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  1. 18 hours ago, The Riddler said:

    Pain is pain....and I get it. Rich and poor go through it.  Out of all the privileged people though who offed themselves? Anthony Bourdain is one of the most puzzling. Flying around the world hanging out with awesome people, eating and drinking for free while getting paid for it. 

    Yeah, I couldn't wrap my head around this one either...

  2. Your on Long Island and the plugs used here that has brought me success has been, anything topwater, darters, tins, bucktails, rubber shads & eels and plastic swimmers like an SP Minnow. Metal lips have a place and time which I use only if the water is calm with moving current and shallow water with rocks like the Northside of Montauk on a dropping tide at NIGHT!!  

  3. 3 hours ago, JayG123 said:

    I might be wrong but are u sure that swimmer in lot 2 is a BM? Just looks kinda like a tattoo but like I said I’m not sure. Also, is that a maverick as well in the same lot? The one u called a javelin? I apologize if I’m wrong. Not an expert just curious. 

    Your right I'm wrong it is a Maverick, no BM it's a BC plug

  4. Pick up only or it ships on your dime, lower 48.

    Lot 1- AH 2oz. Needle, one of Don's Top Killers - $30

    Lot 2-BC swimmer, Javelin, Mambo Minnow & Bomber - $35

    Lot 3- Spro 65 (no longer made and deadly in moving water) - $20

    Lot 4-  Minnow/Shads or whatever you want to call them! 7 bags or so with maybe one or 2 missing - $30