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  1. Great country we live in but when it comes to medications and people are on a budget the pharmacutical companies don't care if you live or die, I see it all the time, I've been working at a senior complex for 20yrs. and some have to do without meds simply because they can't afford it, that sucks!!
  2. Last call on Fixtures, fans are NLA
  3. Gamo airgun 1500PSI, one & done. Those rabbits are looting your property and you have every right to shoot on sight!!
  4. hot weather
  5. These gotta go!! Bring a white SS popper and take any light fixture you want!!! It don't get any better than this!!!
  6. When was the last time you saw one here on the BST for $50? $75 take it or leave it
  7. No strap, no tubes. the bag is a 9 out of 10 in great condition, $75 and it's yours.
  8. offers welcome!!! Don't be shy we will work out a deal!!
  9. I banged chicks like that all the time in the early 80's, I just loved when their panties had to be pulled off like velcro on the crotch area!!!
  10. Pick up on these items fellas in Suffolk County 11729. These light fixtures are really nice and if you wan't to save some money on a renovation I suggest you grab these, I also have matching sconces that are not pictured. I have 4 big ones that are about 2.5ft wide and 2 smaller ones about 18inches wide. There all down and waiting for a new home. Big ones $80 each and the small ones are $40, fans are free with purchase of 2 or more fixtures. You can bring 20lb. test fireline braid and white SS 6inch poppers with black eyes (sinkers) as partial payment.
  11. I been looking for a pair of waist high waders myself but want them in bootfoot not stockingfoot, searched high and low and nothing so far. Breathable waist high bootfoot waders, who's got a connection?
  12. fill it with 90wt. gear oil, no grease....
  13. Not sure what member mentioned it here years ago but A thread with a double wrap, once down over the guide and back up and your done! That's the way I wrap now.
  14. My apologies bro for not getting back to this sooner, decided to keep the spool.
  15. Are these one size fits all, LOL!