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  1. Looks like you had alot of fun bro! Nice fish & cool video!!
  2. If you were in Long Island I'd give you one bro, I have several my kids outgrew.
  3. Well maybe not after his sentencing on Oct.3rd, I bet he will start singing like his Indian buddy and try to get his wife off from doing time. Greed will get you all the time.....
  4. Yes, they fit just fine. If I'm not mistaken the VSX reels have a funny looking traverse guide that makes the linelay flat on the spool True...
  5. I only use this for lubrication for backdoor entry!!
  6. May take this route, didn't know this procedure was an option. This advice is from experience? Cialis is good stuff! I've left several women losing their mind after popping one of those!! Like any typical Puerto Rican, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol but all is in order due to low dose meds and staying active along with a proper diet, just like you said.
  7. Just like the upgraded traverse guides when they first came out I purchased 5 of them for $4.19 each, now there at $14.65 each
  8. How many miles did she have before she croaked?? I have a tenant here with an "06 Sonata which has 100K miles on it who maybe putting up for sale.
  9. Not a sensitive subject nowadays but us guys over 50 lose testosterone fast and that ain't a good thing.. Thinking about testosterone injections but kind of hesitant and never tried any of those Vitamin store supplements, anybody here been through trial & error with any supplements, doctors or witchcraft?!? I'm waiting for Huge Dinghy to respond to this thread wondering why I don't get excited like I used to when he dresses up in drag for me!!
  10. Offers welcome!!! These need to go!!
  11. Pick up in Deer Park Long Island, These were left to me from a nice tenant that hardly used them, (they look & work great!) These need a new home, I'm asking $200 for everything, mixer alone on sale is about $350!
  12. Egg foo young!! I've seen many people get there ass kicked for stealing and getting caught on the spot, Italians, Germans, Irish, African, Spanish, Asians, Indians even midgets and they all had the same color blood, RED!
  13. I've been charging systems for the last month on a daily basis, frozen line means low on freon, you got off lucky only paying $200! Iv'e gotten upwards of $350 and better for charging sysytems which only takes 20min to a half hour and that's milking it....