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  1. I'll take this picked up depending what part of the island, PM sent with questions which is allowed.
  2. She looks good from far but far from good....
  3. Don't you dare cut that rod!! Just like you said it's a Unicorn, sell it and build a rod to your specs.
  4. Yes I love my rice & beans! Now eat I them once every 2wks with a greasy piece of pork shoulder! For Rican women the rice & beans goes to their ass not the knee as suspected... So what did you stop eating to lessen the knee pain ? Enquiering minds want to know
  5. I twist them off, works 90% of the the time
  6. Good for him!! Congrats Bro!!
  7. Those Penn Pliers look good I would go with those because everybody knows Penn has been around since the beginning of time and they're tried & true. Iv'e been using VS 7" Titanium pliers for over 10yrs, replaced cutter only not the anvil only once, no rust, no play and no joke. I use Okie Dokie pliers for fluke fishing in the summer.
  8. ****! How does this happen to the knees? Wear and tear? Floor installers, plumbers? How can this be prevented? I've gotten injections in the past but it's only a temporary fix. One doctor told me to lose weight because the knees aren't designed to carry alot of weight so I did and it did aleviate the the pain somewhat.
  9. I just bought a Rad Power bike, IMO opinion it is a top shelf E-Bike. I was going to buy used but decided not too, the last thing I want is to deal with anything I am not familiar with and learning to repair as I go. Anyways the bike is comfortable and accessories can be ordred to fit your needs. I attached a rod holder to the front fork and one of those clip down back tire bracket for my plug bag. Not cheap, I paid $1,643 for the bike, it fits perfectly in the back of my 98' explorer with the handle bars folded down and the whole bike folds in half to fit in the backseat of a car. Top speed 21mph. My buddy airs down to to almost 8PSI on his Rad Bike to ride on the sand. Do not hose down bike with water EVER, use an air hose to blow out any debris or sand, then wipe down with damp rag. Good Luck with whatever you choose.
  10. I think I mentioned this before, I have the tool to replace the main seal in the VS reels. I used the tool to replace the main seal in my 200's and to my surprise after 12yrs. of abuse in the salt & suds, used as a walking stick at Montauk and reeling underwater in certain instances the seals in my reels looked brand new, not a drop of water or wear & tear. I couldn't believe it! I believe in the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" I left the original seals in the reels, this was 4yrs. ago and my reels are still going strong with no issues
  11. Got this done at Things Remebered" at Roosevelt Field Mall. Of course you have to dismantle your reel and just give them the sideplate and tell them it's not worth over $300 because they won't engrave anything worth over $300. I kept it simple with my name, they do have other styles but nothing extravagant. It took 30min.
  12. Decided to keep belt, good luck with your search
  13. They will do anything you want them to, if you speak nice to them...
  14. I have 2 of those lightweight aquaskinz belt, what do you want to pay for it?
  15. Ok good luck with your search