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  1. Changed my mind, offer withdrawn. Good luck with the sale
  2. Just when the fishing get's good
  3. $120 immediate paypal?
  4. I'm a VS man all the way but I owned a Z22 in the past. Line lay is not an issue with either reel but I will admit the Z has better line lay, drag and it's a smoother reel. As for dependability the VS wins hands down, extremely easy to service and parts readily available.
  5. Here's my son with some Brant we bagged this past season!
  6. I'll offer $10 for pencil #3
  7. In September most likely you will run into Bluefish on tins & poppers, wear korkers and give other anglers their space. Observe other fishermen for a while before entering the water and copy the guy that's hooking up on every cast. Outgoing tide is best on the Northside and incoming on the Southside. Weapons of choice, poppers, tins, bucktails and darters mostly at night. On calm nights with current always throw a small Danny plug, good luck & catch large
  8. Orvis hip boots or any other brand will do but hip boots are the way to go
  9. It sucks when you run into **** like this, you would think a medical doctor would stick to the Hippocratic oath and save a life every once in a while. I fish & hunt with a doctor and it's all about the money.... Many of them have stocks in pharmaceuticals that they personally prescribe to their own patients, that's what you call a true drug dealer!!
  10. Prayers sent from the Rivera's
  11. I will take this for asking but one question, does this plug swim similar to a danny or does it go deeper?
  12. Came across this but have no clue what it's worth, did a search and it's from the 80's and no longer made. It's an anniversary item for Chivas and highly collectable, could you give me some more insight on this booze..
  13. What part of the Island for possible pick up?
  14. Thank you but I need to back out of the sale.