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  1. looking for the 1.5 oz size not terrible picky on colors.. more so on the size. looking for 1oz or 1.5oz sizes thanks in advance.
  2. want to buy troublemaker surfsters the smaller sized ones preferable. thanks in advance!
  3. Hello mark I sent payment and you've been ignoring my PMs asking if you received the payment. Could you please acknowledge it??
  4. ill take #5
  5. closed decided to buy a new one..
  6. is this still available? if you decide to sell just the reel let me know .
  7. looking to buy a van staal VS 150. color does not matter.
  8. you know you're not allowed to list on multiple sites right?
  9. they only care about the stocked trout....
  10. bumpity bump bump
  11. bump
  12. they told me it was my fault. real c u next tuesdays . nassau police were called when he started acting like a tough guy on the phone. lazy sweetheart wouldn't even fill out a report. they were reported to BBB .. tried small claims court but they must make some hefty political contributions
  13. Hello Jason B it is suffix 50# braid. Reel condition is good with some minor cosmetic stuff. very lightly used maybe 10 times in the 5 years i've owned it.
  14. Lightly used partially spooled revo toro HS 60. smooth reel but i need a left retrieve reel for fishing swimbaits in freshwater. Original price was 279 asking 150 + 10 for shipping. will sell for 150 if picked up locally on Long Island.
  15. No, Plainview, company is based out of east meadow..PM'd you the company name. rods taken were a lamiglas excel casting rod with a shimano citica reel , and a st.croix mojo slop n frog with a abu garcia revo sx reel.