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  1. A boat of kayak helps because of limited shore access back there once you start getting away from the inlet. But if you don't mind donning some waders or knee boots, and sometimes getting off the beaten path, there are some shore bound locations that can produce. Not really kiddo friendly spot though. I thought I kept seeing stuff streak across the sky out of the corner of my eye. I never did see anything when I was watching for it though.
  2. I could be totally wrong, but I see puppy drum as a cyclical fishery to our area. It seems like the falls that have had good puppy drum action in the surf, you were catching or seeing reports of them in the back bays and the inlet during the summer months. And I didn't hear about many puppy drum caught this past summer (I caught one over slot drum under the Rt. 50 bridge as bycatch when fishing for sheepshead). So it would leave me to believe you won't see many in the surf this fall? The stripers on the other hand, they should be here year in and year out.
  3. I just can't bring myself to dedicating much time to fishing the beach this time of year like I used too. I do so very much want stripers to show up in the surf during the fall again, but anymore it seems like an exercise in futility. For myself, having limited time to fish whenever I want anymore these days, I feel like going to the beach is a waste of one of my fishing opportunities. More and more I just settle for back bay schoolies on light tackle. And they rarely disappoint this time of year. Early yesterday morning was my first time out in a while and it was no different. All the fish you could want to catch from before sunrise until I left mid-morning. They average 20" - 22" and sometimes are pushing the upper 20" range. What they may lack in size, they make up for in abundance and ferocity however.
  4. Yes, you can pretty much find resident schoolies behind OC most of the year. They might be hard to find in the middle of summer when the water is hot, but the rest of the time they can usually be caught. Anymore, that's where I go if I just want to catch some fish. Outside of the inlet and Rt. 50 bridge area, access can be tough to decent spots from the shore, so the kayak will help.
  5. It's over! You caught and released the one fish that makes up the Delmarva "fall run" these days. Good timing by you All kidding aside, nice work with the fly rod.
  6. When I could. Evenings were hard to do being a family trip, but I usually went out for 3 or 4 hours before sunrise before the house woke up. Then back during the day when the family wanted to go to the beach. It was a great trip, but a few big reds would have been the cherry.
  7. That actually was from out front, but down in Sandbridge. Just casting while I waited for the big rods to go down - which they never did. All the blues and specks you could want to catch in the surf, adult bunker moving in and out over the bar, waves of mullet passing by behind the shore break, bay anchovies everywhere... and not a big red the entire time I was there. You have to make lemonade sometimes
  8. This little guy came as a surprise while I was catching bluefsh and specks earlier this month. My first mackerel. I guess they all can't be monsters to start
  9. I'm sure they'll both work just fine. I own both in smaller sizes than you have. They are on my kayak rods. The spinfisher V turned out to be a turd for me. I've had to replace parts on it from the start. I barely use it anymore and have it as a spare. It's the reason I stopped buying Penn reels and gave the BG a shot. So far, after about a year of use, I love the two BGs I own. My 3500 BG handled over a dozen bull reds this spring no problem. Maybe you'll have better luck with the spinfisher V than I did.
  10. I made it out to the MD side for the first time in a long, long time this past weekend. I guess I have to start paying my dues again out there because I couldn't get anything but crabs to touch the big baits. The bait rod kept busy though with blues, kingfish, a spot, and a few flounder, including a keeper.
  11. Congrats on the PB! Those are some thick fish. The last bull red trip I took to the lower shore with the kayak this past spring I twice saw sharks pursuing bull reds right behind the shore break. You'd think by the time a fish reaches 50" it would be safe from becoming another critters dinner. Wrong.
  12. This one is great!
  13. Your 5:1 ratio is not good because you don't want to keep females or because the females you're catching are immature or sponge? I notice about the same ratio of female to male when I crab in the MD coastal bays. In MD you can keep mature female so long as they are not sponge. It looks like that is the same in DE? Are there time restrictions for crabbing in DE? If not, and you want to significantly improve success, go out after dark. Find some marsh banks with lots of mussels growing on them where the adjacent water is 2 - 4 ft and try to time the tide so it isn't so low the crabs can't get to the mussels. Ditch the pots, traps, and bait and just bring your headlamp, net, and bushel. Cruise along the bank in your kayak and just scoop them up as the crabs eat the mussels. You can select and scoop based on size and sex of the crabs as you see them. It seriously doesn't get any easier. I don't bother crabbing during the day anymore. Keep an eye out for Jimmies with peelers under them too!
  14. Good advise, Dave. It's certainly not a trip you put together on a whim.
  15. First rule of VA Tarpon Club? Don't talk about VA Tarpon Club! All kidding aside, that is pretty awesome you hooked up on the kayak! Congrats! Count this guy jealous, lol! I've been wanting to do this too. I tried twice last year in the kayak, but haven't had the time so far this summer. Or the weather wasn't good for a kayak when I was eyeing possible days I could go. Although, I did get in a tarpon trip on a buddies boat earlier this summer. I see them every time I go, but getting them to eat isn't always easy...