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  1. When you put he blonde wig on and lipstick you can pass for 34, me likey!
  2. Classic!!!
  3. The Crackhead or the camera?
  4. Not at all
  5. I bought Rivian stocks and lost some loot this past year, hopefully things will turn around soon. Not a bad looking truck
  6. Iv'e tried it everywhere and it works!!
  7. Night time is the right time!!! I have to admit that all my nightshift cow bass I've landed were all before 1AM.
  8. Let me tell you guys about snap-jigging, started doing it last season and it's definitely a game a changer. Been hammering fish ever since. The best tackle is a 6 or 7ftr. with a soft tip with some backbone, 1oz. to 3/4oz. are the go to jighead weight, I prefer plain old ball jig heads. Proper sized reel like a 3K spooled with 14lb or 20lb braid with a 20lb fluorocarbon leader, you can use a snap & swivel or you can tie direct. Soft plastic that resembles a Bassassassin but it needs to be green over white to resemble a spearing. I literally had 3 guys come up to me and ask what I was using because I was the only guy catching fish consistently.
  9. Yay Food pics!!! I love them!!!
  10. I have a bailess in great condition if your interested, $675 shipped
  11. Thoughts & prayers for you and the Mrs.
  12. Slick706 has left the building........
  13. Are these spinning rods or are they jigging rods?
  14. I go down to 8-10 psi on my Rad and I don'thave really fat tires but it works