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  1. That's one of the good wrenches too!!!
  2. Lucky it didn't snap!!
  3. Depends what part of Brooklyn
  4. Ain't that the truth! These dang Meatsuckers wanna take over!! It's the world we live in and it ain't getting any better....
  5. Done Deal! PM sent
  6. Paypal and fees are included in the shipped price. 2 RuRu swimmers and 1 habs Sr. mullet $66, if your picking up in Deer Park L.I. the price will be $60. All plugs are unused
  7. I beg to differ, questions can be asked via PM pertaining to the item being sold as not to clutter the thread but by no means are sales and back door deals are allowed via PM.
  8. You my dear friend are going to the wrong dispensary... Over here on LI they just opened up a dispensary, they have this stuff called "Brain Hemorrhage" that will make you feel like Stephen Hawking for a good hour.... For real
  9. No I do not, I'm not shipping the blank. But if you want the supplies I will ship them
  10. No more building for me.... Pick up in Deer Park L.I. Everything in the pic for $100! Guides, Fuji reel seats, plenty of metalic &silk threads, grips, shrink tubing. Will throw in a 9'3" blank for $30.
  11. Ask and you shall receive, if you pay shipping I'll box this up and send it out to. Let me know you
  12. I literally saw one of those rocks come out of Huge Dinghy's ass while he was fishing...
  13. offers welcome, this stuff needs a new home with alot of quality components well worth over my asking price
  14. It still was about 3yrs ago, you still see some boolshit every now and then
  15. Great info Ladyfish, seems like YNP are your stomping grounds!!
  16. All yours Ben, c'mon down when your ready!
  17. Pick up in Deer Park L.I. Take these plugs for $60, notice the new 2 small Schultz Darters, those who know...know Gibbs, Yozuri and Mambo Minnow. $6 a plug ya can't beat that!
  18. No but it is top quality but a bit too heavy for my liking
  19. 2pc. blank, I would estimate the rating 1-5 definately fast action
  20. Grilled Ribeye medium rare layed on a couple pats of butter for about 4min, then dig in! I would make sauteed onions with garlic and Peter Lugers sauce but only sometimes
  21. You don't strike me as the type to sit in crappy weather that long for a hunt of any kind, I sure as hell wouldn't. Sitka gear is top shelf in my opinion, I have a jacket, hat and mask (I only duck hunt now) and it keeps me warm and dry no matter how cold and wet it is out there. Good luck on your hunt Hop!
  22. Was he some sort of Vampire or something?!?