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  1. $90 shipped? Fees are on me
  2. where are u located, possible pick up if on Long Island
  3. Bingo!! We called those Love Candy back in the early 80's....
  4. Do not I repeat do not make any changes whatsoever to that rod, I have several Loomis and you just have to find the one that suites your needs. You would be ruining a great rod if you mess with it.
  5. Fireline Fused nuff said.....
  6. It has a powerhandle too!
  7. Here it is, $665 paypal included
  8. I have a black 250 bailess I posted a while ago, let me find it a pic
  9. Yep... that definitely looks like a 40yr collection. Gorgeous knives Joe has there.
  10. Don Rickles is an Assassin when it comes to roasting, everyone's gotten soft in the ass and can't take a joke anymore...
  11. The having a spare spool is easiest depending what reel you have, some spools are upwards of $200, only reason I have spare spools is for different line weight
  12. Go to your local baseball field and tie sinker to the end of the line and make a strong cast, cut the line off and walk to the end of the cast cut your sinker off tie the line and start reeling in, bring gloves to put tension on the line. I've been doing this since braid was invented.
  13. Being generous with the pause fishing a popper is key day or night, good info BrianC68
  14. Hope everything works out for your family bro
  15. I have to agree with you on this one... The Perv Patrol is lurking the site
  16. Every season my favorite color changes to another favorite color.....
  17. Tim now is eligable for Part B Medicare and stuff like that when your over 60, Happy Birthday Humble Head Tyrant!!
  18. No problem bro, my offer is here if you change your mind
  19. I want this plug lab
  20. Kudos to you bro!
  21. Jeez! That Plug Lab is Gorgeous!!! What do you want for it...
  22. I respectfully offer $85 and I'll pick it up near you
  23. You ever come into Suffolk County? How far into Suffolk County would you be willing to meet?