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  1. An 11-footer may be a little unwieldy for a man of your stature, Otter.
  2. Happy birthday, Sincerely Tim Surgent.
  3. Happy birthday, Jim. Say hi to my 1321M for me.
  4. Powell 735 - the ultimate frog rod. 7 foot, 3 inches; 5-power Unfortunately Powell doesn't make the 735 Max anymore; some models used to have a frog emblem on it. Now they make the Max 3D Mag Bass Casting Rod 7'3" Mag Heavy Frog. I can only assume that it's essentially the same rod, but I've never used it. With all due respect, I would disagree with Scooby in regard to his comment of looking into a "big graphite cranking rod". Regardless of whether or not its graphite or glass, cranking rods generally have a slower action. The moderate taper helps keeps fish buttoned to the trebles used on cranks. With frogs you want a faster taper. A softer tip to cast the hollow frogs and backbone to bury the two-large jig hooks and get the fish out of the slop that your fishing over/through. Additionally, I believe Gary Dobyns was once affiliated with Powell before they went their separate ways and Dobyns started his own line of rods. So, it's no coincidence that many of the rods are rated the same/ similar. In regard to Dobyns, I can only speak of the the ML795 swimbait rod. It's a decent rod for smaller swimbaits.
  5. Livin' the dream, John. Livin' the dream. Thanks for asking.
  6. Congrats, John!! I was trying to remember how old she was when she started playing lax. Very happy for you and hope all is well.
  7. Reflective gear should be your first purchase. She may never cross paths with a perp, but she'll see many cars on her route. Make sure they can see her. Lose the headphones so you can hear your surroundings. Hearing the clickety clack of a dogs' nails on the pavement coming up behind you gives you a chance to react. (trust me on this one) Many people think they can't run without music until they actually try it out and find that getting in a rythym is easier when the bpm isn't constantly changing every 4 minutes. ID. She doesn't have to bring her license, but a RoadID is smart choice (www . RoadID . com) Protection, I'll defer to whatever Gadwall suggests. He knows weaponry. Know her routes/mileage before she goes and know how long it should take her to run each. Did I mention reflective gear? Reflective gear. Congrats to her for putting in the work. PS: treadmills suck
  8. Luke


    Otter = in trouble with Tim for crossing the line? check Magish = ******bag instigator? check Glad to see nothing has changed.
  9. No longer true, Choops. I sent you proof.
  10. no glitter. 15-foot, decked-out jon boat. 65# in the front, 80# in the back. I'd post a pic if I knew how.
  11. If you're ready to tell me where to cast, I'm in. I was talking to our favorite duathlete today about heading out for some toofy critters on the SS Lenks when he gets back from The End.
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