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  1. I use 14lb. fireline on my unbailed VS150, gator blues and teen bass are not an issue but not in strong current. I use a 30lb leader and proper drag in light current and calm surf, I love Fireline
  2. Nice grab on those eelpunts!
  3. Was the female officers name Carpenter or Boeling? Nice ladies.....
  4. Dang! I wanted one of these real bad!! Anymore?!?
  5. I don't agree, contact Diawa and make them do right by you, it may also give them a heads up on quality control. I've been using the BG5000 on Gator blues for the last few days and my handle better not break wrestling one of those yellow eyed demons! I wont be a happy camper if it does....
  6. Stop eating a cannolis and you will fit in a XS!!
  7. Unbelievable the crap people come up with just not to hurt other peoples feelings... 1. Red Snapper 2. Whiting 3. Black Bear 4. Yellow Belly Sap Sucker 5. Black Sea Bass 6. Yellow Tail The list goes on and on.....
  8. Tools and Arra are gone, everything else is still for sale and offers welcome!!
  9. Okuma Bluerunner 40, I would say it's a 3000 size
  10. Only washing machine available, works great! Offers welcome!!
  11. Dang! I thought they had some good bud at SmithsPoint!!
  12. Hmmm? You mean to say the standard handle arm that comes with your VS gets bent & twisted? A pic would be good if you have the chance and what type of VS do you have?
  13. If you want to add another $8 for shipping you can have them.
  14. Yes still available, will you be picking up?
  15. Done Deal! PM sent