me, etc... I just don't report my pm's cause I'm not a little *****. Whatever I don't need the aggravation. Funny how you don't post Mikes pm's to me, there were several threatining ones. Oh well I could give 2 ****. Go ahead and ban me Tim I'm sick of Mike and I'm sick of you protecting him.
  2. Hey Mike I'm getting tired of you threatening me, then reporting me. I love how Tim edits my posts, yet you can say all you want about me and it stays. I get along fine with everyone on this forum but YOU, am I'm not the only one by the looks of things. You're a liar and a cheat and everyone knows it. Could care less if you know what I look like, you're a coward and wouldn't say anything to me if you saw me anyways. I'm done going back and forth on this board it's getting old.
  3. ---**(edited - this kind of personal attack is exactly the stuff that will get you removed from this forum - it's not in good fun, it's not ball busting, it's angry, personal, antagonistic and childish - if you have a problem with another member here, take it up with them off this website - TimS)
  4. It was a good fight, took alot of line from me I have a cabo reel with 20lb mono and the drag worked beautifuly. Really no close calls as far as losing it. I gotta thank Mckena as well, those sluggos are the real deal. It's all I use after the sun goes down, they take a while to rig up but it's definitely worth it. Can't wait to get back out tonight and try to catch her bigger sister!!!!
  5. Thankyou, and yes it's easy to smile after landing a fish like that, I'm still smiling!!!
  6. Caught on the 9th under the cover of darkness somewhere in RI. 42" unfortunately it was too late to get it weighed and I had to work the next day but it was over 25lbs cause it maxed out my cheap little fish scale, my guess is 30lbs. Tight Lines
  7. The cobra mullet!!!! All business up top and a party in the back.
  8. Good luck bro!!!!! I hope you get towed around by a cow but land it safely.
  9. I'll bet the farm Eben catches just as many fish as you, he just doesn't feel the need to post about it every time he gets a bite. It's also hilarious that RHM refers to people as tourists, and he has CT plates. Can't wait to see the pic of your 30lber with the tape extended 6" past the tail. You said earlier in this post that you told the guy to hurry up, and now you say you just kept your mouth shut, which is it? You should take a break from fishing and go back to grammar school and learn how to spell and form sentences. Really how can you go through life at your age and not even know how to use a comma? You should be embarassed.
  10. I had a similar experience last year, my first season of surf casting. I just got a new reel and rod and was itching to get them wet. I drove down to soco to a spot I go to, and walked about a mile to the spot. Just as I'm about to take my first cast I realize I forgot to put the damn crank on the reel!!!! It was in the back seat of my car. I walked the mile back cursing myself out the whole time, then walked back to the spot and got SKUNKED. Not a good night but a lesson learned.
  11. Something tells me he chose his words a little more wisely when he was face to face with these people.
  12. I think that this cold front has improved the fishing if anything. Go to onthewater.com and look at the tide chart there.
  13. I'd like to, never fished with any of you guys but would love to start. I'm going tonight either way.
  14. RI, hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. As for RHM <No name calling, please> don't mind him, he wasn't very friendly when I made my first post either. Refers to everyone as "tourists" and he's not even a native RI'lander. Claims to have caught a 34" bass that weighed 30lbs, enough said. Edit: Redman - Tim's request above about treating members as guests applies equally to everyone. Please don't post disparaging remarks about other members here. Thanks.
  15. Granted this is my first real season of surf casting, but this past week and a half has been a rough stretch for me. Also the guys I see fishing around me haven't been getting much if anything either. I even pulled an all nighter with eels without anything but a couple of hits from blues. How have you guys been doing?
  16. Great post I wasn't even aware of this. Thanks for the info bro.
  17. No prob Bass. Any of you other guys still heading out tonight?
  18. I'm going fishing tonight either way. Would be great to meet up with some of you guys though. Pm me if you're interested.
  19. I'm in for either one, boat or shore. Anyone interested pm me.
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