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  1. You make a real good point here Shaky
  2. I'm in Deer Park, this rod has never been used you can have it for $150, those who know about Rogue Rods will tell you one of the best made.
  3. Holy ****!! Classic!!!
  4. Tell it like it is BillyBob!! I used to go to the Asbury fishing fleamarket and buy Lefty's, Fixters, TB's, Cyclones and a bunch of others. Spent alot of money and I was happy then and I'm happy now...
  5. Tell me what you think is a fair price
  6. Ghost black has always landed the big girls in the wee hours....nuff said
  7. Done Deal! PM sent
  8. I have a gold one $50 shipped
  9. Upper right handin the prior pic, Silver VS handle but without the knob, take the whole thing for $60 shipped
  10. I have that part that I took off of a 200 which I beleive is the same, maybe someone can chime in to confirm
  11. Bumping this up, drag knobs, black oval knob and gold stock knob handle still available
  12. Paypal Preffered, we have here 2 150 power knobs - 1 black w/bushings, screw & nut - $60 1 gold - $80, 200 silver handle & knob - $100, 150 gold stock knob - $50, 150 gold old school drag knob with pin - $65, 200 Gold drag knob - $50
  13. no doubt a shad
  14. John have a heart and help this member, his name is Guy and he needs help, do not post any more of your valuables for sale!! LOL!!
  15. Done Deal! Pm sent
  16. Your thread states VS200/250 not VSB but I will sell you the round knob for $28 shipped
  17. I'll sell you the whole handle for $50
  18. Unbelievable!! A fellow member posts about a fish caught and they bitch about his tackle... It happens that's why its called fishing!!! You can be targeting a certain species with the proper tackle and if a huge fish decides to hit your plug/bait why is the angler to blame....
  19. Don't lend out your boat or vehicles, problem solved, your vehicle or vessel is insured regardless who drives...
  20. MI6 Agent Trump due for promotion in 2024....
  21. MI6 Agent Trump due for promotion in 2024....
  22. Great Video bro!!!