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  1. My apologies snookman, I'll take some pics tomorrow.
  2. Yes it is and I'll take $24 shipped instead of $28 if your still interested! Let me know
  3. I/m leaning towards a Big Don
  4. When fishing season is in full gear I have a surftop & good rain jacket in the truck. Weather, wind & currents change at drop of a dime so I prefer to be prepared for all occasions. Most veteran surfcasters know what to where and what to bring at all the spots they frequent anyways. Anybody out there still carry a 6 tube to 10 tube bag in the surf?? Learn to downsize, it'll do your body good.......
  5. Lots 3 & 4 still available, reel is in the WTS forum for $30. If moderator can nix the pic here I'd appreciate it
  6. I may have a few, not sure if they're #5 but they weigh about 2oz. in chrome
  7. Meet me at $24 and their yours
  8. Meet me at $58 and their yours,
  9. If it's a 2pc. just order the top half but it sounds more like you have a 1pc.
  10. Make it $50 and I''l just add the Green Eyed popper to lot 4
  11. Done Deal! PM sent
  12. Done Deal! PM sent Mak Bag sold to Jetty Jumper!
  13. Meet me at $53 and I'll send them your way!
  14. Done Deal! PM sent
  15. Hey Ming how you been bro!? That pic wasn't supposed to be there because I have it in the other forum for $30, Quantum BR-40 Done Deal! PM sent