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  1. Gibbs has been around a while and all plugs still made out of wood, the older ones swim better than the newer ones in my opinion
  2. Pick up only or it ships on your dime, lower 48. Lot 1- AH 2oz. Needle, one of Don's Top Killers - $30 Lot 2-BC swimmer, Javelin, Mambo Minnow & Bomber - $35 Lot 3- Spro 65 (no longer made and deadly in moving water) - $20 Lot 4- Minnow/Shads or whatever you want to call them! 7 bags or so with maybe one or 2 missing - $30
  3. Yeah, I couldn't wrap my head around this one either...
  4. You hit the nai right on the head bro....
  5. Sorry for your loss bro, Kudos to you for doing this
  6. Dirty Girl Juice.....
  7. Thank you Marcel for the wonderful Pics, did you start speaking Spanish after you ate that burger!?! It looks like every vegetable known to man is on that burgher!! YUM! YUM!
  8. I believe that's a pork rind jar holder
  9. Your on Long Island and the plugs used here that has brought me success has been, anything topwater, darters, tins, bucktails, rubber shads & eels and plastic swimmers like an SP Minnow. Metal lips have a place and time which I use only if the water is calm with moving current and shallow water with rocks like the Northside of Montauk on a dropping tide at NIGHT!!
  10. Done Deal PM sent! See you soon Ben
  11. You got here a Charlie Pasquale tin, Van Staal Lanyard and lures $15 takes it!
  12. $28 and it's yours
  13. Your right I'm wrong it is a Maverick, no BM it's a BC plug
  14. NIB spooled with I believe is 30lb powerpro - $70
  15. New Rod because I never got to use it in my rotation, great for slinging eels from boulders to wrestling gator blues in the surf and Big Bass got no wins. I'm at $150 firm.
  16. I agree!! I was married to one for 17yrs....
  17. Meat Sucker Syndrome!!!
  18. This is Classic!!
  19. I agree with our Humble Head Tyrant on this one!!!
  20. last call!
  21. Paypal Preffered, we have here 2 150 power knobs - 1 black w/bushings, screw & nut - $60 1 gold - $80, 200 silver handle & knob - $100, 150 gold stock knob - $50, 150 gold old school drag knob with pin - $65, 200 Gold drag knob - $50
  22. I nipped that in the bud when I was hooked up with my ex, went down to the nail salon where she get's her mani-pedi and went to the owner and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse... Free service for the the wife in exchange for fish. Once that deal was made my ex literally would tell me to go fishing!!
  23. Paypal on these fellas, 1- 2 used &1 NIP SS darters - $50 2- 2 new SS darters blue silver white and green white belly w/large swivels - $60 3- Carlos Lure and Steve Musso "OOPS" SS Floating popper w/rattles - $65