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  1. Needle and sandeel teaser, nuff said....
  2. Appreciate you looking into your stash but I'm strictly a fireline guy, take care Marc
  3. Thanks for the info Dave, beachfront property whenever you wan't is great! Then you just pack up and leave whenever you wan't, can't beat that!! I'll keep searching and see if I can find what I'm looking for, appreciate your info.
  4. I'll be hanging out at Demo, you basically have a house on wheels and I'm sure your enjoying every minute! I fish alot and it would be used mostly on the weekends for the wife and 2 teens. I'll take your advice and checkout some dealers and see what comes up, thanks for the info.
  5. You got any Fireline 20lb. & 14lb.??
  6. Where's the Yozuri?
  7. I'll have to stick to $30, if you change your mind LMK.
  8. Respectfully offer $30 for VS Oval knob
  9. Welcome back bro!! I bought a bunch of stuff from you but no rods. Good luck finding your rods!!
  10. Looking to buy a camper in the near future, (no slide on) sleeps 4 max., bathroom optional and no more than 18ft. Prefer new but will entertain gently used. Looked at many websites but I'm sure owners here can point me in the right direction for more sources. I own a Quigley and will be selling if the right camper is found, all help will be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Thinking about getting a camper for the beach, any and all help will be appreciated. I'm looking for a camper no more than 18ft. (no slide on) sleeps 4 max., bathroom optional. I looked at many websites but I'm sure owners here can connect me with other sources. I have a Quigley and may sell it if I find the right camper. Prefer new but will entertain gently used, thanks in advance.
  12. He was the man, Spiderman is my favorite of all
  13. Not bad, my first bucktail looked like a 5th graders art class project! Looks like a swinghook, right? What's that PVC gadget?
  14. East New York Brooklyn 68-77, body count unknown. I wan't to thank all of you who served for protecting our rights in the U.S of A......