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  1. If you split Bro I will take #2 for $30 check or MO ASAP, just say the magic word,YES....
  2. Thanks M Carlos
  3. M, if you decide to split I'll take the 2nd & 3rd metal lips for $20 a piece. I'm in LI also may be able to pick-up.
  4. Damn Spigola your good! I agree those Arras get the job done, I've launched crystal minnows & mag darters and yes bombers into the surf w/no problem and thats w/ a 1084!
  5. I baste my venison w/bacon fat, marinate as usual and brush it on while grilling.
  6. I will offer $55 shipped but not set up for PP, can send check or MO ASAP..
  7. LI-S If Kcc does not take the bag I'll pick it up, Thanks
  8. Here's to a speedy recovery my friend. I like talking to Bob because all we talk about is fishing and lures and who here doesn't like talking about that!!! Carlos
  9. Nice meeting you today Tom, the rod was everything you said bro 10/10. Take care and Happy Holidays..
  10. Yes T, definately a great deal. I would took those in NY minute!!
  11. F25 I will take the rod off your hands, I can meet you at WE-2, nice rod for a nice price.
  12. Make sure all your valves are open going into and out of the hot water heater, is there a circulater pump attached to your feed line? If so make sure it's working.Test your pressure relief valve, hope this helps Bro..
  13. I am in!! Thanks Bro!!
  14. This is a very good rod, light w/backbone, I have the same one. This rod will go very soon. Good Luck
  15. VS200B VS200S VSB150S Penn Squidda, Oh yeah and the Van Staals
  16. If you split how much for the Darter, I will take it off your hands.
  17. I'll take it off your hands for the set price.
  18. Hey Bob is the middle lure still available?
  19. I'll take the needle Bro.
  20. I'll take the AH Needle if still available.
  21. What's up Charlie-B, is that a one piece? If so is the price negotiable!
  22. Hey T, how much for the Lex Darter if your willing to split?
  23. Lockbox I'll take the 2 Blue-Macs for $80 and I can meet you w/cash, I live in Deer Park LI.
  24. Hey Skip what are you asking for the 2 AH needles?
  25. I spoke to my people in Paramus and they will be picking it up for me. I figure somewhere right off the parkway would be convenient,let me know if sometime this week will be good for you. Thanks Bro.